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  1. Yeah agree. These can be expensive but you buck the trend.
  2. Is it just me, or is there a large deer operating it?
  3. Thanks Alan. I’ll follow that advice - much appreciated! I do have access to a scope, so I’ll work though it. I agree- I doubt this ever worked! The display works, and it powers on, so that’s a start! Mat
  4. Fantastic Rob. As far as I know my mate bought it and it never actually worked. I am unaware as to whether it’s been messed with before. I am also aware these had pretty poor reputation in terms of delivery and build quality inside! I’m yet to take the boards out and inspect all the solder, but I can do that at some stage, We recently tried feeding it a signal from the “digital out” on my Denon dcd3000, but got nothing. Thanks so much - I’ll work through your suggestions when I get a chance and report back! mat
  5. hey all. Just reviving an old thread. I’ve been having fun comparing a stack-o-dac’s recently, and we hoped to throw this on into the mix too. Thing is, it’s never worked. I am aware of its dodgy provenance as per the attached thread, but it’d be nice to at least get it going to see what it’s like and see if I can get at least some value out of it for my mate (who owns it). The issue: - plugs in and powers on - display screen works. Status comes up as ok. Can toggle between battery or ac power. All ok. - but, it won’t read any source, thus won’t work. Here are some internals. Nothing looks burnt or missing. No solder is loose that I can see. I assume the power section is ok? So what next. I have a multimeter and can do soldering, just not great at diagnosis! Cheers, Mat
  6. I’ve also heard these amps, and for the asking price, I can’t for the life of me envisage a better pair of tube amps at almost any price......
  7. I have had a few Osborn sets, currently Epitome. I reckon these on eBay would be a cracker of a buy, and you get them straight from the maker....
  8. Hmmmm. I’ll see what’s going on....
  9. ....and if you take second copies of those middle three Star Wars films, you get an extra 40% off! ..........just kidding
  10. I just had one of these to try - a bargain at the asking price. I’ll have a comparo review to come when I get a chance......!
  11. Or this awesome nutter! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8bMd7R-5WFU
  12. Unlucky for my wallet I still grab the odd one dammit! Always wanted on of these, and close by. Hmmmmm. Will,it guarantee that I play like Brian Setzer?
  13. Can’t go wrong with a mat with one t....
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