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  1. Got a box for it and I’m about 20 mins from @kelossus but I’d want the box back.
  2. They are seriously good sounding. Way better then any streamer.
  3. Beautiful unit with a beautiful sound. A warm and big sounding piece. GLWTS.
  4. If that’s not the case, then the spool assemblies or pressure roller would have to be looked. They operate round about that one second frequency. Nice, that’s a good way although given the dramas I’ve had with NOS media, I’ve just gone with R2R.
  5. The tick tick tick is because the azimuth assembly might be near the end of travel. When was it last gone over by a competent tech?
  6. I might have mentioned this before but I have been working on Naks for about 18 years. Equipped with factory gauges and test tapes. I haven’t put it out there till now but have been working through word of mouth till now.
  7. My dream system at one time. Still, one of the most musical and beautiful system I’ve ever listened to. GLWTS and I hope these fine equipment fine a good new home.
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