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  1. I’ve tried the “very silver” end - pure silver cables in an xlr config as interconnects between pre and power amps, and yes - in my system too bright. Lots of detail but not “good” to my ear. I went back to my (cheaper) copper (with some silver) cables and much preferred them. These were not subtle differences either. On the other hand, the same pure silver cables sounded great in a mate’s system, but his gear is much less revealing. Interesting.....
  2. 50”telly in a bedroom. And the times, they are a’changin......
  3. Mat-with-one-t

    FS: QNAP TS 251 w/- 500GB HD

    a few PM's sent....
  4. Mat-with-one-t

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    The track “What’s New?” still melts me.....
  5. Mat-with-one-t

    High end equiptment in low end set ups

    Yeah I tried that one, but I thought the sound stunk.....
  6. Mat-with-one-t

    High end equiptment in low end set ups

    I think you’re all underestimating the transformative effect of a random slab of redgum in a corner. $100k of gear shoved in the corner of a small room = pretty damn nice sound. $100k of gear shoved in the corner of a small room + random slab of redgum = Audio nirvana.
  7. Would this work with Plex? What about abc iview or sbs on demand? Trying to find a cheap way to get this stuff on our telly.......
  8. These are great! Been using mine for quite some time now
  9. Hi mate. He’s in Melbourne, but Pat is amazing: http://www.bradlor.com.au/
  10. For $100k, I'd get a Geiseler Grob DAC and use it in my new listening room I had custom built for $99k.....
  11. Mat-with-one-t

    Anyone interested in Tidal HiFi family plan?

    Can someone please chime in here on how this works? I am considering the Tidal/Roon thing, but can’t justify costs over good ol Spotify.
  12. Mat-with-one-t

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Let me know thoughts! Very interested in these carts. Is it the low output version?
  13. Mat-with-one-t

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    still awaiting mine!?
  14. Mat-with-one-t

    I let go of Foxtel

    So where are you going to go for your right-wing propaganda now?