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  1. Yeah i have been hoping the ML2 Refs would appear SAMed one day or that SAM Lab would get to Perth and i could get it done but that looks like it just isn't going to happen. Devialet seem to be slowing down SAMing speakers. I agree with you about the low volume listening, they really do need some juice to come alive but i gotta say when they do the bass is pretty darn good for a speaker that size. They are also much better with the likes of Cassandra Wilson and Dexter Gordon than Led Zeppelin. They do surprise with well done electronica though. How much are ML5 Ref's ? James
  2. Yep SAM is something i would like to take advantage of if possible. I know that the Epicon 6 are SAMable...
  3. Thanks to everyone who has responed and especially Ray H for answering specifically regarding the Dali Epicon 6. Hearing that they were prefered over Dynauduo C2 and were great class D amplification is a positive endorsement then some. Question for RayH if you remember..... how are they for imaging, layering, soudstage depth and width ? I am sure that the deficiencies i am hearing in the sound described in my first post are not due to recording quality. They are either WAV files i ripped directly from the best CD sources i could find, or remastered and or HiRez files. The value of Aussie made speakers can not be questioned that is for sure and i will look into some of the suggestions. I can also listen to the Golden Ear models in Perth as well. I did think about Eagleeyes ML3 but if the signature is similar through the mid range i would probably end up feeling about them as i do my Ref 2. Thanks a lot.
  4. More Info, Room is 4.8 meters wide by 7 meters long. Speakers are currently 90 cm from the rear wall and 2.5 apart with my listening position around 2.8 from the speakers. Budget is around 10k with the idea being to get more value by buying a run out model, ex demo or second hand which would be between 14 - 20 k retail. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. I have been using Lenehan ML2 Reference for around 5 years and am now looking to upgrade. Amplification is Devialet LE 400 and music is 99% streamed through ROON with an occasional disk played through an Oppo 103AU (not much chop really) The Lenehans have been good mostly but there are areas where they can definitely be improved upon and i have always felt they really aren't letting me hear what the Devialets are capable of. When playing dense tracks particularly rock things get congested and hard in the midrange. Soundstage depth and width collapses along with imaging. Granted sometimes that will be down to recording quality. So recently i have begun to think about upgrading the speakers and am considering Dali Epicon 6 floorstanders. I think they will match the LE 400s better in terms of sensetivity and impedence although i am not sure if that matters much with the Devialet extemely low output impedence. Has anyone heard the Dali Epicon 6 with Devialet amps ? Or any other amp and can give some impressions of their (Dali's) performance across all types of music. The only stuff i don't listen to is Country and Western, Thrash metal and the like and also Rap.....everything else is on the menu.. There are some great deals on the Dali Epicon 6 atm due to a change in distributorship and there is an opportunity to level up so to speak that i otherwise could not afford atm. Thoughts ? Thanks very much.
  6. In the 5k to 10k Range i reckon the Lenehan ML2 Reference sounds better than both the Dynaudio Contour 20 and the B&W 805D3. I have spent many hours with all three.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I think i will contact Mike for advice and see what he suggests. Real world feedback from those with experience is always best though i reckon. My inquiry has arisen because a couple of weeks ago i had cause to remove the stand spikes but needed something to protect the floor until they went back in. I put some anti vibration pads under the stands from a washing machine. When next i listened there was quite a difference in sound. Not entirely for the better but voices suddenly seems clearer even if other aspects like sound stage collapsed. Just got me thinking about tweeks to get the very best out of them. Cheers
  8. Hello all, I own ML2 Reference and just want to know if any owners of lenehan stand mounts use any form of Isolation / Vibration control with theirs. If so what are you using and did it make any appreciable difference to the sound ? Did you put it between the speaker and stand platform or under the stand ? I have always just had mine blue tacked to the stand platform which are a versions of Mike's which are sand filled. Responses will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  9. Would these be an upgrade from Lenehan ML2 Reference ? Would you know ?
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