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  1. I would jump on the set of Tannoy Revolution 6 Loudspeakers in the SNA Classifieds at $1000 (In Sydney too!) Why not track down a NAD Power Amp or buy a new NAD Integrated Power Amp. That would keep inside the budget. Also put some money into good loudspeaker cable and interconnects (Aurealis Audio is my preference; good value and fantastic build quality!) Cheers
  2. Fantastic speakers at a fantastic price! If the scratches really give you the ##@^& Mike Lenehan can get them resprayed for you at a reasonable cost. I'd go for a Gunmetal Grey finish or Maserati Yellow! Cheers
  3. Item: HRS Damping Plate Price Range: Market price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Interested in the HRS Damping Plates (or similar) in any of the 3 sizes available. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. The Audience RCA's in the Classifieds at $159 would be an excellent choice as Good Quality RCA's for your system. A good spring clean of all your system contacts using CAIG cleaning products (or similar) is worth doing now and regularly. Cheers
  5. Have decided to change my current speaker cables (Aurealis Audio Litz 303 /3 metre) and my XLR (Burmester Audio Silver 32) interconnects to a set of Atlas Cables Hyper 3.5 Speaker Cables and the Hyper dd XLR connectors. Over the last few years I've done this with Nordost TYR 2 and Lenehan Foilflex subtle differences every time. Cheers
  6. Mounting these on the Lenehan Audio dedicated Stands produces truly sensational results.
  7. Bought a set of KEF R3's and had Geoff Maloney (Aurealis Audio) make a set of 20 cm Litz 303 Jumpers to go with my 3 m Litz 303 Speaker cables. Look excellent and seemed to be an improvement over the R3 Linking mechanism. Considering the Atlas Cables Hyper 3.5 Speaker cables with the Hyper 3.5 Jumper cables they make. Cheers
  8. I wonder if the introduction of these technologies will bring the re-build of the NBN Network forward. I won't hold my breath. Cheers
  9. Just moved a 38 KG Integrated to Sydney using DHL Express. No problem at all and arrived in perfect condition. Cost $140.
  10. No better conditioner on the market for a two component system. Excellent build quality and performance.
  11. On Ebay they have a Magaudio Tonearm Lifter. Made in Germany. Has all the specs listed. Cheers
  12. On Monday last week I paid $5600 for a new integrated amp from an Audio Store in Melbourne. Now the fun begins. The store's delivery policy states that the product will be posted within 2 days and I would be notified of the Courier Tracking number to see what's happening. By Thursday I got a bit jumpy and rang the Audio Store ............sorry been busy and I will get it away today. I should expect delivery on Monday. By Friday still no idea of a tracking number. I sent an email to the Audio Store outlining how much I enjoyed sitting around like a mushroom waiting for a Courier or a Tracking N
  13. Mine is in as new condition; I have kept all the original packaging. Cheers
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