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  1. If the tubes red plate you just turn off the grill function
  2. Funk Firm Houdini - I did a search and could find anything about this on here yet. looks interesting, they seem to have a lot to say about it on a public funk firm social media page. I wonder if its one of their more niche products. i saw it mentioned in the Bristol hifi show page but i couldnt find the link again.
  3. Looking at the ebay link from the OP , i dont think its a guitar amp, a small PP stereo amp maybe? Just a guess
  4. Looks good, did you build it? im guessing it has a bottom on it to cover the internals?
  5. I wonder if the original supplier of these kits is on Stereonet? He’s from Australia. These are sold as a diy chassis obviously meant to be screwed to a base, but surely its a better option to sell a proper enclosure like the hammond style. The website is marketed for beginners so to me it makes more sense to limit the chance of a wandering hand slipping underneath the lamington tin by using a proper enclosure. for someone to sell one like the one shown above on ebay is amazing and probably shows they dont understand the consequences edit: sorry for no oven/baking tray puns
  6. No worries, I just got confused by this. if its removed from your library on tidal you dont have easy access to that album in the car. I dont have Roon though. and on the OPs post, id say just sitting back and enjoying the LP is all i need to know that im happy enough with my set up.
  7. @Cardiiiii nice point about removing from tidal, i see the point in that. what about if you want to hear the album in the car or somewhere the turntable isnt?
  8. @Analog Revenge yeah ill do that for the sale, from memory they where 8ohm when i checked years ago cheers
  9. See if you can find some monitor audio bx2’s I owned a pair years ago and wish i still had them. To me they where good enough for my open plan lounge, 4x6 or so with pitched ceiling.
  10. Item: Jack Johnson by Miles davis vinyl Price Range: market rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Would love this on mfsl vinyl, not many for sale lately so im sure owners with a copy love it. its such a great album and one of my favs. not after the Music on Vinyl copy, just the mofi one cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. Thanks yeah that looks pretty right, if anyone has an idea of value or would prefer to PM me that would be great. Pretty keen to sell them on here with a donation to stereonet but have no idea how to price them. Some ones selling a single W15 on ebay for around $200. posting this in here so any discussion is open and available to all. Hope thats ok
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