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  1. Hi Dennis See specs below. It's about 25 kgs. The connectors take bare wire but the stock input panel is quite large so you could fit banana plugs in the terminal. Alternatively you could use something like these homemade adapter's😎
  2. Wow! Awesome photos👍 Off topic but could I ask what camera /lens was used for shoot?
  3. Further information: PRICE DROP! Sony TA-F555ESJ Integrated Amplifier Japan These dont come up often. With Class A input stage and All MOSFET output powers the amp. It can easily run any speakers with its large power bank capacitors and separate input stage capacitance. It has a surprisingly good phono stage to accommodate MM or MC. The tone controls are quite handy with bad recordings. I purchased this from Hifido (Japan) not long ago and maintenance with full service was carried out before shipping. It
  4. Further information: Gorgeous fully Automatic TT from Denon DP 47f PRICE DROP!! I bought this beautiful TT from HIFIDO (high end supplier in Japan) a few months back. It is fully automatic with arm up/down and locate features. Dead quite body/plinth noise with whisper quite motor operation.It is quite highly regarded as one of the best TT Denon has produced The design and engineering is very precise, the one touch automatic performance is excellent. It has a straight tonearm which will automatically apply the correct t
  5. Absolutely a beast and amazing soundstage from this amp...these were built just like high end accuphase/kensonic ! Also extremely hard to find 240v Buy with confidence Matt is a great seller and takes care of his gear...
  6. Item: TUBE PHONO PREAMP Price Range: DEPENDS Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: LOOKING TO BUY Vincent 701 or CAYIN /yaqin tube phono stage Would like to be in good condition Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Further information: This is a beautiful pair of Jamo 7.7 (black ash) in Excellent condition like new. Very detailed yet warm sound from these Danish speakers. The cabinets are designed quite smartly which house 4 speakers in each cabinet. twin midbass/midrange a soft dome tweeter and an 8 inch downfiring subwoofer. Also it's very well braced internally with a separate plinth that separates the body of the whole speaker for unwanted floor resonances. plenty of nice dedicated bass so there is no need to buy additional subwoofer in my opinion.
  8. Hello everyone Amp is back on sale as the potential buyer has pulled off due to personal reasons
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