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  1. GLWT, why the picture top left changed in 2 photos? is that rotating?
  2. What service are you using for classical music? I have 6 T classical DSD and FLACs, so I am using TIDAL as a back up library. In terms of quality of the audio, you download it from TIDAL with subscription or purchase it from them, are the same.
  3. Never heard any qualify complaint. My willsenten r8 is coming from overseas, great review online. Going to have a look. Which is a Chinese brand.
  4. Recently Crown Class D amp draw heaps of attention also. Class D can be really good, I did not audition Wyred4Sound, but it looks like a decent product.
  5. It is free for subscription. Roon has managed my 8 T lossless music files perfectly. Highly recommend it.
  6. I suggest you use ROON with Tidal, I am using the combination, the experience is superb and flawless.
  7. It is just technology, Class D is accepted by a lot of people now, it is good
  8. I never put grill on, which make sound worse for sure. Good speakers, GLWT
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