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  1. I use the Synology DS415play to stream movies and music. Music is directly to an SOTM ultra. Does it all without a breaking a sweat.
  2. Pretty sure the name is a marketing exercise.
  3. Good buying here.These sound great. I use Audio Principe with my main Stereo and my office desk top.Beautiful sound.
  4. Hi, Whoever buys this please drop me a PM and let me know what you think.Does it work,not work,changes the sound etc. No need for Audiophile explanations,I wouldn't understand them anyway! craka
  5. Ill chime in just for fun and let all know my Beanie and I had a winter European holiday and survived . It kept my boofhead warm and that's saying something. It got hot very quickly while wearing it in the Pubs. It got hot very quickly A lot. craka
  6. Thanks Raff, I have that exact model in Silver SACD player already.
  7. If you would like to sell yours,PM me Please. I will consider all offers. Thanks craka.
  8. Further information:This NA6005 IS Silver in colour,I used this in my system for a very short time and it went back into its box.Its is as new. Price is Plus Postage. This NA6005 IS Silver in colour,Ive used this in my system for a very short time and it went back into its box.Its is as new. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Whats going on here? Talk about thread Hi jacking HdB and TJ
  10. Whats going on here?
  11. Item:Schiit Loki Price Range:Cheap Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:Interested to see what this can do.
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