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  1. Hi All Selling my surplus portable amps. This one is a rare gem and is made in the USA. Specially ordered in for my shure SE864. The RRP is $399 US More info can be found in the link https://www.headamp.com/products/pico-slim The Pico Slim is HeadAmp's smallest amplifier, at a mere 9.4mm thick! Inside it holds finely tuned audio circuitry, including a unique 255-step volume control, and a powerful battery capable of 60 hours of playback time. The chassis is milled from solid aluminum, giving this tiny amplifier a robust build that's
  2. Have focal Elegia if you are interested
  3. i have this one for sale https://mayflowerelectronics.com/desktop-objective2-with-odac-rev-b/ if you are interested , very good price to performance ratio
  4. hi i have the mayflower headphone dac amp if you are interested here is the link for more info https://mayflowerelectronics.com/desktop-objective2-with-odac-rev-b/ its current model and the price is in US
  5. Just confirming the broken pin is on the cable and not on the headphone connector? Thx
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