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  1. I got it in May just before the new GST imports rules. It was about $630 landed from memory.
  2. I bought the mk II from analogue seduction in the UK
  3. I find the same thing with Scarlet Johansson. Only has one facial expression no matter the scene or movie.
  4. Here's why I dislike ithis train wreck: Cheesy childish jokes The plot - since when has space fuel ever been an issue in ANY Star Wars movie before? Instead of Luke being the most powerful badass Jedi we got Luke the loser Casino scene Horse racing scene and PETA Leia can use the force to survive the deep cold vacuum of space now? Using the force to make a hologram of yourself Laura Dern making the heroic ultimate sacrifice when Admiral Akbar gets killed off in the blink of an eye. Really? The best thing about Kylo Ren was the voice and mask, so then they get rid of the mask Snoke, who was he and where did he come from???? Wasn't the Empire defeated in return of the Jedi? These new films just throw that out the window and start again with the first order?? General Hux or whatever his name is what poor casting for a stupid character? Why did Luke project a hologram of himself when he had an x-wing fighter under the water on his island? Surely being there in person would be better? Why did Luke die after projecting the stupid hologram? Captain Phasma was even more useless in this film than she was in TFA! Rey balling her eyes out in every scene! Whyyyyyy??????
  5. Hard to do without spoilers Blybo, but I did not like: - weak plot - childish and ill-timed humour - scenes/characters that just don't belong in Star Wars, but may be at home in Star Trek - Snoke cartoon cgi (why oh why couldn't he be an actor with makeup?? ) - weak plot did not warrant 150 mins duration - it just didn't have that Star Wars feel (even The Force Awakens managed that quite well) - Hux I am a huge fan of Star Wars, but this was such a mess I was longing for the end by the half way point. I hope you find it better than I did, I really do. Mike.
  6. I just got back from seeing this. I did not like it. Force Awakens was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better IMO.
  7. FALL20 is the new code according to the SH forum link.
  8. Oscar Peterson/Exclusively for my Friends Vol 5 - Mellow Mood
  9. John Williams/Raiders of the Lost Ark Soundtrack
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