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  1. Yes, the FR-1 Mk3 is a special cart. The better your analog setup the better that cart will sound. It can be a little irritating at the high end though that can be tamed with the right tube combination. A mate of mine has nailed the combo using a Fidelity Research FRT-3 SUT, Douk Tube Phonobox with RCA + Telefunken + Amperes Bugle Boy tubes. He's also had his retipped by Garrott Bros with an FGS tip which has taken the carts resolution to another level Just sent a FR-1 Mk3F in for retip yesterday
  2. Will be interested to see how you go. Definitely worth fixing as this is an increasingly rare cart, and as you yourself found, a really lovely sounding cart. There's really nothing else quite like them. They're different to the Koetsu's and to me sound more 3D than I could ever get from my Koetsu Rosewood.
  3. To sub or not to sub

    Yes, movie are always better with a sub.... Movies are secondary to music for me though
  4. To sub or not to sub

    Correct, I listen to very little classical. Some Jazz, plenty of pop / rock and psychedelic rock and country. Some 90's grunge. Absolutely zero interest in metal or anything like that. I've pretty mainstream taste in music including some absolutely cringeworthy pop from the 90's through early 2000's.
  5. To sub or not to sub

    It really depends on the system. My main system using Aurum Cantus F620 speakers simply does not need a sub. It has more than enough bass for anything I throw at it. My second system has some Dayton USA PS220-8 full range drivers in some sub-optimal vintage enclosures and that they really benefit form a sub to the point that they're more revealing than the AC F620's. Ditto my like Polk TSi100 bookshelves I use for my computers gaming speakers.
  6. Fidelity Research FR-1 Mk3 carts Fidelity Research FR24, 54, 64S and 14 tonearms Western Electric 11GA tinned power speaker wire So yeah, the undervalued vintage stuff.
  7. Vacume Tubes

    I went from KT88 to Tung Sol KT120 for a large improvement across the board. As I understand it the KT150's are even better. I'd go with the egg's
  8. My System this morning

    To be fair, the Calista II arms produce the most dynamic sound I've ever heard from a table.... It's just that I found it too much and the FR arms do subtlety and nuance better so it could well be just personal taste on my part. The Calista II is a very "modern" sounding tonearm. I may set it up as a 3rd arm eventually.... It would totally change the character of some carts that are overly polite. I may try with my Empire 4000D/I or Stanton 785XLZ
  9. My System this morning

    Yes, I'm not a fan of the Calista II tonearm so I have it boxed up. Love the Fidelity Research arms though
  10. Dueland tinned cable - a DIY build

    I've only really become a believer in the difference in intetconnects and speaker wire this year. Funnily enough the difference was absolutely HUGE. Even more noticeable than volume pot and coupling caps. Greater differences than I ever got changing amps and source components alone. I can't help but think that the performance of the Red Wine Audio mono blocks I temporarily had earlier in the year was being held back by the crappy wire I was running at the time.
  11. Dueland tinned cable - a DIY build

    Geoff, I've got enough Western Electric 11ga tinned wire left over if you wanted to give it a try?
  12. "Valve watts"

    Sounds about right to me. I find tubes to be more pleasant overall so irrespective I won't move on from them unless I hear something better
  13. Yes... For me anyway. Not until the sun goes down
  14. The clear coat is nearly dry. The speakers now look nearly as good as they sound