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  1. I too gave t another go over the whole weekend. I played a lot of tracks I know and love. I was happy with the sound. I then changed back to my AQ Coffee and right away me and the wife could hear the difference. The Lindy I'd say is better than the lower end AQ cables I've tried, but the higher end cables I'd say no (in my system) But for anything under $200 I'd use this all day long
  2. I find geo blocking in this day and age just sad. I mean it stops up from wanting to buy legitimate releases, and can turn some into looking at pirating it instead. Same with say, releasing an album in the US and then 2 months later release it here. Distribution needs to 'grow up' and adapt to the 'now' It can't be hard to detect where we come from and say the studio gives the Oceania side of things their cut. Just look at Emotiva pulling out of the Australian market and going back to selling direct (and will be cheaper in time) C'mon, let us buy what we want and not have to use some dodgy method to do so or worse and pirate. I'm lucky to have a US address and a US prepaid Visa (along with a VPN) to be able to buy what I want. But would be nice to just not have to worry about it
  3. I've owned one of these. Great entry level DAC GLWTS
  4. WOW amazing price. Whoever get's this will be happy
  5. I'd be keen. As i want to get a BHK but I've spent a LOT since Covid lol so i need to wait a bit. I'm currently using my DS as the preamp
  6. Great seller If this was in silver I'd buy it. GLWTS John
  7. Yeah they can keep that to themselves
  8. Further information: Was using these in a spare bedroom, but they're not used much so time to move them on. They work, they sound good for what they are. Bass is okay too Sold as is, I don't have the small surrounds that came with them. Didn't want to post these in HT or stereo section lol Open to realistic offers. Great for the kids room for Xbox/Playstation Photos:
  9. Further information: Glass TV cabinet that's just collecting dust. Selling for the price of a carton of Corona Pickup Oxenford, Gold Coast Photos:
  10. I found spotify to have a more "hifi" sound over the "clinical" sounding Apple music. I too had a lot of music in iTunes. But since I've had Spotify now for years (and always premium) I'll never go back. I use Tidal on my main stereo system only and Spotify everywhere else
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