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  1. Yes,the ticking sound. Do all the Freya+ sound like that? Why Schiit didnt tell me? They even told me to add some lubiacent underneath the knob. D*ckheads.
  2. Hi guys, I bought this unit from schiit website in USA and it arrived few weeks ago. Ever since I unpacked and plugged it in, when I adjust the volume level, the device makes a annoying squeaky noice. I contacted customer service at schiit they advised to quickly adjust the volume knob for 30 times or so. But it didn't fix the issue. I really dont know what to do to fix it, anyone has any advice? Please find the reply from their customer service: Hello, I'm sorry you're having trouble. Please rotate the volume knob from minimum to maximum in
  3. It is not the greatest, but definitely great for the value.
  4. You can buy them anywhere, I bought few from Amazon, work well.
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