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  1. Sorted now, thanks all. Bought from Selby
  2. @Hereinoz what is your streaming service of choice? Tidal/spotify/Apple ect? Helps in choosing a product to suit your budget. I like Bluesound but only the current models support Apple music. I use Tidal and Spotify so it doesnt matter to me
  3. Cheers guys, looks like Selby have managed to sort it out. I was actually just about to order the black ones through them and spray them white! good timing @Kaynin
  4. Cheers, yeah im after the white but i think ill get the black and paint it. Saves a bit of coin.
  5. Does anyone know where to get these at a normal price? ($80ish for black) Selby used to sell them ages ago b-tech bt77 in white if not, do you know of a similar clamping style speaker wall mount for bookshelf speakers? ive used these before and found they did a great job. cheers
  6. Bluesound range that suits you, if you are an apple music user then the 2i range which is current model. if you only use Tidal then you could easily get by on the earlier ranges. the flex or pulse mini speakers may work. I have a pulse gen1 which sounds terrific. its fairly large though and two smaller Flex speakers may work better and allow better positioning
  7. https://www.triangle-fr.com/esprit-ez-titus-en your amp would be fine with these speakers, 305mm high? ive got them and love them
  8. I dont know if they suit your TT but the Garrott Brothers carts are excellent. Well worth looking into. Ive got a k2, P77i. Ive had 2m red, blue and black in the past.
  9. Hi @Vigil If you state what amp you’ll be using and overall budget that will help. Also, use the search function as that will help answer your question on what others think of those speakers. cheers
  10. Ive had 2m Blue and Garrott K2 which i think are both nude ellipticals. I liked the k2 more. On that scale id have to say a 3 for for 2m blue and maybe 3.5 for the k2? Unless im wrong about the bonding
  11. Saladman actually bought LS50s then read online that the wireless version was better and sold the passives on here. Hence why other suggestions are floating around. You hit the nail on the head though, that its easy to get lost in a world of reviews online.
  12. Since you have a node2, what about a bluesound soundbar? If you get current model with airplay, its very easy for other Half to use. Ive got one and enjoy it, yet i dont watch many movies or tv shows loud at the moment
  13. @saladman ive been reading this since your forst post, you are well read in the amount of info out there for these speakers and seem pretty keen on a kef set up. could this be limiting your chance of finding what you want? Obviously online reviews are great to get a shortlist of speakers together, but sounds like you may be better off keeping your options open to other speakers? Other brands may have your answer
  14. Ive had one of those sherwood ones, years ago as a gift. To be honest it worked ok, gave it to my brother with a 2m red on it. Depending on the rest of the set up, sometimes its all you need. in saying that, having owned one i would reccomend either saving up for base rega/project or going second hand. Eventually you may end up wanting something better and the $250odd is wasted.
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