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  1. Garrott range, from k3 up? although maybe the speakers or amp/phono could do with some love? whats the sound like with other sources?
  2. sales come up all the time, id put my coin into the classifieds on here and try and get a used rega rp3 or something or project deck for around $500. You’ll be a lot happier knowing you have a good TT
  3. The OP is running a Rega P3 with a rega cart, should have three point mounting screws and be aligned perfect just by putting the right screws in and adjusting counterweight.
  4. @Neurone @Neurone nice, fair enough. Without derailing the thread, i think the Bluesound Pulse and similar style speakers are vastly different than the smaller bluetooth portable style. This one is so close in sound to quality bookshelf speakers, apart from imaging. Psb and nad tech inside to help. Also being powered is a big advantage when used in the home. If it could be paired for stereo it would beat a lot of bookshelf’s at the same price.
  5. @Rockymc which golds? Great work! Jealous.
  6. Hi mate can you demo some quad bookshelf speakers? I have a rega elex-r and love it with my triangle titus, yet probably just missing some bass. They are very small speakers. i demo’d the MA silvers too and loved them as well as quad s2’s. Ended up with the Triangles, hard to explain but i do love them. Always have a soft spot for Monitor audio
  7. You are right, not super high quality. If it could play in stereo, it would seriously be worth considering. I currently like to tweak and add new things to my system so its not for me long term.
  8. Just a original Bluesound Pulse speaker for me. All i need for a while Apart from all the hard surfaces in the room now its empty it sounded amazing for what it is. Great bass. I had to pack everything else up for a renovation.
  9. @Nick1000 have you purchased the alternative product yet? Otherwise this could be good
  10. I bought a brand new p77i on the boxing day specials, got a great deal on it. 20% off rrp. Its such a nice cart, very good at dealing with surface noise. i also find this shape cart easier to set up than the shape of the ortofon 2Ms which ive had in the past. i started off with a k2 as well, then bought this one just on the basis that i liked the sound of the k2. using a rega vta adapter to raise up the tonearm base.
  11. Nice TT! Id love one like that! yeah this is a great place to sell, you can search old listings to find approx value of item to sell. A Rp6 would sell pretty easy id guess Not sure of upgrades as my TT is well down the rega ladder.
  12. If you have multiple players - say a few nodes, or the pulse speakers then yes the BluOS app has the ability to play different songs on different bluesound players. Although i dont know if your using the same Tidal account that this is possible? i have a Node, Pulse and Soundbar, and have had different music on each, or you can link them all and play the same music through the house edit: my node and soundbar are connected by cat6, then the Pulse on wifi so its easy to move around all controlled within the one iOS app - BlueOS (also the app works well with windows)
  13. In fairness a lot of floyd albums have that ‘just cant get sick of’ feeling. edit: mine is either led zeppelin ‘bbc sessions’ or stones ‘Exile on main st’ id be close to fortnightly listening to those albums for almost 20yrs id guess and im only 35
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