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  1. I prefer to use a USB DAC (I2S supports 192khz maximum and no DSD.) and I doubt Hifiberry would be better than my Matrix mini I pro in terms of SQ. Thanks anyways.
  2. I've recently built a computer audio player using Raspberry Pi2+ and Archphile to pair with my Matrix USB DAC, everything works properly without too much hassle however I've found my previous Mac book Pro+ Audirvana combo seems to deliver way clearer sound. Is this normal with raspberry pi? What can I do to improve the SQ? I really don't want to go back to the laptop solution as albeit its sounds good its a bit inconvenient to use.
  3. Thanks, I will have a look at the reviews here. my budget is around <$1000.
  4. Hi all, Currently I have a stereo system in the living room with the following components. DAC: Matrix Mini I Pro AMP: Marantz SR5400 AVR Speaker: Vaf DC Floorstander. Now I am looking to upgrade the AMP to something better (I know AV receivers are usually not that great in SQ). I've read pretty good reviews with the inexpensive T-amps (Topping TP60, SMSL SA160, 98E, etc.) but have not actually listened to them. How do they stack up to Marantz SR5400 in terms of SQ? Would I be better off to get a second hand Marantz, NAD, rotel, etc? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, Currently have a stereo system at home looking for upgrade, thought i can get some good advice here. Cheers.
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