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  1. Hi all, I thought that it would be better to explain my situation to other people interested in repairs. I work for myself and generally do not NOT repair commercial equipment . I am a designer of custom made electronics( tube mainly) and hi end speakers . I also modify/upgrade a lot of commercial audio equipment as a hobby. During the last 3-4 years i have had to take on general repairs to help make a living but it has been difficult as my nature is such that i try to accommodate everybody. Consequently my stress levels are through the roof and this has resulted in a huge backlog. My regular customers have had to sometimes be put on hold. In order to fix this i will be finishing all old jobs first. Any new repairs, unless they are simple or ones that I have done before will not be accomodated until later this year/ early next year. I would like to help everybody but it is just impossible for one person to repair every manner of audio equipment out there. So i apologise if you have cold called me and and I have not replied to you.. If you send me an email or sms and i do not reply its probably because i am too busy or cannot take on the repair hence this post. I am happy to give out advice but my expertise is mainly in building and modifying audio gear. No one should purchase hi end audio equipment used or new without investigating the possibility of having it repaired should it fail.This is extremely difficult in Australia let alone Adelaide. So the moral of the story is if you are prepared to spend vast sums of money on new or used audio equipment you should be prepared to pay a premium for having it serviced and be be prepared to wait as most hi end gear is not built in Australia. If you feel this is unfair then perhaps a new hobby is needed. I am self taught and have a vast knowledge of audio equipment and electronics but at this point i am not prepared to rescue everybody's broken gear. Yours sincerely Dr Bruno Kasum
  2. Thanks Leon for all your nice comments. Ive built a few of these for customers and this design goes back about 15- 20years. The tube is a Russian mil spec 6H23p similar to 6922 but slightly diff specs. Super quiet, often used as a subst. but really not the same. In this circuit the tube runs at a relatively low voltage (32v) compared to typical tube circuits but it can be run at much higher voltages if the Mosfet devices are suitably sized and heatsinked and the power supply increased. I will look at doing this in the future. The circuit has low output impedance(approx 47ohms) and drives solid state power amps effectively. Parts quality is high and comparable to or better than much more expensive preamps. The look is a little lacklustre but money is better spent on the circuit and parts in my opinion.If i do decide to build more i will improve cosmetics.. Cheers, Enjoy.
  3. Magnificent sound to hear a full organ played by a master , truly an experience and as an audiophile a highly prized one. The acoustics in the town hall even where we were ,in the back of the balcony were wonderful.
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