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  1. Garrott Brothers Cartridges

    I have a K2 as a spare/back up cart which j love. Others in here have higher models, so im sure they’ll chip in. I bought mine from Tivoli hifi in melbourne. not sure what online sites sell them. they used to fix carts/do retips back in the day but had an unfortunate end. Well worth a google search for the full storey. the K2 likes to have the back up when setting VTA i think you will get some good advice on here regarding the best current model edit: i love the packaging they supply!
  2. Efficient Speakers for Weston Amp

    Ive used klipsch heresey in a 8w tube amp for a man cave that worked great. Volume never went past about 11oclock and i had it pretty loud some times.
  3. Adjusting the hinges at the back is the easiest fix for this once the vta spacers are installed. Takes 2 mins and if you can set up a cart you can adjust some hinges. Wont damage your TT either. Then the lid works fine edit: your TT should sound better if the counterweight is closer to the front so if fitting a cart that needs the extra weight id look at the aftermarket counterweights
  4. Bluetooth turntables - a waste of time?

    Since the TT needs to be powered, you’d be better off grabbing a TT with built in Phono stage (these can be found very cheap) then run the RCAs the same way you’ve powered the TT to the amp. One less box to worry about and can appear pretty neat. good luck on your hunt, but as the others said wires are pretty essential for vinyl.
  5. Another plus one here for the Slee units, whatever you can afford. I havnt heard many people dissapointed with theres and i love mine. you could even go a second hand one, then put the left over $ to a brand new cart.
  6. Ive wanted to ask for so long, how do Chord come up with the names for the DACs? Always very interesting choices
  7. TT upgrades / decisions

    @JRF i think someones selling the rb300 with rewire on here for about $500, saw it earlier today. At least you can follow the sale and get an idea on price
  8. TT upgrades / decisions

    no worries, i havnt heard your amp. I like my graham slee reflex more than my internal phono on the rega elex. When i bought the slee unit it changed everything for the better in my system. At the time i was running a 2m blue into it on a rega rp3.. ive moved speakers and amps but always kept with the phono stage, i love it. i thought that rb300 was well regarded
  9. TT upgrades / decisions

    Could an upgraded phono stage help? Only thinking that so you end up with a full TT to sell, which would be easier than selling a rega deck without tonearm. Id only guess but an old rega deck wouldnt go for too much.
  10. Trashing The Classics

    Yeah i just heard it on a work site. Sounds terrible but maybe you could try listening to JJJ then you never have to worry about it! Theres a lot of adds out there that have some cover band trashing a famous song.. although i heard an inxs song being covered by what sounded like Courtney Barnett so at least some add companies have taste! Maybe Paul just laughed if the request for use of song came on his desk considering they used alot of newspapers and TV for insperation for sgt peppers
  11. Fixing a cheap amp

    You could take it somewhere to get fixed but with zero experience you shouldnt open up the amp and poke around. You might think its powered off/unplugged but some caps could still hold charge and zap you. Also mass produced SS amps are not very user friendly for diy. I would start off on something small and low voltage if you want to get into diy
  12. Currently Spinning

    This issuch a good album, hadnt spun it in a while
  13. Budget turntable + Rega RP1

    For $350 id say go for it. You can always put maybe a 2M blue and a rega fono or cambridge audio phono on it second hand for not much more and for about 600 you have a nice set up. a turntable is more than just the deck, it totally needs a nice cart and phono stage to shine and some budget decks like the rp1 might come out sounding really sweet with a nice cart and phono stage. id go for it
  14. Garrott Brothers cartridges

    I think you’d need to throw the VTA up a bit with it, ive got that rega spacer kit which works easy and is cheap. I might get round to putting it on this weekend
  15. Garrott Brothers cartridges

    @mwhouston after reading that you are making me want to pull it back out again, i havnt used mine in over a year. Currently sitting on an old micro seiki TT which is boxed up. May have to put it on the rega rp3 soon to see how it goes. I remember loving the sound that K2 put out and such a good price - and the packaging is very australian!