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  1. This sub needs no introduction! It has served me well for the last 4 years or so and has the Sledge 1000w RMS DSP amp. I am only considering selling as I have provisional approval from the wife to DIY build something big. Limited audition is available with masks. Pickup only and recommend a helper as this sub weighs around 75kg.
  2. They powered peerless 4” midranges and 1” tweeters. With the active crossovers, timing and levels done by the C-DSP I am also selling, the sound was incredible. Vocalists sounded like they were in the centre of the dash about 2 feet forward of the windscreen.
  3. Further information: Selling my DLS CC4 Reference Series amplifier. It is a 4 channel Class A/B amplifier rated at 70W RMS per channel. I used this as part of an active 4-way SQ setup, which powered my mids and tweeters (nothing below 200Hz). I chose this amp for its Class A/B topology and its very low distortion (<0.02% at 5W). Comes as pictured. Current retail price is $300usd ($455 aud). More Specs: http://www.dlsaudio.us/product-details/36 Photos:
  4. Further information: Regretfully selling my Alpine MRX-M110 monoblock amplifier. It was used in a SQ setup to power 2 x Dayton 10" subs for a combined 4 ohm load, and so has never really been stressed. This amp produces 650W RMS into 4 ohms and 1,100W RMS into 2 ohms. This will be a hard amp to replace, but I need the money for other ventures at this time. Comes as pictured. Photos:
  5. Further information: Selling my C-DSP 8x12. It was used to run an active 4-way system in my car until the transmission failed. I will not be installing a system in the new car so I now have no use for it. Comes as pictured, with remote and power connector. I no longer have the cable to connect the remote to the DSP, but it looks like a simple telephone style cable. Current retail price is $499 US ($760 aud). Photos:
  6. Further information: Selling a pair of brand new Dayton Audio RS180P-4 7" woofers. I bought these about 3 years ago to install into my VW Golf but unfortunately they would not fit the doors. They have remained unused and in their boxes ever since. One box has been opened to check for fitment and the other box is still sealed and has never been opened. Current retail price is $85 each. Specs: https://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/295-375--dayton-audio-rs180p-4-spec-sheet.pdf Photos:
  7. Out of interest, are you by any chance upgrading to an RMC-1?
  8. Items: MiniDsp C-DSP 6x8 w/remote, DLS CC-2 2 x 170W RMS Class A/B Reference Amplifier, DLS CC-4 4 x 70W RMS Class A/B Reference Amplifier, Alpine MRX-M110 1100W RMS Monoblock Amplifier Location: Wollongong, NSW Price: $1200 for everything or: MiniDsp C-DSP 6x8 - $400 DLS CC-2 - $200 DLS CC-4, - $350 Alpine MRX-M110 - $450 Item Condition: Used, All 9/10 but CC-2 is 6/10 refer description Reason for selling: New Car Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I installed a fully active 4-way system in my VW golf 2 years ago but unfortunately the DSG transmission just failed. It was a lot of work to install everything and I wont be doing this to the new car as we have a baby on the way (no more room for subwoofers). I am selling the processor and amps which are all in perfect functional condition, however when I first installed the DLS-CC2, one of the binding post screws stripped and locked in place. The only way to get it to work at the time was to solder the speaker wire directly to the binding post. It does not look very good cosmetically, however it has no impact at all on the function. The C-DSP 6x8 combined with the reference Class A/B amps provided some of the best sound I have ever heard in a car as each speaker had its own channel that could be EQ'd, time aligned and crossed-over as desired. If someone buys the lot, I'm happy to throw in 2 power distribution blocks and a 40A fuse in holder. Photos:
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