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  1. Bluesound Node 2 V's Heos Link HS2

    Ive got the original bluesound node, the software is really good and so easy to use. Flacs or whatever i have on a HDD is streamed from the router to the node, works well and loads quick. im running wifi but need to do ethernet asap as at times there is drop outs. Although i think the node2 has a better wifi chip and my router is just generic. Ill be buying another one if this ever fails they are always updating and improving the BlueOS software
  2. Soundbar advice

    My soundbar is Bluesound Pulse, going from a 5.1 system. Could do with a sub for movies but thats about it. Input switching is done via the TV and an optical cable handles the audio. i love it, i think a second hand one sold on here for less than $1k a few months ago
  3. Recommend me a budget Bookshelf Speaker

    I think the Klipsch may not be ideal with this set up, id say with your Amp and wanting to do AV and Music listening id go something really easy to listen too. i personally love the Monitor Audio range, but havnt heard them with an AVR. I like the KEFs too. You really need to listen to them, even though they are a gift. Go hear a few of those models and just grab which ever one gets you right into the music.
  4. Bought a christmas tree, except iphone would only focus on the thing up close!
  5. I have had monitor audio bx2s before and loved them, wish i never sold them. I was running them wth a small valve amp and it just sounded perfect. Lots of foot tapping and smiles all round, could pump out sound like crazy. Im a big fan.
  6. Streaming for <$1000 system

    Then a denon heos/sonos/bluesound thing is really the best bet in my view. Should be able to find a first gen version pretty cheap. Although for these speaksrs and spotify music i do really think a ChromeCast audio would do fine, then just get whatever you need to plug the bluray player into. seems like both inputs are always on/active - you cant switch between them. Is this a problem?
  7. Streaming for <$1000 system

    what about this? Blu ray player and some form of cheap streamer or bluetooth adapter and away you go?
  8. Streaming for <$1000 system

    Does the blue ray player have a built in dac? (Ie: rca outs) if so that could go straight to the speakers. If not then maybe something by cambridge audio 2nd hand. id be tempted to get a $50 google chromecast audio for his spotify listening, they are super cheap and work very easy (app intergration) just make sure full dynamic range is on in settings.
  9. Streaming for <$1000 system

    Bluesound Node gen1 would sell second hand for that price. You can get external bluetooth adapters to suit and the app is great, they keep improving it all the time. Sound is great with the inbuilt dac and has spotify support, you can control it from the spotify app - though i havnt used spotify with it, just Tidal and it works great. i think i paid about $250 two years ago
  10. Marantz pm6006 v Camebridge cxa 80

    Hi there, since your looking around the $1500 price range and want inbuilt phono why not look at the Rega range? Either the new Brio or the Elex 3. simple to use and sounds great edit: sorry didnt see last paragraph refering to the long list of other products to buy. Please ignore me!
  11. Help with new turntable setup ~$1500

    Can you leave the amp as is, drop 8/900 on speakers and then a used TT on here. if you buy a second hand TT from here it will probably be in good cond, someone upgrading from a basic TT to a higher end one. Save some money for a nice cartridge, new. Maybe a 2m blue or red Buy a second hand phono stage, again on here. i wouldnt drop $300 on a brand new amp just yet, youve got an amp that probably works in bybass/true/direct mode where you just turn the effect functions of the home theatre amp off running in stereo. It will do fine for the meantime.
  12. Help with new turntable setup ~$1500

    No worries what speakers and amp are you using currently?
  13. Help with new turntable setup ~$1500

    http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/hi-fi/mini-systems/rotel-rega-monitor-audio.html could be another option? Or second hand over time. Always seems to be something in the classifieds on here if you are patient
  14. The boombox is back baby!

    Haha how good was walking into all those stores back in the day and finding large watt numbers plastered in big bold numbers, followed by Pmpo. Id guess it still happens? Or 50w rms at 30% thd