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  1. Thanks. That all in one sounds interesting, but is this an "add on" to convert so to speak, my existing system to an " all in system" , or do I have to start again with a totally new HiFi sytsem ?? (Just bought this one 3years ago )! Cheers David
  2. Thanks. Yes I already have a sub woofer i.e. Yahmaha NS-SW500 that I bought with my new system. I couldn't do without those really deep notes (as you said), hence why my previous HiFi system of 35 years ago, I had the Heil AMT 1A speakers which had 12" woofer cones & bass reflex behind & I could feel those 16' & 32' Organ pipe notes through the wooden floor boards !! Great Speakers particularly the Air Motion transformers for the Mid & tweeters, but they became old & were just too physically big for where we live today. Incidentally, I am so fastidious with sound reproduction that I'll never listen to any of my classical & particularly the Organ on ear phones or the like as these just cannot reproduce all the deep bass notes & other harmonics, even despite todays technical advances ! I am planning to sell my Nakamitchi tape player. Cheers David
  3. Hi Guys & "att23" , Thanks again fro your comments & advice. My main website for Classical CDs is "Prestoclassical" in UK. Could you "att23" let me know the other international websites you buy Classical CDs etc. from ?? Cheers David I
  4. Hi Guys, (1) Thanks for all your comments & advice, however, being a non-techo , I grew up with the "push of a button & turn of a knob", I'll have to get tech help to do most of that for me. I had to have the Professionals come in & set up all my current equipment !! Interesting from "silver_man" that old Vinyl LPs are commanding good prices, I have my Late Mothers LPs to sell, albeit they are all classical music. - Could anyone please advise where I might go to sell these ?? My Oppo incidentally is the BDP-103AU DVD / CD Blue Ray Player . Thanks again. Cheers David
  5. Hi Guys, I joined up a few years ago, but shortly after the reality came to me that it was time to retire & this started the process of finding a buyer for my business, many negotiations & then the hand over period. Now in retirement & after a trip overseas, thankfully just made it last year, I am now catching up with the time honoured phrase "how did I do everything when I was working" ! So I am now back ! I've updated my Hi Fi system, to Rotel Amp, Oppo CD / DVD & Yahmaha speakers, Pro-Ject Audio systems turntable & succumbed to a sub woofer, overall a smaller system to take up less space & all linked in to a smart TV. These are replacing my Marantz Amp, Heil speakers, Rabco Harman Cardon turntable & Nakamitchi Tape player, more on that later However, I'm a bit old fashioned & love CDs with their booklets etc.. I've also kept the the bulk of my LPs. However, I'm noticing sometimes a CD is not available & instead the "Publishers" are only producing the music in MP3, FLAC etc. . (1) Am I right that CDs now have a limited time span before "old fashioned" Guys like me a forced into electronic downloads & on screen "booklets". ?? (2) Do MP3 & FLAC etc. have a wider audio range than a CD, i.e. CDs audio range in the treble & bass I understand is narrower than a quality vinyl LP of the past ?? (3) Doyou have to connect a Computer to your Hi Fi to access these downloaded MP3 & FLAC etc. ?? I'd be interested in comments, & particularly as my music, Classical & the Organ (Pipe) have notes & harmonics to the extreme of treble & bass ! Cheers David
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