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  1. craka

    Scorps and Leppard in November

    There ya go 12.01 pm Me and my old mate Pawel Maciwoda.
  2. craka

    Scorps and Leppard in November

    OK it may have been late morning or just after lunch.Lol. I'd bet the band was well in bed before I was that night.
  3. craka

    Scorps and Leppard in November

    I saw the Scorpions at the Palias a couple of years back and what a show they put on.Do not miss this one even if they are support (Can't Get my head a round that one).Absolute live Entertainers.Don't Miss it. And I couldn't believe it.The next morning ran straight in the Scorps Bass guitarist in the city.
  4. Hi Snapper, The Epitomes were far from my starting point.I had access to my 1st taste of stereo equipment from my elder brother when I was 12 yrs old.That was over 50yrs ago.Ive had all sorts of gear over the years.These days I can afford something a little more tasty. These are pretty well end game for me.
  5. At this point and I'm only a pup in this field. The best piece of equipment Ive purchased are Speakers.Osborn Epitomes with Bass bins.Wow just Wow!!!
  6. craka

    WTB: Nelson Pass First Watt

    1st Watt F4 in the forsale ads now.
  7. craka


    Low K's and not only made to go very very well,but made to stop,check out the size of the front drilled disc brakes.
  8. You will be happy with the sound of this Amp.
  9. Im sure someone will grab them down your way?
  10. Shame your not in Brisbane