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  1. Andrews_melb

    Springsteen on Broadway - 4lp vinyl

    Yeah the tidal stream is amazing, will be well worth the vinyl. Cant wait to watch the netflix version
  2. Andrews_melb

    Presentation of items for sale

    Yep its bizzare. The stock photos without any of your own are my favs. All for a stock photo but surely at least take a photo of the item you own. Just seems dodgy. my other pet hate (sorry anyone) is someone selling something they bought through Stereonet a year or more ago and selling it for the same price. Just knock a few dollars off.
  3. Just an FYI, i pre- ordered this on Amazon for end of Jan ‘19 release. For about $70. Not trying to undermine local shops, but JB hifi has it for $170. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/rock/springsteen-on-broadway-vinyl/346680/ I havnt looked into it enough to see if its a different pressing, but i think its the same. Had a listen on Tidal today and sounded great. .
  4. Andrews_melb

    No MONO for me thanks.

    Someone built a wall, keeping a poor left or right channel from expressing its musical goodness?
  5. Andrews_melb


    Ive got a bluesound soundbar for the same reason as you mention - kids. works great and easy enough to throw on some tunes since i already use bluesound elsewhere in the house. sounds real good with movies although not as good as a previous 5.1 (cheap) system i had. highly reccomend it though if you already have a BS node.
  6. Andrews_melb

    Bluesound Node 2i

    @mmu16 good to hear, got a node1 and only now thinking of upgrading. Not trying to derail thread or take the p*ss but does it need to be burnt in? Genuine question. Understand it with speakers, so not trying to bring up a debate.
  7. Those speakers sound fine, sounds like a new amp is the go. You’d have to spend so much $$$$ to get all new speakers it seems like a new amp will sort you out fine
  8. Andrews_melb

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Yeah i agree Marc, didnt mean to come across that its Bluesounds fault for the native support. i love my node, soundbar and pulse1 and use them all daily
  9. Andrews_melb

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Yeah spot on with the ‘i’ release Bluesound does not natively support Apple music yet.
  10. Andrews_melb

    Bluesound Node 2i

    I read somewhere that there was a hardware issue with gen1/2 and thats why they are not making it available to older units. Which is a bit of a shame as i think sonos added airplay2 with just a firmware update. Or maybe it was just AppleMusic. would be nice to see AppleMusic in Bluesound, SQ aside it has some artists that i like that Tidal doesnt
  11. Andrews_melb

    Rega 3 query

    Not sure if you’d get a new guarantee - although if they replace the motor, then your deck should be fine? Its not normal. Rega decks last a long time and need very little tlc over the years
  12. Andrews_melb

    Cartridge recommendations?

    @Joelp the 2m is better in every way you imagine it would be - when i used to have it, id crank up most albums and just hear new things or be amazed at how good my TT was sounding. threw the k2 on just cause i had it laying around unused, thinking ill save for a new black stylus. That was a few months ago. im no good at describing sound, i just like it heaps and play just as many records as i used to. If the cart bothered me, that wouldnt be the case. Its cheap, sounds good enough. Still gives some very good foot tapping moment. Probably misses out on the ‘holly molly this is soo good’ that the 2m black had. Edit: its cheap enough to keep as a back up if you do get a black or naga later on
  13. Andrews_melb

    Cartridge recommendations?

    Im running a k2 at the moment which replaced a 2m black. when it gets a bit older ill be buying the k3 stylus for sure. Its cheap and puts out a great sound id go straight to k3 if buying again
  14. Andrews_melb

    Who would have thought it......fake LPs

    @audiofeline spot on. While i understand people can have a problem with any unautherised material which is understandable. There is a big difference between a bootleg and a pirate copy. Edit: Demon Days, by Gorillaz is another album that comes to mind. Prior to the reissue, the original press was going for $200+ plus. The pirate copy around $50.