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  1. Item: HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones (SOLD....awaiting payment) Location: Buderim Qld Price: $375 including postage Item Condition: Excellent; in As New Condition Reason for selling: Bought some Higher Sensitivity Headphones (MEZE Classic 99) Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling a pair of HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones in As New condition. All original manuals and documents and packing box included. Current RRP at Addicted to Audio is $699.00. SNA Donation after sale Pictures:
  2. If you ever meet me you will revise your definition of "laziness" and "soddishness". Cheers
  3. Bunnings sell a variety of anti-vibration pads ; these are the smallest 10cmx10cm (pack of 4 is $5) ; glue them to a piece of MDF on either side and mount two pieces of dowel covered in shrink-wrap in one side. The black rubber knobs I think come from Clark Rubber 50 cents each. Bunnings also sell round felt "feet" to stick on the bottom. Not sure if there is any sonic benefit but they are way cheaper than some cable stands on the market. Inakustik (Germany) make a really nice cable stand but at 10 for over $500....Bunnings is a winner!
  4. Finally got my Foil Flex XLR Interconnects and Speaker cables well and truly "burnt" in and am very happy with my investment. You will see in my system set up a major space problem so I came up (assisted by Bunnings) with a FoilFlex Speaker cable "stand". Amazing how much time and $ you can go through in retirement. Anyway keeps the cables in check.
  5. Which Version are your HE560's ? With 3 Versions out there it makes it a bit hard. Cheers
  6. Just wondering if my pair of Atlas Zeno headphone cable would fit the HE 560. They have a 3.5mm connector for each side of the headphones. Can you post to me in Buderim? Cheers Mick
  7. About 8 pages of notes referencing the 47 tracks on the Nordost disc. Not sure what the newer version of my covers; if you go to www.nordost.com there should be info on the new disc. Just had a quick look and apart from including 2 discs it doesn't give too much away. Anyway its yours for $9 postage. Cheers Mick
  8. Take your Foil Flex speaker cables to a new level.
  9. Item: DIY: Speaker Spike Kits (2 sets of 4) .....SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Location: Buderim Price: $40 including postage for both sets. Item Condition: Brand New ; never used Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling 2 sets of 4 Speaker Spikes in brand new condition. Bought from Decibel Hi Fi for $44 per set. These are NOT M8 but the AF equivalent. The push in housing is marked as 1/2 inch diameter.Still in the original packaging . SNA DONATION after sale. Pictures:
  10. Quad Electrostatics + Vienna Acoustics+ my ML2 References ; all Foil Flex compatible : not a bad list! Bowers and Wilkins ? Magnaplan?
  11. Interesting how well they work with Quad Electrostatics; I would be surprised if the FoilFlex were not compatible with other speaker types. I wonder what characteristics of a speaker cable would prove to be "tricky" and probably the type and power of the amplifier used is of major importance. Cheers
  12. Item: Graphene Contact Enhancer (5ml Kit) Location: Buderim (QLD) Price: $40 including postage Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling a Graphene Contact Enhancer 5ml Kit from Mad Scientist Audio (New Zealand). Barely used comes with Instruction Sheet and a comprehensive set of Applicators. Very well reviewed by Positive Feedback and highly regarded for their Isolation Footers.Current RRP is $49 USD ($70AUD) plus postage from NZ. SNA Donation after sale! Pictures:
  13. Interesting how much time it takes to "run-in" cables in general and the Foil Flex cables in particular. Their initial performance out of the box is really good but now after 30 hours roughly performance has jumped to a new level. The portrayal of micro detail like background clapping and instrument noises (piano pedals and acoustic guitar noise) is really prominent now and a major feature for me with the Foil Flex cables. For the money the performance level delivered is exceptional. Cheers
  14. Item: Atlas Zeno 1:2 Custom Headphone cable (1.5 metre) (NO LONGER FOR SALE) Location: Buderim (Qld) Price: Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Changed headphones Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: WITHDRAWN FROM SALE Pictures:
  15. Yep there are a few around. Not sure how you do it (equipment -wise) but the Nordost disc claims you can measure all the "nodes" in your listening area. Not sure I would want to know how lousy my sound room is. Cheers
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