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  1. Andrews_melb

    Budget Floorstander/large bookshel ideas?

    Id still go for it - but up to you on how fussy they are with set up and how ideal you want them. Id have those monitor audios in a flash if i had a need for them
  2. Andrews_melb

    Budget Floorstander/large bookshel ideas?

    Buy those monitor audio speakers. You’ll be happy, good find by Aasza
  3. Andrews_melb

    Budget Floorstander/large bookshel ideas?

    Also Older Klipsch - KLF 20/30s can be found fr around $500
  4. Andrews_melb

    $40 Record Cleaning Machine at Aust.Post

    I didnt notice that part @crisis but have used the cleaner for a few years now with good results. Poor records dont suddenly become mint again but it sure helps any clean up surface noise and other annoying things that can get on records after a while. i just pour it in to the disco anti stat which is rotary as well - no vac. then let it dry for a while then in new sleeves
  5. Andrews_melb

    $40 Record Cleaning Machine at Aust.Post

    @crisis i use this with my disco anti stat https://www.melodymate.com.au/shop/product/15356/Melody-Mate-Premium-Vinyl-Record-Cleaner-Solution-1-Litre-BONUS-Microfiber-Cloth/ seems to work great, i just bought a 2ltr bottle of distilled water from bunnings as well
  6. Andrews_melb

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    This is one of my fav threads on the whole site, apart from the last page or so. would be nice to get back at looking at peoples turntables, from garage sale TTs to high end, Its all good
  7. Cheers, i purchased something off ebay for about $40 delivered. Shall post findings in here when it arrives, super slow postage from china. @digitalhome that looks like reciever only? And if running off iphone smartphone, only would do acc i guess. ive found a transmitter which should do aptx-hd so ill see how that goes from my stereo amp to bw px’s
  8. Andrews_melb

    Atmos w/couch on back wall and corner MLP

    Id get a sound bar plus sub and be done with it. Even a 2 channel system wouldnt really work here mate, no room to the left and right of the telly. a nice big soundbar under the telly could still throw out some punch. Even look at getting one that plays nice with spotify/tidal for music
  9. Andrews_melb

    Bookshelf speakers for Line Magnetic tube amp?

    Monitor audio silver 2s are pretty big and sound good, maybe a bit over $1k but ex demo id say would be around that.
  10. Cheers, ill buy one and let you guys know how it goes. Another brand as that one seems to be not avail on amazon us/aus. Seems cheap enough to try
  11. @davewantsmoore have you got a link mate? Or a quality brand/model? All i could find was aptx and low latency types
  12. Im trying to see if i can get a bluetooth aptx hd transmitter to send the audo from my rega elex amp (via record out or whatever) to some b&w px headphones that i just ordered. Will mainly use the cans for iphone/tidal but some albums i have arnt available that way and id use the turntable for
  13. Does anyone know which of these would work to run a bluetooth transmitter from? Reason is i like to have tunes on when in the kitchen and turn up the main stereo which bugs other people in the house. so i needed some new headphones anyway and got Bowers & Wilkins PX for my iphone/on the go listening but would like to hook them up to the main system for casual listening. Any ideas would be great also would i just turn the volume down on the amp to mute the speakers? Or would i have to do something else so no sound comes from speakers when using the headphones cheers
  14. Andrews_melb

    The Perfect Integrated Amp for B&W 683 s2

    120/150 wpc isnt a huge difference and id give that rega a chance although your room is large edit: also what amp are you currently using? Can you use a SPL meter or even the db phone apps to get an idea of how loud you like it at your main listening spot, then figure out roughly how many watts you need? You may find you can get a gutsy amp throwing out 80wpc that handles the speakers just fine. Good luck and let us know what you go with