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  1. 075Congo

    The market power of the LP Record

    Yes you need to be very careful with SACD purchases...I should know! One of the best suppliers of SACD's is CD Japan...their SHM-SACD format is just superb and not over the top price wise. I am playing "The Wonderful World of Female Vocals" SACD....fabulous! Full stop! Go to Elusivedisc.com if you want it.
  2. 075Congo


    No it is SOLD
  3. 075Congo

    The market power of the LP Record

    I spent 4 days with some relatives who are "IF IT MOVES DIGITIZE IT!" type people. The shelves in the lounge were bulging with their CD Collection (its all on a 4Tb Hard Drive now). I asked them "what are you going to do with those?" NO ANSWER! About 25 to 30 metres of shelf space holding up hundreds of never to be used again CD's. I have sold quite a few CD's / SACD lately ; I was asked "why are you selling them".....money.........I don't play them any more. The look I got was a bit weird.
  4. 075Congo

    The market power of the LP Record

    The whole area of downloads and CD ripping and also making digital "copies" of the LP itself is a bit odd to me. I have a big collection of CD's and SACD; why would I want to duplicate them and load them onto a hard-drive. The novelty of having my music collection on say my iPhone ? I think I am missing something; a "brain" probably!
  5. Looking at the "COMING SOON" section of the www.acousticsounds.com" there are 226 LP Releases coming out in the next 3/4 months versus only 10 SACD releases (all but one of them is a Classical title) and 1 only CD. For an Aussie to do any Pre-ordering you would be looking at serious FEDEX damage as well as buying in USDollars. Same situation at the other 2 MUSIC DIRECT and ELUSIVE DISC. I'm no marketing guru but there is obviously a massive market for LP's in the USA and throughout the world. Just looking at some of the LP titles that are unlikely to be released on SACD makes a digital disc turner grind his teeth. Cheers
  6. Item: Location: Various CD's For Sale Price: As shown below Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling: Culling my CD Collection Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: The following CD's are on the block: 1: The Art of McCartney A double CD of various artists singing all the Paul McCartney Hits (Dylan, Billy Joel,Cat Stevens etc etc) $20 2: Paul McCartney; Kisses on the Bottom ; A SHM-CD with OBI Strip from CD Japan $15 3: Rolling Stones "LIVE LICKS" A double CD of live Stones from their 2002 World Tour $15 4: Elton John and Leon Russell 'The Union ; Produced by T Bone Burnett in 2010 (Includes a bonus DVD about the making of this disc) DECCA CD $15 Postage up to 3 discs in an Aus Post Parcel (bubble-wrap) cost $9.00. SNA Donation Pictures:
  7. No I'll pass this time.
  8. 075Congo


    Sorry the 2L disc is SOLD. Cheers
  9. 075Congo

    Currently Spinning

    Mark Knopfler's latest on CD. Nothing like it!
  10. Interested in the Dean Barkley Strings and the Guitar/Bass Tuner. Can you post to Buderim in a Parcel Packet. Cheers
  11. 075Congo

    Currently Spinning

    Very laid back on a very humid Sunday morning in Buderim. Breezing on SACD (a SHM-SACD from CD Japan)
  12. 075Congo


    Yes the Who's Next Deluxe Edition is yours. Ill PM with Payment Detail. Cheers Mick
  13. 075Congo

    ML2 Stands: What Height should they be?

    There is a recording studio (Stockfisch Records) in Holland that is mounted on a whole series of these type of springs. Wonder what its like to wander around in?
  14. Item: VARIOUS SACD's Location: Buderim (Qld) Price: As Shown below Item Condition: Very Good Condition Reason for selling: Culling my collection Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: The following SACD's are For Sale: 1: Living Stereo SACD: Arthur Rubenstein (Piano) playing CHOPIN Ballades/Scherzos $10 Postage for one disc is $9.00 (Bubblewrapped in an Australia Post Parcel with Tracking. SNA Donation Pictures:
  15. 075Congo

    Currently Spinning

    I bought a copy of REFLECTION by Brian Eno on UHQCD just waiting for the Japanese crew to do Ambient 2 on UHQCD. Interesting to read about how Eno got the idea to record this type of music. Apparently he was off colour and listening to music at low level with only one headphone cup working. Doesn't sound like a winning formula. Wonder if Bryan Ferry will have him in the band when he tours Australia. Cheers