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  1. This is (in part) why I love to try to stick to Aussie products. Often they are made available for (almost unlimited duration) home trials, for no cost at all. The best way to sell a product you are confident in! My OAD amplifier, was a case in point - ability to try in my system, in my room, with everything other than the amp left the same - done. True, any shop can offer this for any product, but this ability is less common than one would hope. Having said that, yes I am persuaded by reviews in various media, but I am only guided, not persuaded. I prefer the opinions (again, only opinions) of people actually using the items, such as those on forums such as this.
  2. Hilarious. Talk about a new business idea! Add record cleaning (ultrasound + vacuum + re-sleeve) and you’ll pay your way around Australia. Set up an app that allows bookings in advance so places you’re heading are ready to rock!
  3. Just a quick option to look at is the pre I have - a Wyred4Sound STP-SE. It’s the most easy to use and useful bit of hifi kit I’ve owned in ages, and really impressive. In my mind, with its family-friendly programmable display inputs, and a gazillion in/out options, plus HT bypass, plus minimal power draw, all equal a winner! I pair it with an OAD Power amp and the combo is mighty good. I suppose it depends on your preference for box counts and so on... As for streamers, I’m keen on the Bluesond Vault 2i (again for family-friendliness and ripping ease), but keep us posted about your experiences with streamers either way!
  4. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Denon-DCD-3000-High-End-CD-Player-XLR-balanced-output/223503074909?epid=22030737037&hash=item3409d2465d:g:XAgAAOSwYS5ck~6G For anyone still playing silver discs and needing a fantastic DAC. I use mine for TV optical out to Optical in on CD player, and for spdif in on CD player from iPhone (via Gustard U10 converter), as well as playing CD’s. Fantastic machine with that classic “analogue” PCM1704 vibe......
  5. A Tower of Power for the Cottage of Wattage.....
  6. I have wired my house with Ethernet. It’s very do-able with a little mucking about and patience. You can buy a big spool of Cat6 for not much (about $100), and you need a special kit to terminate each end (about $50). You need wall plates and have to be comfortable making holes in plaster and fitting the metal brackets onto wall studs behind. I ran them all through the roof (or under floor) and into a cupboard..... All possible! Best of luck....
  7. Does it coast as a toast host, or would I need more grunt if needing 4 pieces at once?
  8. I almost never buy anything without first contacting seller. I’m a bit old fashioned so I like the personal interaction. It also helps to ensure the seller is genuine.....
  9. So how is tracking force set? Arms usually rely on gravity, so I assume some sort of spring to “push” the stylus into position? If so, I wonder what happens on a less-than-flat disc, for example.....
  10. I swear black and blue - that’s terrible.....
  11. That's lovely! Wonder if he built a jig to cut the profile?
  12. I'd want to keep the cabinet, but perhaps make a new beech ply heavy plinth to sit into existing cabinet. That hardware for the lid is beautiful, so I'd re-purpose it (you could just use it with new plinth). You could probably match the timber with a veneer on top of the new plinth. Normally people make a stand-alone plinth setup, however in this case i reckon preserving the cabinet would be worthwhile! Whilst at it, add a few matched and shelves and you have a place for gear! Great score!
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