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  1. These days most subwoofers are using very high powered Class D amplifier. Very cheap to make now .The Kube hax 300 watts RMS ( 600 watts peak ) . Along with movies that have 95% effects and 5 % story line the drivers are under real pressure to keep pace and can easily bottom out .
  2. Excellent sub - very easy to integrate into a system GLWTS
  3. agent is Revolution Technologies spares@revtek.com.au Service manager - Aaron Misso aaron@revtek.com.au I still have mine but had a spare REL R305 that I am currently using Will chase it up at a latter date Hope this helps Cheers
  4. Just been through this excercise a few months ago - probable cause is a series of small capacitors changing ESR values . Normally an easy repair if they were not buried inside a metal cage that is soldered onto a double sided pc board . Labour costs is the killer Take it to a good tech to get a quote - could be something simple ?. You can order another plate amplifier from the importer approx $600 . They have no stock at the moment due to Velodyne being recently sold to a German group. ETA was May .Could be longer with COVID The SPL series are excellent subs and worth repairing . Wish I still had mine .☹
  5. The 9 series Rotel's were very well made with high quality internal components . GLWTS
  6. The circuit on the CT100 is fairly simple compared to the modern SMPS and Class D amplifiers of today .Any good tech should easily repair it .Common faults will be dry joints and dryed up electros . Replacing plate amplifiers on subs with after market types is never completely successful as there is some equilization applied to the original circuit to compensate for cabinet size .
  7. Great speakers for jazz/blues female vocals .Diana Krall fans will love these . At the asking price these are a steal ! GLWTS
  8. Excellent bookshelf speakers for a bargain price . Partner mine with a REL sub and the sound is sensational . Especially on Jazz and Blues .
  9. I built a Class D amplifier using the IRAUDAMP7 circuit some time ago . The projects needs better speaker posts and the wiring tidied up when I have time . Just wanted to try a class D amp . Bought 2 x l25d modules designed by LJM from Ebay . Built a + - 70v linear power supply consisting of a 300kva transformer and 12000uf caps on each leg . The rail voltages hold very stable at ear splitting levels .Thought about a 500kva transformer but I think it would be an over kill . Added a speaker protection module and all done . The ferrite core inductor gets very warm when run hard . Added a copper heat sink that Raspberry use to cool their processor .Also fitted a switched cooling fan . I think that the amplifiers sounds quite good for the price it cost to build . It has a huge amount of power ( 2 x 250 watts rms claimed ) It would be great for a party type situation . I found it fatiguing to listen to as a HiFi amplifier . Tried it on various preamps and speaker combos . Am looking forward to trying an upgrade Class D amplifier using perhaps an Ice or Hypex module . I see that some members are achieving good results with the Tripath modules
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