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  1. I never put grill on, which make sound worse for sure. Good speakers, GLWT
  2. Thank you for sharing, what I am using now: EMOTIVA XPA-2 Gen3 2 Channel Amp Vincent SA-32 Stereo Preamplifier Black SA32b (Tube pre amp) THE MAGNUM HYBRID speaker cables LUMIN D2 streamer with ROON Linear power supply I have a tube amp coming, Willsenton R8 EL34 coming from overseas. Best Amplifier Award 2020 ! Willsenton R8 Tube Integrated amplifier Review ! by The Next Best Thing Studio Basically, I am very happy with current combination. Emotiva is powerful enough but with a bit harsh treble part, but the Vincent tube Pre amp can very well minimize that, which was also found by Thomas: Need power? Look at the Emotiva XPA2 Gen3 Power Amp! I will give you guys some update when I receive the Willsenton R8, though I dont think it is powerful enough to drive Dynaudio, which I might pair it with my bookshelf, Tannoy DC 6 Revolution.
  3. Thank you,i am thinking about get one to pair with my tannoy DC 6
  4. wow, the speaker cable, like water tube. How much are they?
  5. I am lucky that I don't have those fussy neighbors. What I agree is that the sound stage and 3d is really good, you can feel the singer and the band in front of you.
  6. This pair have amazing bass, you should keep them. It doesn't worth it to sell them for $2600. I have them, but thinking to add a pair of decent bookshelf and tube amp for Jazz and vocal. For classical, rock and roll, modern electro music, I think they are amazing, also good for movies. Also I think X44 needs bigger room to run. What amp are you using?
  7. I think your price is bit low, recently on eBay just one sold for $1500
  8. Decent DAC, I am having this one too. GLWT
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