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  1. Lovely, powerful amp. I have one - I'd be tempted to buy and use this as a power amp for heights / Auro 3d, but I would be shot if I mentioned it... also not in Melb haha
  2. Can I ask a question here, as it's on topic to this discussion: Will an Emotiva XPA2 drive a pair of LS50s adequately? Desktop setup. I believe it would, I have been considering upgrading to the Ls50s for a while but not if the XPA2 can't handle it!
  3. These look cool! I had a pair of passive subwoofers made by Edward at Adelaide Speakers with car subwoofers. Great bang for buck. I need some crown pro power amps. GLWTSale!
  4. Welcome! Not sure about tickets? I looked and I think not. I can't make it as I'll be in Sydney; terrible timing...
  5. Man, how are these not sold... I would take them, but I purchased the other listing in June.
  6. My Dad has these same speakers, they're great speakers. He's looking to upgrade to Neuphonix! GLWTS.
  7. Love this amp. GLWTS. Good buy here, will power any headphone...
  8. I purchased these on the weekend. They're fantastic amps, I got very lucky
  9. The 3 pin XLR cables are used as interconnects between a DAC/Preamp to your amplifiers, not between the amp and the speakers. They provide better signal integrity over longer distances and more input gain to your amplifier. Others can provide better advice on this, bur thats my understanding. The speaker connections are still just pos/neg connections though
  10. Hey I'm interested - this has an 8 inch driver, right? I'm back in Melbourne next week. Let me know if you're happy to wait a few days for me to come and pick it up?
  11. Hi, I'll take this, if it's not already gone. Sending you a message now.
  12. Hi! Interested in the power amp! Haven't got much use for a Pre, personally. If you have an interest in separating, send me a PM! Will pickup.
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