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  1. @Hazzzy many tool fans have many fav albums, the rawness of earlier stuff into the amazing structure of later tool... i think a good mix is probably Aenima, huge hits and every song that isnt a ‘hit’ is a gem. saw them 20yrs ago and then again last night in melb.
  2. Otherwise just try to pick up a bluesound node gen 1 or 2 for cheap, that’ll allow a good input into your receiver for Tidal. Then try to make that input bypass any of the receiver effects. that should work pretty good without much outlay
  3. Like those Cr**ly’s? You already know the answer to that! i dont think you can say the C word on here...
  4. Nice work, Will look good. Its a conventional roof not a truss roof - as its its been built by hand on site compared to roof trusses.
  5. I dont mind these lists, they help me branch into artists or types of music i dont normally go for. St vincent is one example from that list who is an artist i really like. Also ill own up to giving Lemonade by beyonce a spin. Mainly cause it had the drums from ‘when the levee breaks’ and jack white on her ‘dont hurt yourself’ No Alt-j is weird to me, i think they are fantastic and a modern enough band to be in Pitchforks radar.
  6. Having owned the monitor audio bronze bx2s (older model) i also think they are well worth your attention. really fantastic sound
  7. I think someone was selling a 20x2 on here recently? Could be a cheap way to try it over a new deck
  8. @Leeming42 i dont know about the phono stage in the rotel - but overall an external one would be the go id say. there was a graham slee accession on here recently i think, could be good? For 3k id get a second hand TT and phono stage on the classifieds then spend around 500-1000 on a new cart and you’ll be set for a long time. use the search function or google previously sold stereonet items for a price guide of what is available to you. Quality turntables pop up on here all the time, but youve got to be quick to snag the bargins.
  9. @audiofeline nice find, looks like the operator is blowing the dust/cuttings away from the unit. Yeah the cost far outweighs the benefit in my opinion, but if i was cashed up and wanted to hear my terrible guitar playing on record looks like its an easy option!
  10. record yourself and cut it direct to disk Wonder what the cutting heads like and the quality of vinyl... otherwise i guess it could gunk up your stylus pretty quick https://www.nme.com/news/music/phonocut-machine-means-you-can-make-own-vinyl-records-2556107
  11. @Phill451 Nice work, is that the Optim though?
  12. @ThirdDrawerDown This thread must be a first for mentioning Alan Lomax and Moby on the same page!
  13. Not sure where to put this one.. couldnt find stoner rock currently spinning thread... 4 LP live Sleep
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