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  1. If it’s the low output mc version I’m also interested if goes up as a separate (behind fangs of course....)
  2. Mat-with-one-t

    W4S Setup

    Smoking deal. I have this pre and it rivals many preamps at the price of your entire system. Awesome deal.....
  3. Mat-with-one-t

    What CD player ?

    Bought here. Only a few hundred and in perfect condition. I wasn’t intending to get a CD player as I plan to rip all my CDs, however being able to double as a dac made it irresistible, and I actually love spinning my old discs on it too!
  4. Mat-with-one-t

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Cool. Mat
  5. Mat-with-one-t

    What CD player ?

    I recently bought an old Denon dcd3000for very little cash, and it’s lovely! I also use its Burr Brown dac for streaming, as it has an option for “digital-in” via spdif or optical. great if you can manage to find one, and I just love the pcm1702 sound - very “analogue”!
  6. Mat-with-one-t

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Anyone heard anything yet? All quiet so far on my orders.....
  7. Mat-with-one-t

    Great Buys on eBay Continued (Part 7) ...

    Luckily the Russians are currently distracted by soccer....
  8. Mat-with-one-t

    SOLD: Homer Simpson Duff Beer Clock ( Vic )

    That’s true. Makes it all the more tragic in terms of its collectibility!
  9. Mat-with-one-t

    SOLD: Homer Simpson Duff Beer Clock ( Vic )

    still can't believe I polished a slab of the stuff when it was made in WA, before it was canned (PUN INTENDED) by Simpson's Co..... D'oH!
  10. Mat-with-one-t

    Free Moving boxes

    Whack em on Gumtree. I did that a while back and they were gone in 60seconds....
  11. Sounds familiar.....
  12. Mat-with-one-t

    Harmon Kardon Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I have some of these. Great for travel, as they fold flat in that little pouch. Nice compromise if you like to be out and about or travelling.....
  13. Mat-with-one-t

    Orpheus Silex Turntable

    Yeah it's amazing. I reckon it must have come as some sort of package? My folks are far from music people, and barely used it. It was a wedding present, and lived in the "good room", thus never really used! I know somwone in Coburg near me who can restore the amp - I assume tubes are near NOS, and it'll maybe need some dry caps replaced. I recall the Wharfdales working and they sounded great - a really sweet, warm system! I am sure all the original brochures and even receipts are with it!! I hope to grab it, restore it, and I'll post the results. I suspect the suspension bushes on the TT are all dried out and so on. I've seen some great resto info on these TT's, so I'llmake use of them! Mat
  14. Mat-with-one-t


    If you don’t want that head hole, I’ll grab it wretched! Mat