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  1. Hi thank you for the message, that is the item I have been trying to acquire!! That was what I always used back in the 70s and 80s, I still have the empty boxes. Can you please tell me where you were able to obtain it. I would be looking at trying to purchase one if they were still available. Kind regards Malcolm..
  2. That was a quick response thank you for that info I shall check them out.. Regards Malcolm
  3. Can anyone please advise me where I can purchase 1/4 inch splicing tape here in Melbourne at a reasonable price? I have searched eBay and I can only find it in the USA but the cost of postage they wish to charge is just deal breaking!! Does anyone know if the BASF brand is still available. I am trying to repair my open reel tapes I created back in the seventies. Thanks in advance Malcolm.
  4. Thank you Simon for the membership. I am sure that I shall find many interesting people on this site to keep a grumpy old man occupied.. Kind regards Malcolm.
  5. Thank you Clive. Kind regards Malcolm..
  6. Good afternoon from Wheelers Hill Victoria.
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