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  1. Currently listening to John Taylor's "Rosslyn" re-released by ECM on the UHQCD disc format. CD Japan has a full listing of the other ECM discs currently being re-released on the UHQCD format. Better than the standard CD format. Not game to say it is... but it sounds wonderful!
  2. For that sort of money I would also look very carefully at the Esoteric SACD player range. I have moved through the K-07X to my current K-05Xs SACD player and the performance level of these players is phenomenal. The disc drawer design and function is unlike anything I have used and a must-look at!
  3. I have been using the Shunyata AU-8 and 3 Shunyata Delta NR power cords for well over 12 months in my system. Fantastic products and at the cutting edge of power conditioning. Cheers
  4. That Densen B175 looks great. I'd also check out the Foil Flex Interconnects and Speaker Cables to hook it all up. Cheers
  5. Andrew, If the MFSL copies of WAR and The Unforgetable fire are still available I'll take them. Can you resend Bank Transfer details...dopey put them somewhere safe. I sent Feedback re The Joshua Tree. Cheers Mick
  6. Item: ESOTERIC Miles Davis GREAT 5 SACD BOX SET Location: Buderim QLD Price: $320 including Aus Post Parcel Delivery Item Condition: Brand New (Never Unwrapped) Reason for selling: Not my music preference Payment Method: BANK Transfer Extra Info: Selling a Boxset from ESOTERIC(Japan) of Miles Davis Great 5 SACD recordings. The Great 5 recordings are: 1) Round About Midnight 2) Porgy and Bess 3)Milestones 4)Sketches of Spain and 5) Miles Smiles. The detail of the recording techniques used by ESOTERIC (Japan) to create these SACDs is quite remarkable and represent the very best recordings available in the audio marketplace. These are HYBRID SACD's and will play the CD Layer on any CD player. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. There are a few SACD's around that sound fabulous (Patricia Barber Nightclub MFSL SACD eg) on any SACD player you put it in. My system is nowhere near the $100K range and the difference between SACD and CD is really apparent to me.
  8. Not much of a price difference between SACD players and CD player-only options so I would be inclined to go for an SACD player and enjoy the best of both formats. Cheers
  9. The SACD version of Jennifer Warnes "Another Time, Another Place" is released soon by Elusive Disc for $61 AUD including postage. The standard CD version has been available for $20 to $30 AUD for several months. That price of entry is steep to say the least. Any audible difference....well? Cheers
  10. I am using an Esoteric F-05 I bought second hand from Krispy Audio to drive my ML2 References. Plenty of power sure makes them sing. No good for the HT option but go for power. Cheers
  11. Gregory, Several months ago I made the change to XLR interconnects from RCA Interconnects between my SACD player and my Integrated Amp. Both components are Esoteric (K-05Xs SACD player and the F-05 Integrated Amp) so high quality components. All the RCA interconnects I moved away from were high quality (read very expensive) so I was surprised at the improved sound from the XLR option. I wonder if it is connected to the higher signal voltage of the XLR option but the improvement in reproduced sound is certainly there. If you decide to go for the XLR option I would advise you to contact Mike Lenahan (Lenahan Audio) re the FOIL-FLEX XLR Interconnects. They outperform other XLR brands by a huge margin....particularly price-wise. Cheers Mick
  12. If you decide to go with Elusive Disc for the SACD I would ask them to post it to you in a cardboard box. No extra charge but a good way to avoid a cracked case in transit. Another FONE guitarist is the late Fausto Mesolella "Taxidi" a 24K Gold CD...superb too! Cheers Mick
  13. Cheers Cody, I'll PM you re the U2 "The Joshua Tree" Regards
  14. Currently playing Andrea Castelfranato's new release on SACD titled "ANAXANUM". Arrived today from Elusive Disc; an expensive way to fly but if you are looking for finger style acoustic guitar playing at the top of range this is it. A wonderful recording by FONE Classics in Italy...sounds sensational. So much music to choose from ...recommendations make it a little easier to choose. Cheers
  15. Item: ATACAMA Isolation Gel Pads (Set of 😎 Clear Version Location: Buderim (QLD) Price: $20 including postage Item Condition: USED Reason for selling: now using Herbies Audio Garage Thin Fat Dots Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: For use on the top plate of Speaker Stands to minimise vibration entering speakers. New 3M Double-sided adhesive tape fitted to all 8 Gel Pads. RRP is currently $50. SNA Donation after sale Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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