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  1. A mate runs his Whatmoughs with one of the integrateds from Redgum. Pretty magic! Keep an eye out for a used one maybe? https://darko.audio/2012/01/redgum-rgi120enr-integrated-amplifier/
  2. I love how parts of it look like they were designed by H.R. Giger.....
  3. We’re just getting 4 motorised blinds installed. How does one check compatibility? Mat
  4. Interested to see how you go Marc. I’m also keen to hear from those helping you out. Not Duc is no longer with us, I’m very interested to hear who the go-to would be in Melbourne for help with restoration and setup of old Garrards...... In terms of building one, have a look at these guys. I have their 2-arm plinth for my 401 (I know, I know - a work in very slow progress!). Very nice and fit your bill, for very reasonable prices..... https://www.dasacoustic.com/en/index/
  5. Thanks Marc. Great addition and appreciated! Maybe one additional option? Would it be possible to state who it sold TO? This may require both seller and buyer to agree. I've sometimes sent a PM to a buyer a bit later to ask their impressions of an item, or to get info or ideas. Just a thought.
  6. Collector’s item. Please someone buy it before I’m tempted!
  7. Yeah. As above. Very nice digital chain. Suspect: 1. Amp 2. speakers Problem with one-at-a-time (good approach), is that usually you're best to choose speakers, then an amp to match them.
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