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  1. Not sure where to put this one.. couldnt find stoner rock currently spinning thread... 4 LP live Sleep
  2. I guess this is the right section to post in for this, its analogue related. Finally got my TT up and running again with a new wall mount hifi unit. Keeping it out of reach from the kids.
  3. Can you try putting the ground wire somewhere else on the amp? Another screw or something. No idea if this would work. other option, go out and buy a cheap-ish external phono stage and try that into the normal rca inputs on the amp
  4. Hi mate nice TT and cart. what did you use for alignment? What about vtf?
  5. Fairly big chance im wrong here but could it be due to torque then? Motor runs fine with no load as you said, then once it has to do some work it struggles? i cant see how any non electronic items would buzz. Maybe a rattle or wobble but not buzz
  6. Sounds like the motor maybe? I dont have much knowledge about the older ones but ive got a rp3. Id guess the only thing that could buzz would be the motor? The upgrade kits seem to be around $280 so may not be worth it?
  7. Cheers, i figured the Tidal HIFi stream would not be that but had forgot how to check Sounds very good to me anyway
  8. @Sime slightly off topic but how do you know the albums in 24/96? Or are you playing into an external dac which tells you?
  9. @rmpfyf gotcha, think i miss read what you meant your first post. My point was dont put plaster on a wall that isnt straight unless its been built to have a curve. Your right that the plaster will just compact the insulation 5mm or so and wont even ‘bend’ the sheet really. My main point is that acoustic insulation isnt meant to be compressed at all, and if anything having an small air gap in the cavity between one sheet of plaster and the acoustic batts can actually help. i had a spec sheet on this but i cant find it, my supplier of bradford soundscreen and the plasterer who did the install both told me about it
  10. Why would you bend the plaster? If its a straight wall and @onebaldbloke wants to use 75mm plaster, just pack the wall out with masonite packers. Will take 10 mins to do or get your plasterer/chippy to do it. Otherwise just use thinner batts that have the same dB rating, if its an internal wall then the R value isnt as important. If its external, then packing the wall out and the higher R value would be the go. Dont do anything like bending plaster or buzzing/shaving off the insulation.
  11. Yep i also think Kind of Blue for sure. i started with Bi*** Brew, but its not always the easiest listen. Miles runs the voodoo down is still one of my favs Tribute to Jack Johnson is very good if you like something with guitar in it, easy to go from blues to that album.
  12. Yep i agree but i love it. I feel like Tool have aged well, some bands do not age well. I can remember sleeping out overnight for concert tix for this concert. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tool/2001/rod-laver-arena-melbourne-australia-53d6d355.html The setlist was incredible. Plus i had to go to year 12 school the next day overly excited. Finally had some time to listen to new album and im very happy, having a few years without streaming them as kept the appeal up.
  13. Cheers @Kaynin ill sus it out thanks @myskylab and @Citroen, yes ive used them before for lots of stuff they are great, just wanted to explore local options first
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