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  1. Hi all, I seen the attached pic on the JL Audio page on FB and now I want to build the same thing. But I have a few questions: Crossover: I am thinking the MiniDSP or the Dayton Audio Dsp-408 4x8 DSP. Thoughts comments or other recommendations for a sub crossover Amplifier: Being the drivers I am going to use are the JL Audio 12W7AE-3's They are 3Ohm and 1000w so I was thinking the Crown XLS 2502 Next would be how to wire up the subs? The amp does 1200x2 w or 2400wx1 Keeping in mind the drivers are 3ohm and 1000w I am going to make it a sealed box as this is
  2. I had one of these a while ago. Bluetooth and COAX https://www.belkin.com/ph/p/P-G3A2000/ This one has USB and is small. I use this in the car https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/entertainment-device/ha100/
  3. My music room is: 11.3m x 5.2m x 2.7m heigh. My room is not ideal as the wall I have everything on is glass. It's open plan, but I am running 2x SVS 12" sealed subs and it still makes the house vibrate. I'm on the Gold Coast too, happy to demo if needed.
  4. They look great @Jhsg and happy to help along the way Once C19 restriction ease, come and check out my JBL's haha. Glad you're happy with them as speakers are the hardest item to select. But once you found the sound you like then you're done now, a pair of BHK 300's lol
  5. Hey Geoff, Site looks great. Now that I've finished a work project I've sunk countless hours into. I need to see what I can buy to enter the comp Call soon
  6. After a few crazy weeks of work, I am 'still' after one of these
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