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  1. Potentially sold.... Pending confirmation. Now to sell the FR-64S and FR-7 cart.
  2. Hmmm, the FR-64S I could sell but not sure how to safely send it anywhere without its original box. Set me back $3,400 a few years ago from memory.
  3. Please keep in mind, only the original arm is included. Not the 2x Fidelity Research tonearms, cartridges or tonearm interconnects. I had listed for $5k for everything though got no offers so now going to try strip it down to basics and sell off individually. Really I wouldn't mind hanging onto the FR-14 tonearm. I guess it doesn't help that I'll only consider a local sale though due to the delicacy of turntables that's the way it has to be.
  4. Further information: For your consideration is a high end S.A.M. Adebaran turntable from Croatia with Linear Power Supply upgrade and S.A.M. Calista II tonearm. Please note that the Fidelity Research tonearms, cartridges and tonearm interconnects are not included. Only the original arm is included. Photos:
  5. LP's, pretty much once a day.... CD's, sometimes twice a day. Yeah, not much.
  6. Ah, the only information online is a negative. Steer clear for sure.
  7. Eh, I've a huge number of LOMC carts and it's only vintage carts that stand out as something special. LOMC's worth getting (in no particular order) Supex SD900 Super Garrott P87 Phillips GP922 Klipsch MCZ7 Fidelity Research FR-7 Accuphase AC-2 I find that nothing matches the vintage Empire moving irons though. Just grab an Empire 2000E and a Jico shibata tip. Nothing else will come close under $1,000.
  8. I almost bought that one though it really didn't fulfil my requirements on inputs or outputs (bi-amping) so went with the DACGEAR instead. No idea whether it's any good. If you buy, it would be appreciated if you started a thread about it for the benefit of other potential buyers.
  9. Yeah, I need 2.5-3m in my main system, though can get away with 2 in my second system. Running a pair of 201's in my second system and it sounds incredible there, and Geoff's Duelund in my main system. That's where each cable sounds best
  10. I just sent you a PM. He has a full range of DAC's from $600-$3400 AUD on eBay. For his higher end models you need to look on his site and message him directly.
  11. Mr Abbas can be contacted via his eBay store: Abbasaudio He has quite a few different DAC variations, including those based around different chips such as PCM63-K, PCM56-K, TDA1543. He has stated a few times that he prefers TDA1541 as it tends to change with the recording where the PCM chips paint everything in a similar way. There's a long running thread on stereo.ru that is worth a read as well using Google Translate (unless you can read Russian). His EL84 output phono stage is also exceptional. If XLR is required I'm sure he can build it for you. He also has some higher end DAC's which are not listed on his eBay store. Full sized components.
  12. Ha, I'm glad you bought them.... I really don't need another pair but it was tempting me. Really the only place I could have used was on my woofers in my main system.
  13. Mmmm, bookmarked the store. Might be handy for the occasional rare purchase. I still havent tried streaming, and possibly never will. I prefer to actually have the files.... That and I can often buy a second hand CD for $3 on eBay and just rip it to the NAS. I am beginning to run out of storage space downstairs though so might box up some of the CD's I don't actually play on system 2 downstairs.
  14. Ah, I won't bother then. I'm very happy with what I already have anyway
  15. Mmmm, I may have to try at some point. See how it compares to quality Litz interconnects
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