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  1. Magnificent sound to hear a full organ played by a master , truly an experience and as an audiophile a highly prized one. The acoustics in the town hall even where we were ,in the back of the balcony were wonderful.
  2. Thank you, I love them too. Not much to go wrong really.. Ive owned many Technics over the years.
  3. Item: Technics SL-120 direct drive turntable Location: Pennington Price: $500 Item Condition:Excellent, no tonearm Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Beautiful Technics direct drive table in excellent condition. complete with smoke-tinted lid ( no cracks) original feet and 45rpm adaptor. Comes with SME tonearm mounting plate. Any arm can be mounted by buying suitable mounting plates available on line. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Darth actually says " No, I am your father", but close enough.
  5. Had a great session at Darth's yesterday We went through quite a few albums and did lots of comparisons between audiophile and regular stuff but mainly just listening to music. I can vouch for the improvements wrought by the new Audioquest speaker cables and power cables. Much grain has disappeared to be replaced with finer textures and more air around reproduced instruments.The Blade Runner original sound track which was one of many albums i took with me was reproduced with wonderful detail and ambience usually the strength of tubes but of course we were listening through a valve phono stage . The trumpet solo on the love theme was almost palpable , it was possible to hear the players embouchure, something i havent experienced before on this album and i am very familiar with it. The colourations in this system are very low to the point where you can't be sure if the pressing itself might be at fault or the system! A little fine tuning of the arm's bias and azimuth adjustments was clearly audible thro the equipment and led to some really tactile bass issuing via the Vandersteens.. The Art of Noise's 45rpm of The Peter Gunn theme (fearuring Duane Eddy )was phenomenal in its dynamic impact and scale. Too many more to mention including a few real surprises in the comparisons. .....Audiophile versions are NOT always superior to good regular pressings, something I've experienced before and have tried to convince others of. While no system is perfect this system does seem to hold your interest in the music without the hifi getting in the way too much.I am a valve enthusiast from way back but can appreciate good solid state too. The last album was The Eagles Hell Freezes Over concert from the mid 90s, a very good recording normally but the special pressing Mark played for me gave this music a freshness I hadnt heard before. The bottom end extension and power Mark gets in this mid sized room is impressive. A very enjoyable day and i got to meet little Olivia to boot. Thanks Mark. May the force be with you always!
  6. Great coffee and conversation.....it doesnt get better than yhis!
  7. This looks like a cheap Jaycar cap possibly a metallised polyester or polyprop. The safesy bet is to measure it.A second order network on the tweeter is observable from the photo of the crossover . 4.7 uF is the most likely value together with the glued air core coil will be the two components of the 2nd order network ,no dropping resistor to the tweeter is evident though. The choice of cap should be undertaken to compliment the tweeters sonic signature . ie bright thin sounding tweeters eg some metal domes or hard domes should go with dark sounding cap like Mundorf supreme or Audience auricap, from my own experience over the years. Tweeters such as soft domes can handle a little more transparency from associated cap such as Jantzen Z silver (could border on bright)or copper. Agree with everybody's comments here. Even a basic solen mkp type will outperform your current cap. Also look at Intertechnik (Audyne caps) and Clarity Caps Csa high voltage series or film and foils ( metalised caps are not usually .directional) The Oblligatos premium are excellent for the money too. Audience Auricaps are smooth sounding but expensive for what you get. Dont forget that the capacitors we're talking about here may be more costly than the installed tweeter! Good luck.
  8. My mobile number is 0430329347. Will be closed over Xmas/ New Year. Back on 7th Jan. My business is called Kasum Audio. Lots of references on line and on Linkedin. Very busy so you will have to be patient unless it's a simple fault.
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