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  1. EOI : Samsung PS64F8500

    Hmmmmm. Sounds like that Seinfeld episode about the bottle refunds..l.l
  2. EOI : Samsung PS64F8500

    I’d grab if in Melb! I fixed a Samsung as a project with my kid (we’re both novices). They are known for dodgy capacitors in the power board. Took us 2 hours and about $25 of caps’s.....
  3. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    All this talk of “cannons”. You must be on ASIO’s watch list by now.......
  4. Wanna give it a go for me just outa interest? If it’s shite then just send me a PM! Heh.
  5. There’re those Epit’s! Heh. Tell me, can this number be used as a single channel pre as well? Mat
  6. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Geez Anthony! I’m loving this project! What a crazy inspiration. I’d love 1/50th of your skill and enginuity! Being a timberwork kinda guy, I’m looking at all that beautiful black metalwork and realise I need to gain some skills! Looking at those amps, and being brand new to soldering, I REALLY need to gain some skills! Perhaps some subtle timber highlights here and there are in order? A nice bit of fiddleback Blackwood detail perhaps!? Heh. Can’t wait to see those cannons in-situ. Perhaps we need to start a vote on the first piece to play through them? Flight of the Valkyries? Carmina Burana? Star Wars? Wow. Imagine the opening track to Star Wars. A long time ago in a loungeroom not that far away..........
  7. Fair enough! Very nice.....
  8. No one? C’mon. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!
  9. TAG (The Audio Group) 2.6 Floorstander Loudspeakers

    I checked that too! These are different
  10. Switching off gear at the power point

    Good idea. Weird, but I can’t find a spec sheet that mentions it....
  11. Switching off gear at the power point

    Actually on that note, if I may hijack the thread a little, I have a Thor power conditioner, and can’t find data on its power consumption. Given that it’s on all the time, I’d be interested to find out! Mat
  12. SOLD: FS: Melb Kiseki Blue New Stock

    Man that’s tempting. Where are you based in Melb?
  13. EOI: SGR Audio MT3.2 Loudspeakers

    Awesome speakers! Glwts!
  14. Garrott Brothers cartridges

    Just had my old Ortofon mc10 super retipped by them. Very nice results,