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  1. It’s a good way to think about it and justify price. I’m still on lookout for the right streamer. If I think about the setup I have and add a streamer: - preamp at about rrp $3k - proposed streamer at maybe $1.5k - Dac at about $2k It adds up quick - tempting to move to one box like this....hmmmm.
  2. M51’s are well known for their vibration isolation capabilities.....😉
  3. Ah dammit. I’ve been after a 2-input phono stage. Let me know if it falls through. That was bloody quick!
  4. I borrowed a mate’s l-510 Luxman integrated, and it had a really impressive phono stage!
  5. I suspect the reason Bluesound and Cambridge do well here is their presence? Whilst one may chase all sorts of better sounding units, these 2 seem to be just rock solid simplicity and quality. I too have gone over this many times, and conclude family usability and simplicity trump out-and-out sound (and by all reports they are no slouches in that dept either). Like everything, it depends on your goals here.....
  6. Thanks everyone for the thread discussions. Most informative! Tell me, has anyone had experiences with the node/Vault 2i vs the Cambridge CXN? I still feel I’ll end up with a Vault 2i, simply for the ease of ripping and storing on a good-to-go all in one unit. I haven’t seen any others like it in that sense unless you fake a big leap up in price, but correct me if I’ve missed any good streamer/rippers in the price bracket.... The CXN looks good for features, but no ripper. I know there are lots of rippers for pc or Mac and so on, but I just know that if it’s REALLY easy, I’ll never get around to ripping my many 100’s of CDs..... Any other units worth a look? I have options of external DAC’s. It MUST be easy for household to use Spotify via i-things (phones/pads) in house. I’ll also eventually have a NAS, so it’d be good to attach that via Ethernet (the house in Ethernet wired). Mat
  7. I had a small success with placing a record (properly cleaned and in a new sleeve) between 2 pieces of flat granite I had lying around, and leaving out in the sun on a hot summer day for a few days. Worth a try. I meantime, anyone in Melb want to add to the SA/WA list of flattenography?
  8. Not exactly sure as yet,ate, but certainly not $7k. My missus would put an adjustable load on my own cantilever.....
  9. Yeah geez. All units with a great feature set start hitting that $7k mark. May be cheaper to have 2 stages...!
  10. Exactly what I’m after, but maybe with one digit too many on the price!! Bugger.....
  11. If you mean is it safe to drink IPA beer whilst cleaning records, then yes - I am somewhat of an expert.....
  12. Silly question, but what is the second set of outputs for?
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