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  1. Great coffee and conversation.....it doesnt get better than yhis!
  2. This looks like a cheap Jaycar cap possibly a metallised polyester or polyprop. The safesy bet is to measure it.A second order network on the tweeter is observable from the photo of the crossover . 4.7 uF is the most likely value together with the glued air core coil will be the two components of the 2nd order network ,no dropping resistor to the tweeter is evident though. The choice of cap should be undertaken to compliment the tweeters sonic signature . ie bright thin sounding tweeters eg some metal domes or hard domes should go with dark sounding cap like Mundorf supreme or Audience auricap, from my own experience over the years. Tweeters such as soft domes can handle a little more transparency from associated cap such as Jantzen Z silver (could border on bright)or copper. Agree with everybody's comments here. Even a basic solen mkp type will outperform your current cap. Also look at Intertechnik (Audyne caps) and Clarity Caps Csa high voltage series or film and foils ( metalised caps are not usually .directional) The Oblligatos premium are excellent for the money too. Audience Auricaps are smooth sounding but expensive for what you get. Dont forget that the capacitors we're talking about here may be more costly than the installed tweeter! Good luck.
  3. My mobile number is 0430329347. Will be closed over Xmas/ New Year. Back on 7th Jan. My business is called Kasum Audio. Lots of references on line and on Linkedin. Very busy so you will have to be patient unless it's a simple fault.
  4. Went for a brief listen last weekend at Darth's and can confirm all he said about the new additions to the rig. System is more revealing after upgrade with Audioquest mains cables and conditioner. Vinyl is still supreme, though the Melco has helped digital sound somewhat more natural. The vinyl version of anything always has more air and 3 dimensionality on this system , doesnt seem to matter what digital version of the same recording you play . Loved the Eagles Hotel California, even though the pressing was quite old and well used the music was extracted without you being aware of any faults. Well done , will bring more of my favourites next time Darth! The Chie Ayado recording on vinyl was truly outstanding. Cheers
  5. I have a Sony cdpR1 on the workbech with the same problem and a few besides(failed microprocessor). A good perusal of the forums will tell you that the KSS 190A laser(optical block) is available if you have the money. ALSO,The compatible laser machines are as you have listed but be careful as these machines have u-processors that are impossible to get except by cannibalization of another machine. Here are some useful links:https://m.ebay.com/itm/original-Sony-laser-lens-pickup-kss-190-kss-190A-for-high-end-cd-players/252993936371?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49489%26meid%3D565fdb336610485e8aba0a5339aa83be%26pid%3D100890%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D152626551301&_trksid=p2056116.c100890.m2460 Check out Audio karma forums for more comprehensive discussions of these machines
  6. Read the write up for the DPS turntable in component recommendations from The Absolute Sound, issue 273, May 2017, very flattering and kudos to Bauer. Cant believe the phono stage is still here? Really liked this one, not typical AR sound from way back... far more neutral and huge soundstage.In a different league to Mark's previous Ayre but both great at their respective sale prices .good luck.
  7. Very impressed with this phono stage. Great neutrality and bold presentation. Uses a fet front end to do gain for mc but otherwise valves. The 6H30pi valves are superquiet( russian mil spec. Plenty around) and valve regulation(6550 tube as pass element) adds a level of grip to the sound. Definitely not the rose coloured glasses effect you expect from some tube stages, a real surprise. Great match with the Lyra cartridge too. Best thing though is you just forget about it when listening. I guess that's the best compliment you can pay to any piece of gear.... Good luck with the sale Mark.
  8. Yes I did indeed. Allow me to correct this. I have heard it in a couple of systems, all Ayre based electronics and it is transparent enough that you can hear cartridge/tonearm set up inadequacies quite clearly. It has a fair amount of depth perspective and air also. Very quiet background from which the music appears.Bass is tight and well defined not losing out to tubes in this respect. Most solid state units in this price range will be opamp based. Not so the Ayre, it uses discrete transistors all the way through with polystyrene film/foil caps for coupling the signal ,this contributes to its musicality.Definitely worth playing with cartridge loading since it does not always equate to the theoretical loading value. Seems to be good match with several of the lyra cartridges I've set up with it too including the Atlas, Kleos and Delos models.
  9. Dont forget it has also had a factory authorised modification done by me for Ayre to lower noise on balanced inputs. This was suggested to Ayre by myself and is now standard on the new units I believe.This is probably worth $200 on its own. Beautifully built , nice boards with good quality components and fully balanced circuitry can be adapted to a wide range of cartridges and preamps.
  10. Nice session at your place Mark. Really enjoyed just listening to the music this time. A valve like smoothness and sense of space coming through now. Loved Pink Floyd"s The Wall pressing brought back a lot of memories. The Vivaldi concertos we played sounded very life like as well. Cd /digital replay also much more listenable. Well done. Cheers
  11. I had the opportunity to hear this preamp in my system some time ago. I was doing a calibration on the audio boards for Mark some 6 months ago. The small problem Mark had with the volume control was rectified completely with the new boards. Build quality is excellent with all parts sourced from the USA ( no Chinese parts in this baby!) , including Nichicon muse caps, MIT coupling caps (film/foil polystyrene) ,Dale resistors. The Shallco attenuators (very expensive) use specially selected surface mount resistors , all contacts are solid silver. Yes perhaps even better parts could have been used on the boards and I have seen them in the newer models but the sound is as good as you get from solid state. I personally favour tubes in this area ( the constant maintenance of tube gear can be be a turn off for some music lovers though)but this preamp does not disappoint. It has air, openness and good transparency.its smooth sound belies its solid state origins and It's certainly the most listenable solid state preamp I have listened to in my own set up. Built to last and excellent connectivity too Good luck to whoever purchases this..As always Mark's pride of ownership shows , the condition is flawless .
  12. Just came back from a listen to Mark's Atlas cartridge. Its It's been a few weeks since we set it up and does appear to improve with time.. Excellent retrieval of micro detail and ambience. The tracking is effortless and imagery is very holographic. Put all together though it just plays music with a life that is normally the province of expensive Koetsus in my opinion. Well done Mark, it compliments your front end beautifully.
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