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  1. Hence the reassessment of diving into vinyl and the change of name.....
  2. Digging a little deeper, I think that my Vinyl dream will wait.....so much is an enigma to me right now and needs so much more investigation and probably personal investment. Prob in the right forum for that. At this point I think I will look to speakers and an amp to start running a cd/dvd player with my existing dusty CD collection. Cheers for the help so far tot hose that have posted....I am assuming once I get myself up and running I will be hungry for greater, so will be back asking questions.
  3. Any feedback on either of these?? Sherwood PM9805 Turntable on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1103253312 Technics SL-D2 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1107243907
  4. If I had the cash to burn at hand right now, I might have jumped on that!! Like you say, the right options will pop up in time. That said, @@houdinifangs are you looking for quick movement of goods?
  5. Hey guys, Very new to the whole hifi setup world after living in iPod/iPhone connected to small speakers for sometime. Grew up in the age of CD's using mini hifi systems, but for years now been fully digital. I want to go back to the old school vinyl and will need the turntable, amp and speakers. Need all the advice I can get, so here is some info; - room this will go into is a large rectangle lounge which is approx 7x5m. Mostly carpeted with some tiles, large windows but have double blinds on them. No idea what the acoustics would be like, but that isn't a concern right now - don't want to connect a computer or stream anything right now, but being able to connect the iPod/iPhone would be good, either now or in the future. From the little reading here I am guessing that a DAC would be required but I certainly need to learn more about that - saw some chatter yesterday about these bookshelf speakers and opinions are a little varied, but they seem to be a good "quality vs price" option. Plan is to have the setup on a sturdy TV stand that I already have in place, so bookshelf size is what I am after first up https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/pioneer-spbs22lr-speakers/?utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=misc_untagged&utm_term=je6NUbpObpQ_10&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-NvQDEwpuxURhxsWLWd216w I guess I am seeking broad advice on new vs second hand, as well as info about turntables. What is more important in this three piece setup? TT, amp or speakers? Thinking that $1k would be about my max, still waiting on my work bonus figures and how much the tax man will slug me!! Very broad questions here I know, but I am not in a massive rush to put something together and want to make sure I am maximising my value as an entry into what seems to be a deep rabbit hole!! Cheers Brett
  6. I too am new to this and was wondering about your thoughts on the speakers? Regardless of your acoustics are you happy with them?
  7. Cheers djb....will poke around and post in the beginners what I want to do.
  8. Hey All, Long time music fan who grew up in the CD era and fully embraced the digital music world, ie. iPods, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and most recently Apple Music. More recently thought I have decided that while it is easy to use Apple Music to access so much content, my inner music nerd is looking to go back to the dark old days of vinyl (I have a very small collection at the moment, Neil Young's Harvest is my best flea market prize right now) which means I need something to listen to them on. Keen to try to pass onto my two boys the joys of the music that I love. Gonna lurk for a bit, maybe ask a question or two....please be gentle with me if I ask silly tech questions, as this world of audio porn seems to be a very deep hole indeed! Cheers Brett aka Vinyl_Noob
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