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  1. craka

    SOLD: FS: Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5800

    I bet you wont get a pic.
  2. craka

    ADL: Free - Golf Clubs and Vintage Bag

    Oh Nice Clubs
  3. craka

    Songs at funerals.

    Hi Dave, I understand how difficult this is for you.At my mothers funeral 2 years ago,Mum was 94 yrs old,we played "Misty" Sarah Vaughan and "In the Mood" Glen Miller.These may or may not work for your situation.I can tell you that Glen Miller added some light relief while playing a slideshow of pictures of Mum's Life.
  4. Hi All, Any chance that someone has LEBEN CS 600 Amp in Brisbane and willing to bring it over to mine for a listening session.I'm interested in comparing the LEBEN to my current CAYIN A88T MK 2 with KT 120,s. Ive read the reviews and love the look and quality of the LEBEN,but need to hear it.Ive listened to my Amp on Harbeths and it didn't suit me.Maybe Im barking up the wrong tree? I have Osborn Epitomes. Cheers craka
  5. Hey mate I read that wrong and sorry about my comment cheers
  6. .........................................................
  7. Absolute quality detail seas drivers and the build on these is beautiful.
  8. Fantastic Speakers.Sound great,beautiful detail and build quality. Are these my old ones Phil?
  9. https://www.vinylrevival.com.au/products/isotek-gii-sigmas-6-outlet-power-conditioner MIGHT BE INFO HERE
  10. craka

    Scorps and Leppard in November

    There ya go 12.01 pm Me and my old mate Pawel Maciwoda.