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  1. Phil sydney

    FS: REL S/3 SHO Subwoofer

    Great sub and nothing can come close at this price ! Sad to hear u have to abandon ur hifi plans..
  2. Phil sydney

    EXPIRED: E.O.I. Diatone DS 1000 HR speakers

    Hi Everyone. Those apparently quite famous stands were custom made for a smaller yamaha monitor speakers. They are currently in use in one of my setups Hope this helps. Cheers
  3. Sorry sold..i have the matching center still though GXC 150
  4. Phil sydney

    EXPIRED: E.O.I. Diatone DS 1000 HR speakers

    Well said! I hope u accomplish ur goals nonetheless. Good luck mate👍
  5. Phil sydney

    EXPIRED: E.O.I. Diatone DS 1000 HR speakers

    Great speakers! Wonder if u are definite the new upgrade will sound better than these diatones. They do need the right amplification to shine. Well GLWTS👍
  6. @lonewolfI have tried both music and movies with exceptional performance. Its an amazing sub! However it's potentially sold ..pending payment
  7. Item: Monitor audio Gold GXW15 subwoofer Location: sydney Price: $995 Free postage Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A beautiful 15 inch white gloss GOLD SERIES subwoofer. Top of the range Monitor series. This Sub has a long throw rigid C-Cam driver ..strongest i have seen yet. It can handle very extreme power and gets the juice from a 650 watts RMS DSP controlled power amplifier module. It also features Auto correct room measurement technology. These are still retailing around $4999 so this is just 20% of the Brand new price. The Sub has had bare minimum use less than 15-20 hours so its practically near new. However for full disclosure it does have a few marks at the bottom backside corner which is not visible from front( see pictures) Overall it looks Amazing. Comes with all accessories and spikes/manuals/remote/ mic for auto setup. If ur looking for a powerful and musical sub either at low or high volumes...get this! Postage is FREE and it will be professionally and securely packed. IF ur interested I also have the matching GOLD center channel (GXC 150) also in Gloss white for which i can do a deal if u get both. Just search for my listings and u can see the advert for the center. some specs: Ultra long throw 15” C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) driver featuring triple suspension Large black anodized 3” voice coil and double stack motor system provides high power handling and low distortion Carefully optimized motor system design to reduce heat and improve efficiency Powerful 650Watt DSP Controlled amplifier (D2 Audio™) Advanced full bridge switch mode power supply (SMPSU) Capable of delivering over 1200 watt peak power 12V trigger - provides switching control from A.V amp or processor Rigid, 25 mm (1”) thick M.D.F construct Heavy radial cabinet bracing with separate amplifier partition Front mounted control panel for easy access and viewing The LEO™ system provides Automatic Room Mode Correction (ARMC) for easy set up and perfect sound quality Remote control with 4 user EQ settings Selected real wood veneer or high gloss piano finishes Pictures:
  8. Phil sydney

    FS: Sonus Faber Minima FM2 Bookshelf Speakers

    Does sonus faber knows that ur selling their merchandise under a diffrent brand name (songs faber)😛lol GLWTS nice speakers 👍
  9. Phil sydney

    EOI - Sansui B-2103 MOS Vintage power amp

    Sure it says stereo power amplifier! Strange sansui didnt make a matching pre-amp😯
  10. What a beautiful pair and in pristine condition! Buy with confidence as hes a great guy to deal with👍
  11. Phil sydney


  12. Yes as @atsq mentioned center speakers do need to be installed in weird spaces/places hence its hard for center speakers to achieve the required vocal /movie effects depth. Thanks to the monitor audio gold series center it can do all the above and more. I havent found such a musical and natural sounding center channel yet!! But unfortunately i have to let mine go as i dont have time at all to watch movies as they are intended to😔
  13. Item: monitor audio gold gxc 150 center speaker Location: sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Beautiful monitor audio center speaker suit new buyer ! like new in box not used. been in storage for a while now. 5 star reviews and definitely one of the best center speaker i have heard. gloss white finish All original accesories and box. Grill havent even been opened. postage is free ! Pictures:
  14. Phil sydney


    Hey every1..this is a rare opportunity..! Take the leap😉
  15. Phil sydney