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  1. Beautiful amp.... If I weren't in downsizing mode......
  2. Will consider all offers providing it doesn't include sending anywhere. I'll even throw in a rarish Accuphase AC-2 LOMC cart + head shell to sweeten the pot.
  3. Further information: I'm getting out of vinyl as I never use since the little one came along. My loss is your gain. - Please note that this is a local sale: Pickup only. On offer is my Victor TT-Y5 vintage table. The best performing table I've had the pleasure of owning. It's been fully recapped and quality rhodium plated RCA's with hollow tellurium copper centre pins installed, plus a banana plug for the earth by Brisbane Electronics so it should last many more years to come and will work well with a wide variety of quality RCA leads. The work set me ba
  4. Fantastic amp. Using the smaller XLS1002 to power my open baffle speaker woofers.
  5. A word of warning though.... His RCA cables are what in the end made the Abbas DAC surpass my vinyl rig. It brought benefits in the vinyl chain too, just not as great. The second best RCA's I've tried are a tie between two Aurealis Audio cables.... The Duelund 50, and the R1 mixed copper & silver Litz depending on the overall balance of your system. I mention this as if you're running separate pre and power amps you've an additional cable in the system. I've found running the Abbas cable after the source is great but a second one in the chain is just too much of a
  6. Yeah, a half meter one was $165 + $7 post. Might be a few more weeks before it arrives. Slow post from the Ukraine. I'm finding with digital cables the shorter the better. In the meantime I'm running a pure silver MS Audio branded interconnect which is tripple shielded. It's no slouch. A shame it's no longer on the market really. @cccrchairman definitely recommend getting some Abbas RCA cables as it adds depth, width and naturalness. Similar effect to running transformers really. The SPDIF cables in shorter lengths are cheap enough to get vs other options anyway
  7. Best way to do it with the Abbas DAC's. They sound fantastic to begin with and only get better in time. No point leaving it turned on just for burn in. Better to enjoy it while it's on.
  8. The Abbas DAC's are already incredible out of the box, but do continue to improve for quite some time. Maybe 100 to 200 hours? Can't really remember how long mine took.
  9. @cccrchairman do you have any further updates on your 4.1SE? I think it fits a very nice price point in the Abbas range. If I were in the market for another DAC.....
  10. Probably yes.... Problem is I'll never know without trying it. It's pretty much impossible to put a percentage on the improvement you get anyway. It's quite noticeable yes, yet at the same time less obvious than changing RCA interconnects. You certainly notice it if you switch to the Mutecs internal clock, which was itself a nice improvement. System is going through a series of improvements again since I changed the clock cable. The Tchernov Special seems to be rather good.
  11. The nice thing with the Mutec is you can easily switch between reclocking with its internal clock and the external at the press of a button. Makes comparison a bit easier. So long as you don't physically disconnect the Afterdark it won't hurt anything I plan to upgrade to an Emperor Double Crown at some point. Just need to free up the funds to do so. I regret not having spent more on one in the first place. I just wasn't convinced that external master clocks weren't snake oil. To my chagrin (and delight), they're definitely not snake oil.
  12. Eventually. Lately I'm lucky to even get 10 minutes to myself each day. In the meantime, downsizing stereo gear. If anyone wants to bring their amp and source component to try with the speakers they're welcome to do that also.
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