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  1. Maybe we should float this past our Local and NZ designers? This is sorta how my STP-SE approaches things, but not with an LDR. Chris Daly always seems open to ideas!
  2. Nice one. I plan to build a DIY StereoCoffee once the shed’s sorted and I’ve finished all my other unfinished projects! Ages ago I started a thread on passive pre’s.... There are obviously many incarnations, but a really good TVR or LDR seems to be the shizzle. I was blessed enough to try a Bent Audio balanced Tap-X in my system - that was the best I’ve heard, but simply not available. I reckon an AM Audio passive would also be the go. Conversely, there seem to be many out there commanding huge price tags, which I suspect won’t come close to Stereo Coffee’s quality and bang for buck. As an aside, I found the right middle ground with my Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp, which is essentially a passive until you need a little extra oomph - a great middle ground, and as you say, great at low vol.
  3. Oh man. Exactly the sort of unit I'd love for my dual VPI Classic & Garrard 401 (2 arms) setup. And it's close by. BUT that price. Oh the pain of it all!
  4. Thing is, if i look at the Linear Headphone amp in pics, I can't see how it could connect.....?
  5. No worries. I reckon I’ll move it on. I’m after a tube headphone amp so no go there.... Thanks!
  6. That’s all I thought too. So which headphone amp would benefit from it? Are there any other components that may benefit from it?
  7. Mate just cruise hard rubbish collection areas. You’ll have all the CRT’s you desire!
  8. Hi all. I run a Lehmann Black Cube SE phono stage with my VPI Classic TT. I have a spare power supply and I have some questions that Googalising hasn’t managed to answer. - my Black Cube SE phono stage came with a “PWX” power supply. It sounds really good, and is a great step up from a stock power supply - I have an unused “PWX 11” power supply. I had planned to use it on another setup but probably won’t. Question is, apart from the fact that the “PWX 11” power supply has 2 outlets at the back (presumably to be able to run 2 phono stages (possibly only 2 Black Cubes??), is there a difference between the “PWX” and the “PWX 11”? I would just A-B them in a listening sesh, but the PWX 11 is brand new in the box, so if there’s no real difference, apart from the 2 outputs, then I’ll likely move it on. Cheers. Mat
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