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  1. Hi Ill take it if your willing to post to 4053. Cheers craka
  2. Uptone ISO regen

    Hi Snoopy8 I'm currently using SMS - 200 - Curious USB - Uptone regen - Line Magnetic 502 CA. I really enjoy the way the combination sounds.I initially thought Ill add the Iso regen as a upgrade. Now I may upgrade to the 200 ultra and thinking maybe I'm into overkill territory using both.
  3. Uptone ISO regen

    Is anyone using the iso regen with SOTM sms200 ultra. Thoughts on sound? craka
  4. Ok, Ill say it... Please,Please stop the derailing of for sale threads with all the un needed comments.If your not interested,dont post. Flame on.
  5. Thanks Hux.I have found one.Addiction fed.
  6. Klein DAC owners thread

    Its a very powerful Headphone Amp as well. Thanks to Eric Chan.
  7. Klein DAC owners thread

    Just thought I'd chime in & let you know. This KLEIN is Feeding a McChanson 2W into A pair of 0sborn EOS Speakers . The result is Amazing.
  8. Someone make me a reasonable offer.
  9. Item: Parasound Z amp V.3 small form power amp Location:Brisbane 4053 Price: $290 + shipping BARGAIN Item Condition:9/10 (Like new.) Reason for selling:Funding Tubes. (Funding more equipment , So this has got to go.) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit & Happy to Post Extra Info:I used this on my desktop as a headphone amp.It sounds very detailed and has plenty of power to drive most headphones.Combine that with its specs at 45wpc into 8ohms & 60wpc into 4ohms in a chassis approx 5cm high & the size of a A4 sheet ,You have a compact and powerful desktop amp/headphone amp combo. I purchased it from another SNA member Tobes who purchased it new not long ago.Its in like new condition.Its priced it to sell. I really enjoyed its clear detailed sound. Head-fi have given it a review below- https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/parasound-zamp-v-3-two-channel-amplifier.21937/reviews FULL SPECS HERE- http://www.parasound.com/zamp-v3.php# It comes with power lead and all its original double boxing to post safely. Link below is the Thread I purchased the amp from. Pictures:
  10. Item: Tara Labs bi-wire SA-OF8N Speaker Cables Location:Brisbane 4053 Price: $100.00 +post Item Condition: Good Reason for selling:To many cables these are surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Happy to post Extra Info:These cables are Bi-Wire , Unidirectional and use Nakamichi Banana Connectors at either end. Pictures: