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  1. Yep, maybe, the missus keeps telling me to 'back off the [audio] gear', but I just ignore her.
  2. Hang on, is this post the byproduct of that other post... or is that other post a byproduct of this one? Are your two posts connected? Or separate? I'm truly sorry for your loss man, if there is a loss. But... the other day a "lack of bass", and now "no sound at all coming from one of the bass drivers".... anyway, hope someone's able to assist you brother. lack of bass http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/104174-lack-of-bass/
  3. Then you breach your own act, and that always hurts.... especially where copyright is concerned. Unless, it's in the public domain (not torrents, that's just plain old stealing). You've got to watch out for Intellectual Property too, because that's an act, you could breach too, that hurts worser. So, if I'm an intellectual, don't breach my act, because I'll damn-well copy you, alright. PS: Now if I could, I would "Like This" myself, but I can't, so that's an example how an act, can breach, my intellectual property... and put it on the public domain. Get it? Edit: Another snort is in order me-thinketh.
  4. GRC, Gibson Research Corp.... well I'll be, been 10 years easy, since I've checked that one out! Well I'll be... memory lane. For anyone wishing to know all about security on the Internet, Gibson is the man. Or was. @@Jake > Good call brother! "Easily Control Automatic and Unwanted Windows 7 & 8.1 Upgrading to Windows 10" https://www.grc.com/never10.htm PS: Read Gibson's website, all of it, and you'll know more than me, that's for sure!!!!
  5. Good, you found 'the' button to decline. But I assume it was during the install process. It indicated it was 'reverting to the previous [version] of windows', good again. Black screens are not good. Stating the obvious I know. I'm also trying to understand where your up to. The 'blue wheel of death'... I don't think I know this one, I do know the "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD).... is that what you seen? A blue screen, with writing all over it that didn't make sense? "black screen" <----- Not sure what this is... nothing on it? No icons? No writing? Nothing? Edit: Me thinks we lost him...
  6. If you don't care about anything on the laptop, then you can go for it.... there will be no easy fix, and I'm not sure it'll work as planned. See, I'm stalling again... damned shiity business this.
  7. You need to check with the manual, that came with your specific laptop. If you do not have a hard copy, then go to the vendors website and get a copy. If you don't know what I mean, then tell me what brand and model of laptop you have and I'll get a copy of the user manual for you... if I can. Anyway, in that manual you should have the correct information how to do a recovery. Be warned: you may loose everything on your laptop, this is a distinct possibility.... so if you have anything on the laptop that you really treasure, then I strongly recommend you seek out a computer shop, or someone that KNOWS what they are doing... especially when it comes to Microsoft's operating system, and in your case Windows 10.
  8. Um yes... Microsoft's at it again. Still using Windows 7, ain't changing. Usually, the operating system supplied with a computer, especially a laptop, is suitable for that hardware configuration (especially with laptops). Upgrade the software, in this case the operating system, and... well, the newer operating system is not (and was not) designed for the hardware configuration of the computer, or laptop. I know I'm stalling on answering, I know.... with laptops, they have a partition set aside, usually a D: drive (sometimes viewing is disabled so the user can't destroy it)... anyway, on that drive (D:) is a recovery copy of Windows, the original Windows you were using before the 'upgrade'. But, if the upgrade has made changes to that drive, then you may have problems 'going back' as it were. What I would do is NOTHING just yet.... until.... more coming....
  9. It's only ever a problem.... when you answer the voices back. PS: "tiny voice"... tiny text.... good one!
  10. Or in-saner.... at the very least he must have glasses like Mr MaGoo to be able to type that!?!?!
  11. Reeally... I do like them. So, Batman LED depress type, no go on them either? Prefer the toggle switch anyway.... but, put on the back panel. This is how it all starts ya know, first the toggle switch goes, then there's an LED here, and then one there, and before ya know it... we are all plugged into the Matrix, and it's digital all the way.
  12. @@almikel > Very well summed up and informative posts, clicks with most all I've read. Thank you.
  13. @@betocool > Nice, very nice. I'd love to be able to do that. I'll follow this thread.
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