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  1. My mate did the cabling.on any of his jobs the cabling is exceptional.
  2. Yeh what Raff said At that price without the Kraftwerk is good buying.
  3. Here is my desktop setup. Based on a nice little Mcchanson amp.(7 ish watts or so.)Eric added a few extras when He built it for me. Gieseler Klein SE Dac and power supply with some older Osborn Eos speakers.They sound very very nice in Near Field listening and easily fill the room if needed. Cayin I HA-6 Headphone amp. Music/Movie server is Synology with 12TB storage and Cisco gear to make sure everything moves around the house as it should. cheers craka
  4. Further information:This is a lovely detailed Pre and has installed 4 x Genalex Gold lion 12AX7 and 4 x GE JAN 12AT7WC valves. I purchased this from another SNA'er approx 2 years ago.It hasn't missed a beat. It has a built in MC/MM switch as well as a hi/low input impedance switch for the phono stage . Also a -10db Attenuation switch at the rear. Its built like a tank and has a mirror finish front face plate.Comes with a very well built alloy remote that controls volume and separate components,standby and mute. The remote has been in a plastic sleeve since Ive owned it. I have the original boxes and manual that came with the pre. I will post but preference to local buyer will apply. Some reviews below to wet the appetite. Cheers craka https://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/doge8_preamp_e.html https://www.head-fi.org/threads/review-doge-model-8-tube-remote-controlled-stereo-preamplifier-phono-stage.495427/ Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  5. Hi Naggots, I have a very nice condition Doge 8 with 2 x unbalanced outputs and 1 x balanced output. Also upgraded valves. cheers craka
  6. craka

    Sotm SMS-200

    One for sale on the classifieds now
  7. I would think that using apple products, anythings possible when it it comes to connecting non apple .
  8. Gday Tal, I haven't read all the posts in the thread but I see you like the Osborn Epitome Tower Reference Elite. I have a few pair a Osborn's including the older Epitomes with Bass bins. Absolutely wonderful them Osborn's. I did see Harbeths mentioned,if you like Osborn you wont be buying Harbeth.
  9. As Muan mentioned Eric McChanson makes great sounding amps and they certainly have that industrial chic style you want . Have a chat to him about a low powered small form factor amp. I have one I use with my desktop set up ,maybe 5 or 6 watts from memory and its such a nice sounding amp. They do occasionaly come up 2nd hand. https://www.mcchanson.com/
  10. I use the Synology DS415play to stream movies and music. Music is directly to an SOTM ultra. Does it all without a breaking a sweat.
  11. Pretty sure the name is a marketing exercise.
  12. Good buying here.These sound great. I use Audio Principe with my main Stereo and my office desk top.Beautiful sound.
  13. Hi, Whoever buys this please drop me a PM and let me know what you think.Does it work,not work,changes the sound etc. No need for Audiophile explanations,I wouldn't understand them anyway! craka
  14. Ill chime in just for fun and let all know my Beanie and I had a winter European holiday and survived . It kept my boofhead warm and that's saying something. It got hot very quickly while wearing it in the Pubs. It got hot very quickly A lot. craka
  15. Thanks Raff, I have that exact model in Silver SACD player already.
  16. If you would like to sell yours,PM me Please. I will consider all offers. Thanks craka.
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