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  1. Hi, I'll take this, if it's not already gone. Sending you a message now.
  2. Bradyey

    SOLD: FS: Rotel pre and power amp

    Hi! Interested in the power amp! Haven't got much use for a Pre, personally. If you have an interest in separating, send me a PM! Will pickup.
  3. Hi Dutchie, am interested in this amp. However I'm in Melbourne. Are you interested shipping it? I'll take it for this price + shipping. Let me know!
  4. Hey mate, whereabouts in Melbourne are you? Am interested in this.
  5. Bradyey

    Mobile amp suggestions

    Possibly an smsl sa60 or 98e? I have the sa98e and it's decently powerful for it's size. Not sure how you'd power it however.
  6. Bradyey


    Hi there, am interested in the subwoofer amp. I am interstate (vic). So let me know if you'd be interesting in shipping it at some point if it's still available. Cheers.
  7. Bradyey

    FS: Emotiva xpa5 gen1

    Cheers Chris. Looking forward to setting it up!
  8. I would say keep em... I have a really small room with the same speakers a d it's okay. I can only play at low volumes in my apartment which is the only pain!
  9. I have the same speakers - always have been happy with them! Any buyer will be more than pleased with these. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Bradyey

    FS: 90cm speaker stands [MEL]

    I will take these.
  11. Bradyey

    WTB: Emotiva XPA-5 Gen II Amp

    I've come to the conclusion that once you get an emotiva amp you don't really let it go.
  12. Bradyey

    FS - Glass top desk

    Yeah I messed up! Don't post ads when in a rush. Didn't even put my location... D'oh! Thanks mate
  13. Bradyey

    FS - Glass top desk

    Great glass top desk for sale. Metal and glass construction. Desk has extendable sides which are glass topped as well. Reason for sale - Not using. Maximum depth = 860mm Width (extended) = 2000mm Width (not extended) = 1400mm Height = 760mm Price - $150.00 O.N.O Cash on pickup. Won't ship due to weight of glass top and likelihood it might shatter. Location - Pascoe Vale South, Victoria. Cheers!
  14. Damn man wish you weren't in Canberra.
  15. Hi there, whereabouts in Melbourne are you ?