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  1. Hi - I would like this if it is still available I live in Perth ( south of the river ) Cheers
  2. There is a guy in Perth that specializes in JL audio The hum issuse was quite common and I think there was some mods that were required I know that Perth is a long way away but 1 You could unscrew the plate amp and just send that 2 Ring him and see if he has a contact in NSW that could help you RF Waves 08 93427161 His name is Chamila He is an excellent Tech Cheers
  3. To my thinking it is easier to set up a pair of quality 2 way bookshelf speakers and a sub with good room eq functions than a 3 way system with a bass driver in each box .
  4. These days most subwoofers are using very high powered Class D amplifier. Very cheap to make now .The Kube hax 300 watts RMS ( 600 watts peak ) . Along with movies that have 95% effects and 5 % story line the drivers are under real pressure to keep pace and can easily bottom out .
  5. Excellent sub - very easy to integrate into a system GLWTS
  6. agent is Revolution Technologies spares@revtek.com.au Service manager - Aaron Misso aaron@revtek.com.au I still have mine but had a spare REL R305 that I am currently using Will chase it up at a latter date Hope this helps Cheers
  7. Just been through this excercise a few months ago - probable cause is a series of small capacitors changing ESR values . Normally an easy repair if they were not buried inside a metal cage that is soldered onto a double sided pc board . Labour costs is the killer Take it to a good tech to get a quote - could be something simple ?. You can order another plate amplifier from the importer approx $600 . They have no stock at the moment due to Velodyne being recently sold to a German group. ETA was May .Could be longer with COVID The SPL series are excellent subs and worth r
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