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  1. Andrews_melb

    Bluesound Node 2i

    If you have multiple players - say a few nodes, or the pulse speakers then yes the BluOS app has the ability to play different songs on different bluesound players. Although i dont know if your using the same Tidal account that this is possible? i have a Node, Pulse and Soundbar, and have had different music on each, or you can link them all and play the same music through the house edit: my node and soundbar are connected by cat6, then the Pulse on wifi so its easy to move around all controlled within the one iOS app - BlueOS (also the app works well with windows)
  2. Andrews_melb

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    @Wimbo interesting read too! Cheers for the link
  3. Andrews_melb

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    In fairness a lot of floyd albums have that ‘just cant get sick of’ feeling. edit: mine is either led zeppelin ‘bbc sessions’ or stones ‘Exile on main st’ id be close to fortnightly listening to those albums for almost 20yrs id guess and im only 35
  4. Andrews_melb

    Looking at a Rega RP6 - what cartridge ?

    I bet it sounds great. i think you’m fund better bang for your buck with non rega carts. ive had the black and loved it, on a modded rp3. currently using a garrott p77i which is sounding very very good. a lot of carts around your budget, and enough reviews online to give you a gauge of what they sound like. Edit: cant go wrong with the 2m bronze rega combo.
  5. Andrews_melb

    Looking at a Rega RP6 - what cartridge ?

    What Nad amp is it? What krix speakers?
  6. Andrews_melb

    Looking at a Rega RP6 - what cartridge ?

    Hi mate, they are still nice turntables so no issue there! They are so popular that a quick google search would bring up a range of carts from $200 up to $2k... Figure out how much you want to spend, then google is your friend. If you cant find any info when searching the forums then send a message and id love to help. my 2cents that if you are running straight into the Amp, no Phono stage, then keep it under $600 or so for the cart.
  7. Andrews_melb

    Online purchase via Klapp Audio

    Not online, but ive had good times when browsing at that store. Bought a soundbar off them two years ago, had great service. Years a go when Bluesound had gen1 nodes one of the sales person spent time with me showing it off just cause i was curious. So i like them.
  8. Andrews_melb

    Went to Quality(?) Records today

    Sad to hear. I used to live close and loved that store, they used to have a huge range of new records and a range of MoFi albums
  9. Andrews_melb

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    Fresh off the bench from Garrott, p77i. Thanks to Tivoli HiFi for express posting it out soon as it came in.
  10. @twofires ive got gloss white. Looks amazing. im running mine with about 10cm from wall to rear port. Less than ideal apparently. Yet after i posted that message, i was listening to ‘A moon shaped pool’ by Radiohead and just loving the space and sound that comes out of these little speakers.
  11. What about Triangle Titus ez? Very small speakers as well. Also Quad s2s are pretty small and sound amazing.
  12. Andrews_melb

    Currently Spinning

    Forgot i even bought this, pre christmas presale. Springsteen live on Broadway 4LP
  13. Andrews_melb

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    @Full Range i had this spinning the same time as you by chance! i love them and the live stuff is really good. A lot more bluesy, sometimes even more raw. I think i have about 20 white stripes records of studio/live stuff.
  14. Andrews_melb

    Static problem

    The static is still an issue when the air con has been off for a few days, but possibly the air is still dry in the room. ill get a Milty gun and see how that goes. Cleaning the worse ones now.
  15. Andrews_melb

    Static problem

    Maybe, Although a cotton T shirt and shorts/jeans is my norm so not much to go on there.