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  1. Item: Pair of Tannoy DC10T in Gloss Walnut Location: Glenroy, Victoria. Price: $4800 Item Condition: Good Condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Further info: I have loved owning these speakers for 3 years and will be sad to see them go. I find the Tannoy's very dynamic and powerful, they look stunning with a unique D shape cabinet and beautiful gloss finish. Some light scratches that can only be seen very close up/would have to be looking for them. I can ship at buyers expense as i have original boxes. Serious buyers welcome to come over for a listen. $50 donation to SN if sold here.
  2. Item is SOLD. $5 donation sent to SN
  3. Amp sold. $5 donation sent to SNA
  4. Item: Precision Port 4" Flared Port Kit Location: Melbourne, Northern Suburbs Price: $25 each or 6 for $120 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not used in Project Payment Method: Pickup, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I have 6 off these kits but I've cut about 80mm off one of the tubes. Can post only have 4 original boxs.
  5. Item: Perreaux 3000B Power Amplifier Location: Melbourne, Northern Suburbs Price: $265 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Haven't used in years Payment Method: Pickup, Bank Transfer Extra Info: 2 channels 170W RMS @ 8ohm 260W RMS @ 4ohm Can be bridged to 400W RMS
  6. Can post anywhere in Australia for $20
  7. Item: Musical Fidelity V90 Location: Melbourne Price: $175 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash or Bank deposit Only. Extra Info: Great little dac.
  8. Recently got them home and have had them playing, far from finished but still sound like front row at a stadium or in a room with someone singing to me. Hired a Mitsubishi asx to pick the cabinets up, had to remove the plastic trim from the boot to fit them in! I'm in love although not everything sounds great, for the first time i now understand what people are talking about with a "good recording" or maybe the music just isn't suited to such revealing speakers. I've found my tannoy's (DC10ti) are far more flexible with the quality of music but these JBL's have it all at any volume never strained.
  9. Thanks, probably next month or two I'll have them running. So excited and nervous!! I was thinking of replacing the diaphragm in the horns with fresh radian branded ones and genuine diaphragms in the 2405 as I'm unsure of their condition. I'll definitely wait until i get them running but i think I'll be questioning if they sound like they should probably even if they sound fine, what do you think?
  10. Over the last two years I've been building myself with the help of Andrew @ Creation Audio for the cabinets some custom JBL 4345 clones. I build the crossovers myself and have learnt so much i don't think they would be the same if i started the project now as they have a couple of flaws although i probably won't know until i test them, as currently Andrew has heard the system in Sydney and I'll pick them up next week and drive them back to Melbourne. Speakers are 2405 slot tweeter 2426 cd with 2307 horn 2123 mid 2245 woofer with cones from edgewound All original jbl bits Except for the 2245 cones but i recently brought a B460 so now have two original 2245 cones in the house so I'll be keen to swap them out to hear the differences. So excited to hear your thoughts and put in some epic listening sessions with them very soon.
  11. And... They look exactly like the clones i had in my head, with the help of Andrew @ Creation Audio fabricating the cabinets.
  12. I can't say i'm an audiophile, i relate my speaker collection to flowers; The mass' may appreciate a rose but i enjoy an orchid. I'm probably just a collector of electronics, beer and music. That being said i have only managed to amass a collection of CD/LP's and random selection of electronic equipment. I'm a huge fan of psytrance and most genre's of edm. Currently i am building a pair of clone JBL 4345 as i appreciate the huge sound they produce and will run my Audio Research SP-9 MKII for pre and Audio Research D400MKII on the upper section as they will be bi-amped and have cheap pro audio amplifier on the woofers until i buy an active XO and another new (new to me) amp. I look forward to engaging with all soon without the line "you could have brought XY&Z with that money".
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