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  1. Andrews_melb

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    Id buy that TT wimbo sent the link to in a heartbeat if i could. would be hard to beat, holding its own as you improve the rest of your system.
  2. Andrews_melb

    Monitor Audio

    Yeah i reckon they are great! And believe it or not im actually listening to your profile picture album hence the reply! im sure Animals must sound great pumping through those speakers
  3. Andrews_melb

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    Remember to budget in a Phono stage, unless your amp has one built in? Maybe allow about $200 of your budget for it.
  4. One annoying thing if using a powernode or similar would be that you’d need to open the app to select the TT and change volume. I think. unless they have a way to set it as a button on the unit itself. power wise with the MAs it would drive them fine, and has internet radio built in
  5. Andrews_melb

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    Putting this on my RP3 instead of 2m black which is probably well past its useby date
  6. In that case what about a Bluesound Power node or similar, you can still put a TT in through the analogue input. obviously not ideal, but would be a small little unit doing all of your digital and turntable needs with a hidden away phono stage? i only know the bluesound product but im sure there are many similar. also then you can add similar eco system speakers nodes ect
  7. I was in a similar situation, with turntable and exposed tubes glowing... raised TT on the wall, at chest height. Sorted that problem, but understand not every one can do that. i swapped the valve amp for a rega elex and havnt looked back. i dont think an amp without a DAC is a Con - i even like amps with no phono as if your half serious you have an external one (sounds like you are all over it already) could the speakers be mounted on a wall? Ive done this for same reasons as you, the MAs are front ported from memory.
  8. Andrews_melb

    new system based around a Rega 3 turntable

    Your original set up will be fine, but if you wait you’ll be able to snag a Rega Elex amp on here for around $1k-$1.2k wouldnt worry about DACs for now. Just focus on a good amp and speakers. spend a large chunk on your cart, since you’d have good speakers and a good CD player, you wouldnt want be let down by an average cart - otherwise why play vinyl at all
  9. Andrews_melb

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Jack White, Live at Third Man Records II 3 LP set
  10. Andrews_melb

    Ortofon 2M Black vs Nagaoka MP-500 vs Hana SL

    If you buy from a dealer, you could get them to install it - much safer and easier unless you already have a digital VTF gauge and a protractor for the rega. Or if you have done it with cheaper carts before, you’ll be fine
  11. Andrews_melb

    Non-Rega cartridges for Rega Planar 6

    Dont worry about the dust cover, its an easy fix - the screws on the back of the plinth can be loosened, then the dust cover hinge moved up a few mm. Ive done it and worked fine on a rp3 with 6mm spacer. takes 5 mins to do also, look at a couter weight that sits under the tonearm. Michell Technoweight as one example
  12. Andrews_melb

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    Garrott Brothers K2 with about 50 hours on it... Looking good!
  13. Andrews_melb

    anti static

    Mine is, I call it Mr Plough
  14. Andrews_melb

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    @aussievintage yeah I read your ME thread, Ive only ever used the cue lever down onto the ME, so I guess the tracking weight is the only pressure/force I’ve used. Figured any more force could damage cantilever. i cleaned it with some iso alcohol, a small amount with stylus removed from cart, then my anti static record brush which helped get under the cantilever and clear some dust.
  15. Andrews_melb

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    2m Black - still dirty, but much better than before.