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  1. craka

    EOI: Focal Alto Utopia BE speakers

    obvious question maybe. How well do these things play ROCK n ROLL ?
  2. Pm'd with interest to buy
  3. craka

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    That's all I need from it. Mark
  4. craka

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I'm No Audiophile,but I seek great sounding music. Here is my technical explanation of the Grob n PSU. "CLAY" you've done it again. This thing rocks.
  5. Well done.I have a feeling this might be just the beginning.
  6. Can I get the midnight stone blue beanie thanks?
  7. I just ordered via your website as well Clay
  8. This produces wonderful sound. Its not hard to set up either. Great addition as a digital front end .GLWTS
  9. craka

    FS: 2 paintings on canvas

    I'm calling the Missus Antler about this convo
  10. craka

    FS: 2 paintings on canvas

    Its me again. However Still No Idea!
  11. I agree with alpha above. I have this Amp.Its powerful and produces wonderful sound. Great value at the asking price. GLWTS
  12. craka

    FS: 2 paintings on canvas

    I've been following this thread but I still have no idea what you blokes are talking about!
  13. craka

    Great Opening Tracks

    'Headhunter' Krokus - 'Headhunter' What a band and Headhunter is The song and the album is Rock at its best.
  14. craka

    Great Opening Tracks

    Intro Sweet Jane. Rock n Roll Animal .Lou reed What a great guitar lead in to a song.
  15. Ill take the 120,s to 4053 thanks craka