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  1. It may also help to know what sound signature you tend towards? Personally, I prefer an “analogue” smooth sound over a detailed “digital” sound. Some players can seems to manage both, but not often! As a result I like the Burr-Brown pcm-1704 signature, and I love my Denon Dcd-3000 player. They can be found used for good prices well below your budget, and have a really good headphone amp, as well as a really useful “digital in” input, so I use an old iPhone via a USB>spdif converter to the CD player and use its DAC. Makes for a great cheap streamer! good luck. Mat
  2. Love it. Looks like something Barbarella would shoot you with!
  3. “DAC in black” ”Yeah I’m DAC in black......”
  4. I'm pretty sure Amazon algorithms will be reading this thread too.....
  5. I reckon we’ll all need more info - pretty wide criteria! Maybe preferred size, finish? Music style and listening volumes? Likely amplification? Lots of great Aussie choices in that price bracket, such as Lenehan ML3, Osborn Epitome, Whatmough p33i. All should sneak in under $6k as second hand......
  6. I’ve had a thread going for a while on this topic.... When I get to it, I think I’ll go for a Groovemaster 11 Ti....... https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-182-audio-creative-groovemaster-ii-tonearm
  7. Lester Young Quartet - Japanese pressing/Mercury Awesome sounding record this one....
  8. Maybe same issue in terms of white vs timber finish. I’ll chase him up.....
  9. These monsters are great. I use one for a Mesa Boogie guitar amp. No issues after 20yrs. Downside, like my amp, is that they're HEAVY, and I'm old and weak.
  10. Thanks to Sbartt, however I have ended up going with a new AX86U. Thanks all!
  11. Pretty reasonable price on a full Osborn Epitome setup...... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brookfield/speakers/osborn-epitome-mk-iv-full-size-reference-monitor-loudspeakers/1255159603
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