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  1. @Bodalenkothanks for the input mate. Yea they are fantastic players and this can be used as a stand alone dac too...almost forgot to mention😯
  2. Further information: A beautiful high end universal player from denon. DVD-A1 in champagne gold. This was the flagship player from denon which played everything including mp3. With their robust design and high quality components these can be easily compared to many costly players like Esoteric. Huge transformer with all Elna caps, multiple layers of copper shielding , burr brown pcm 1704 dac chips are a few features of his unit. It weighs almost 20 kgs! I have compared this to flagship marantz (sa7s1) and couldn't even tell the differ
  3. Hey no worries, I thought I may have made a mistake. All good and thanks for pointing it out so potential buyers have more information of the item👍
  4. Thanks for the input mate, surely they punch way above their price point. Funding some Accuphase pre/power combo at the moment. Fingers crossed😊
  5. Further information: Selling my beast of an Amp! JUngson integrated amps are quite praised for their robust construction and layout, fully balanced inputs. Although the specs claim 80watts@ 8ohms..I think it's highly underrated - sounds more like 100-120 watts per side which is plenty to run most speakers. Sound wise it is extremely detailed and clear. Instruments are placed quite nicely and has a warm tube-like signature sound for vocals. It definitely shines in the bass dept, as it is very controlled and not at all boomy.
  6. Haha...I have run out of sheets to cover mine..so your stuff is safe😋
  7. I have heard these before and they sound amazing ! Buy with confidence ppl @Tasebass you must be sad to let these go? Ps: what's hiding under the white sheets? Some big#@$ amp 😝
  8. Further information: Selling my beautiful NAD M3 Master integrated Amplifier. This is possibly the best integrated amplifier ever made by NAD. Actually, it was designed for NAD by Bjorn Erik Edvardsen (Gryphon)! This is a true dual mono class AB, very different from and not to be confused with the M2, which looks similar but is a class D. It drives most speakers without breaking sweat, sweet and composed at all volume levels. Extremely detailed and 3 dimensional soundstage. Instruments are perfectly placed and vocals are lush and centere
  9. Further information: Boston Acoustic VR-2 Speakers Beautiful sound and present in good condition for age. lots of details and separation from these boston's as they are true 3 way with twin woofers. can't beat for the price! price is firm as it's already cheap. Pickup preferred but will post if I have no local interest. pickup in Parramatta 2150 thanks for looking Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not
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