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  1. I thought jimmy page loved the recording of the drums in that song, the specific sound it makes. Its also been sampled a heap of times in songs. Im not saying it sounds good or bad, just remembering an interview where he was trying to find a specific sound. Maybe in ‘It might get loud’
  2. Hey, i sent my micro seiki solid 5 TT to my nephew in Launceston and the cart/headshell appears damaged. worked fine when i had it. - one tonearm wire (green) is hanging loose in headshell - one cartridge screw loose (may not be long enough but worked for me) which has thrown the cart out of alignment. anyone know of a TT service/repair person in launceston? That would be able to squeeze it in prior to christmas? cheers
  3. I need to clean up the metal plate a bit from excess stain run-off, but i think the tonearm looks great
  4. Sure would, they are backing their product with a good return policy i think (source FB funk firm page comments) wonder if that return policy counts in australia, or if just bought direct from funk.
  5. Item: vincent pho-8 Price Range: up to $300 inc postage Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My nephew is getting my old Micro seiki, Solid 5 model TT as a christmas present. ive been given a budget of $300 to find a phono stage. Open to other items around the $200/300 mark depending on what it is. postage to 3226 in vic or Launceston tas. Thanks for looking, otherwise ill go the project/cambridge audio options if nothing comes up
  6. I listen to a lot of old blues artists represses of 30s and 40s music. None of that was recorded very well. Sounds great to me though
  7. Compared to Atom heart mother? ive tried a few times but its yet to click, whereas the wall gets me every time. Genuinely interested to hear why some love Atom Heart Mother. Im open to giving it another go, havnt heard it since listening to it on Cd in 2005
  8. Im about a month into a 5mm achromat on a rp3 thats replacing a clear acrylic 4mm mat. Ive been listening to more music of late, and really enjoying the TT but i did put funk’s boing feet on around same time. The TT is sounding best its sounded. Wobbles a bit when you touch it but settles super quick.
  9. Ive got a Micro ‘Solid 5’ which i think is one of their cheapest version of their range, 1970s i think. The tonearm is fantastic but it has some slight speed issues probably due to its age. I havnt had it looked at. Ive also got a rp3, and the rega beats it in my set up.
  10. Keep the TT, new belt would be cheap i guess? with $400, you could get yourself a 2m blue and a seperate phono stage like the graham slee one that was listed here recently. I think it was a ‘communicator’ but any of his phono stages are great. $400 wont really get you a much better turntable than what you have
  11. On the rega’s id start at the rp3. (P3) from memory theres the better tonearm and platter compared to p2. Plus a perfect start to the upgrade if you like that. i think you’d get one here for around your budget
  12. Johnny Cash - Live, 1973. Double Lp Third man records vault package.
  13. @proftournesol not sure yet, plus im rubbish at describing sound. Played Clapton unplugged first and it really sounded special, heaps of detail. Now playing Pink Floyd's Animals and the bass sounds really good (I only have small bookshelves, Triangle Titus Ez) Ive had the achromat on for a few days and i certainly prefer it over the acrylic i had on before. I tried the achroplat from funk but couldnt get a flat enough one. Edit: doubt if id be able to pick the boing feet vs other feet in a test, but the mat is a noticeable difference. Dont have the felt any more
  14. Put some new feet on today. Bo!ng, by Funk Firm, replacing tangospinner feet. Also a 5mm Achromat on which is replacing a clear acrylic.
  15. Are you guys playing mono albums on mono carts or stereo carts? Super keen to try a KOB mono but only have stereo carts so have the 45 mfsl version
  16. Achromat from The Funk Firm. A new mat, to replace my clear acrylic mat on glass rp3 platter.
  17. @vpreef nice! I went with cheaper BX 65 but the CX did look excellent. Its an impressive telly.
  18. same here, been on the vault since jacks first solo album and when they did the Tidal deal i jumped on it. So cheap as long as you’re happy getting the TMR stuff.
  19. If the tubes red plate you just turn off the grill function
  20. Funk Firm Houdini - I did a search and could find anything about this on here yet. looks interesting, they seem to have a lot to say about it on a public funk firm social media page. I wonder if its one of their more niche products. i saw it mentioned in the Bristol hifi show page but i couldnt find the link again.
  21. Looking at the ebay link from the OP , i dont think its a guitar amp, a small PP stereo amp maybe? Just a guess
  22. Looks good, did you build it? im guessing it has a bottom on it to cover the internals?
  23. I wonder if the original supplier of these kits is on Stereonet? He’s from Australia. These are sold as a diy chassis obviously meant to be screwed to a base, but surely its a better option to sell a proper enclosure like the hammond style. The website is marketed for beginners so to me it makes more sense to limit the chance of a wandering hand slipping underneath the lamington tin by using a proper enclosure. for someone to sell one like the one shown above on ebay is amazing and probably shows they dont understand the consequences edit: sorry fo
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