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  1. Great work! Don’t suppose you have pics showing how you put together the cable-hiding section at the back? I’m developing ideas for my project!
  2. Gee great work! If you get time could you elaborate on how you went about them? Plans, materials, etc? What were the most difficult parts? How did you achieve the curved sections? Amazing!
  3. Sansui fans? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gilmore/stereo-systems/sansui-vintage-amp-and-speakers-au-2900-sp-55a/1269702296
  4. A few have alluded to some issues, beyond the obvious ridiculous minefield of mess that is rebate systems (designed by the same people who design the system you navigate to claim on any insurance), which I reckon are really important here. - I think it is really important to consider the embodied energy cost of the gear you are considering. Time and time again, cheap PV solar panels have been shown to output less than advertised, dropping rapidly over a few years, or failing outright. If they have not exceeded their produced energy compared to the energy it took to make them, t
  5. I’ll also chime in and say best power amp I’ve owned too!
  6. I note this ad has had 115 views. Am I number 116 who has clicked on the title assuming “mass loaded vinyl” was some sort of record collection?
  7. I'm still waiting for the Vault version, but this one's a great price.....
  8. Yoiks! Here’s one for $1300.....😟 https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649430586-rossini-philips-2lp-box-sonateaquattro-accardo1979-original/
  9. Thanks Marc. Looking at that description, well, that’s me out of the running.....
  10. What the hell is "good email hygiene"?? Does that mean I have to stop dropping crumbs and coffee on my keyboard?
  11. Lovely! is this based on a D35? I’d imagine a similar tone given the assembly and timbers?
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