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  1. So far the only SUT's I've used that have been completely hum free are either Fidelity Research or assembled by Geoff at Aurealis. Those from other vendors tend to hum. I've found those which are completely enclosed in a metal case to suffer less from interference than those which are exposed, and yes, not all shielded RCA's are created equal. My main system upstairs is in close proximity to my TV which I suspect is the source of interference. Only the Fidelity Research FRT-4 can manage complete hum free operation in that location. It has a built-in RCA lead on the output and I suspect this plays a part. The HM7 when complete will also have the output RCA hard wired (Litz copper), MU metal shielding and the transformers themselves inside a mild steel box. I may very well speak to Geoff about rebuilding the HM-3's as well if the 7 is a stand out.
  2. Same as every SUT I've tried. Moving it increases or decreases hum. It's just more sensitive to hum than the Cinemag, Jensen and Fidelity Research SUT's I've tried. A little research indicates this is quite common with Hashimoto SUT. They're rather sensitive compared to many others..... The end result is also better so worth the effort
  3. Mmmm, might even solve the hum I get with my HM-3. Bookmarked that one.
  4. MattyW

    FS: Coral BX-2000

    I'll bet these sound nice. Hard to come by Corals at this price. If I had a use I'd jump on these for sure
  5. Best to tread lightly really on all forums just in case. It's far easier to find information as part of a community than from the outside. I do currently prefer SNA though AK was my first audio forum..... We should probably stop discussing this here outside of PM's though. This is a public forum and it is concievable that this could get us banned from AK were a mod to read it. It wouldn't be that hard to figure out who's who based on location and names so I'd really rather not risk it.
  6. They accused him of trying to sell his services in the main forum and deleted him with no warning, saying he'd had multiple warnings previously. I had seen one of the previous instances where he'd been warned previously though there was no wrong doing that I could see in the first place. Seems rather odd. Anyway, I remain active on AK though nothing like I used to....
  7. Yes, they're quite authoritarian over at AK. You're lucky you didn't get kicked as well. I've seen a number of these individuals who are a wealth of knowledge booted from AK while trolls are often allowed to continue on. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories though I'd not be surprised if a cartridge maker took issue with the particular knowledge he was sharing, and threatened AK with a lawsuit. They lack the resources for such a thing. After all, AK's terms and conditions specify that they are the owners of all posted content, not the poster. SNA is far more open and seems to have more actual experts on board. Anyone particularly useful over on AK always seems to get booted and their content deleted (rather than simply disabling login for their account). The only reason I can see for such action is external influence. I'll leave it at that.
  8. Very interesting. Apparently stainless is non-ferrous which has much better screening properties than aluminium or copper..... Meants it's actually uniquely suited for a box for s SUT.... I'm liking the idea of fully mounting the transformers inside the case for superior shielding with some added MU metal just to be sure. I've always found SUT to be very sensitive to interference, and these Hashimoto SUT are even more sensitive than Cinemags in this respect. I'm thinking I may take you up on this. I'll ask Geoff what size he thinks is best for this.
  9. Nice, I've the site bookmarked. Hopefully not too long before its back up. Maybe I can email them. EDIT: Nope, they don't list an email address on there
  10. That's how I'd prefer to go actually. I love a nice woodgrain. I'll need to source something though. I'm not handy enough to build one. That's ok thanks Gryffles. I'll be going through Geoff at Aurealis to get everything done once I have all the bits. He'll do a far better job than I can. I want to wire it with 2x switchable inputs (solid brass sockets with a double coat of pure copper), both gain settings and a bypass with a 1m Litz shielded cable on the output with ETI Cryo RCA's and ground wire with spade connector. Last time I soldered something.... I killed it....
  11. That could prove interesting. I wonder how long till their site is back up.... Mild steel would be alright for drilling holes too
  12. I can't see why not.... The Mu metal shielding should do the trick with it anyway
  13. Thanks for that link. It should prove very helpful. 58 (L) x 52 (D) x 70 (H) millimeters. I was going to try steel and use self adhesive mu metal to line the enclosure though wood would work also. I'd be happy to look at any enclosure that will physically fit the SUT. Wood can be stained to look rather nice so even pine could work well I guess. If anyone has a link to anything suitable that would be great