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  1. Can also vouch for Acoustix & Graphix... I have Acoustix on my desk and will be installing them as my surrounds when my house is built. As a matching set they're great
  2. I have a mk1 Epicentrix, my dad has a mk2, an uncle also had a mk2. I love it, very clean, powerful sounding centre. Pretty much echoing Dalspec. Also running off a Emotiva gear.
  3. These look great! Does the Senn HD700 & HD598 share the same headphone connector? If so I would be interested in these.
  4. My Dad has one of these - wicked powerful and beautiful sounding amp. Good luck wirh the sale.
  5. These are beautiful, if only I could afford right now!
  6. Very cool, thanks! Need to upgrade to Dirac Live on ky MiniDSP HD...
  7. Oh damn, I've been waiting to see some crown XLS v2 amps come up for sale for ages. I'll have to wait for payday but will keep an eye on this... Glwts regardless.
  8. Have you used them with plugs in the ports? I'm interested in trying it out just to see how it sounds.
  9. I would say okay for desktop use, but as studio monitors I don't know how flat they are. Could always give them a go. I have Equinox I've used on my desk and have been happy, but I felt they do need help down low.
  10. Item: KRIX Equinox book shelf speakers, Mk1 Location: Beaconsfield 3807 (VIC) Price: $300 - $350. Item Condition: Good. Few marks here and there conducive with age. Reason for selling: No longer required & need funds for theatre room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: I have 2 pairs of Krix Equinox bookshelf speakers for sale, one pair Jarrah and one pair Walnut. In great condition for their age. Tested on day of posting this ad and they sound beautiful. I am not the original owner of these, I purchased them both second hand but have now upgraded to larger speakers for my upcoming theatre build. All 4 speakers present as good condition with some slight marks here and there, as expected with their age. They come with the covers which are also in great condition, just slightly dusty and one has a mark (which can probably easily be removed). Both pairs are Mk1 Equinox, 6 Ohm nominal impedence. I am not sure of their sensitivity but it should be about 90db. I have a Krix Graphix centre speaker (not yet listed) available for sale as well, in Walnut. Buy all 5 and you are well on your way to an amazing sounding surround setup for a theatre or lounge room. These would make for a great 2 channel desktop setup as well. If they don't sell I will hold onto them and use them for this purpose. Prices for the pairs are as follows: Walnut - $350 pr. Jarrah - $300 pr. I do not have original boxes so pickup required, unless you are willing to organise pack and send to box and ship them for you. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. I am tempted too, but I should probably complete my theatre first as well......... GLWTS
  12. Good buy, glwts. Off topic of sale (remove if required) - where did you purchase from?
  13. I've put tape over my XPA amps to do the same thing. Any reside would clean up with isopropyl alcohol no worries. Glwts
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