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  1. Just my 2c regarding... ”thing is you've got a toddler means you can't really turn it up that much realistically.” I agree that most will take this approach. My missus and I did the opposite (ages ago now!). Turn it up. Bring the noise! Little kids will sleep through anything if used to it. If you tiptoe, then that’s all they know, and they’ll wake to a feather hitting the floor. If you just go about your noisy business, and they have a sleep routine, then sound won’t matter. On the topic, I’m also keen to hear about deadening material for in-wall insulation and sound buffering.
  2. A few years back I was up after a night shift having a coffee in my backyard with my dog. I went back inside and the dog acted really strange, but that was nothing new! 1/2 asleep still, I made another coffee and put a load of washing on. Went back into bedroom (this is all in a tiny house), and on my bed was one of my guitars, one of our bags with the missus’ laptop/watches/bits and pieces. I was confused (post night shift haze) - “Geez, I don’t recall playing guitar...”. The bastard was in the process of cleaning me out when the dog disturbed him. Thank Christ I didn’t encounter him. He apparently out the back (spotted by back neighbours). Didn’t score anything! Cops were quick, and they knew who it was. Guys were catching train to my area dressed in “tradie” gear. They’d doorknock and wait for a house that didn’t answer. If they did answer, it was the good ‘ol, “Gday love. Is this 98 or 100 Bla st? We’re here to check the Bla for Bla Bla. No? Oh sorry.” This is a common modus opperandi for the pricks. As mentioned, time to photograph all you stuff and serials. Make sure the pic’s show the gear in-situ (that is, in YOUR house with recognisable surrounds, not just close ups). Maybe put a little physical label on each item as you go to prove it’s your pic also. That’s ****. Yep - sounds targeted. Ask neighbors if they encountered any “doorknock” dudes lately. Also Susa any camera possibilities in the st, including dash cams. Also watch out for repeat offence as mentioned. Good luck. May Karma pay them in kind.
  3. I have 2 sets of Osborns. I suspect they are just plain revealing, and thus what people are hearing is their gear driving the speakers, not the speakers themselves.....
  4. And mine just weighed in at 87kg! Man, no wonder their cab's are as dead as a dead dog's donger......
  5. Thanks mate I was about to send you a PM about this but you beat me to it!! I'll see if I can manage to weigh them without breaking a scale!!
  6. Hey can anyone tell me how to judge whether a pair of Osborns are lead-lined or not? Yes, they'll be heavy, but all his speakers are bloody heavy! Is there a way to see the lining somehow? Mat
  7. I tried one of these, but when I put a Zorba CD on, it just kept getting faster and faster......
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