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  1. Heck, as important as the right amp and speaker combination is it can still be disappointing with the wrong source. I'd list my benchmark for vinyl though I just can't be bothered typing the list of parts and upgrades. For digital content it's really a hard choice my Gieseler GroB DAC + Kraftwerk PSU is pretty spectacular though the bitrate of the source material is quite critical to performance. That said my upgraded Muji Studio DAC II (TDA1541 S1, Burson V5i-D + V6 Vivid OPAMPs) is the most natural sounding I've ever heard music produced with detail that matches the GroB though with and wide and immersive sound stage. Turn off the tube stage and it diminishes, or go back to the standard NE5534 OPAMPS and it is significantly less 3D and detailed.... That said I love having both DAC's in two different systems. Allows me to enjoy music in different ways. So yeah, amp + speakers is only part of the equation.
  2. Linear Tube Audio + darTZeel + Aurum Cantus Oldchen K3 + Oatlon W2-1000F (Klipsch KG5.5 copies) or Dayton PS220-8 Naim + B&W
  3. Yes, amazing what a coat of clear will do. Even close up its impossible to tell. I guess it's possible that it's a thin layer of wood on the vinyl if such veneer exists. Looks fantastic.
  4. Lovely speakers in fantastic condition. Might be worthwhile putting a coat or two of clear on there. I did so with a pair of locally made speakers with fantastic results. Mine were chipboard covered in vinyl woodgrain though strangely with the clear coat the wood then looked real, and the grain reflected light as though real. They originally had Plessey Rola wide range drivers which I replaced with far better sounding Dayton USA PS220-8 full range drivers.
  5. Incredible. Personally I'm agreeing with your dad's second thoughts. A high end deck in that sort of condition doesn't come along often. The only table could potentially better it off the top of my head is the Yamaha GT2000 and the arm is the weak point on that table. Certainly better performance than my S.A.M Aldebaran and JVC TT-71 though dual arm is the name of the game for me as my wife restricts me to two tables
  6. I was going to say I wish I could keep my systems that tidy.... Then I saw the cans 🤗
  7. The Darkvoice 336SE + Monoprice Monolith M1060C planars is the best I've heard this headphones. Just spectacular. I find it even better than my Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 3 where headphones are concerned which is fine as the main function of the MZ3 for me is as a preamp. Another little trick I've found is that by placing a little 1:2 Boyuu Reisong SUT in front of the amp dynamics and sound stage are vastly increased.
  8. I'm thinking they'd be a very nice improvement over my Aurum Cantus F620 speakers though I'm in no position to buy anything just now. Temporarily no income and a premmy baby. Maybe some day. Where there's a will there's a way.
  9. Picked up a Denon DL-S1 missing diamond for $250 recently and had it posted to Needlestein (Joseph Long) in the US. It's getting his smallest nude elliptical for $300 so should be on par with the original. Total cost is $550 so not bad
  10. Ah, you quoted me while I edited my post. Yeah, keeping both tubed and solid state systems. Each are quite special
  11. I'm a definite fan of the Darkvoice 336SE once NOS tubes are rolled in. Have a Melz 6H8C hole plate and RCA 6AS7G grey plate in mine. Just magic.
  12. I went from a tube integrated in my main to a solid state power amp + MicroZOTL 3 tube preamp and moved the tube integrated into my second system. I'm in a strange situation where whenever I listen to system 1 I think it's best, and when I listen to system 2 I think it's best. Problem is they both sound so darn good that I can't decide which is best and each system has its strengths. So no I can't say I've ditched tube for solid state or vice versa. I'm just lucky enough to have two living rooms so I can enjoy both. System 1 has the most coin tied up in it though system 2 has the most upgraded components (capacitors, OPAMPS, TDA1541A S1 etc). Both are magic in their own way though in all fairness the power amp used in my main system is meant to have a fairly tube like presentation (darTZeel NHB-108B copy). That said it's certainly about synergy. My 97db efficient upgraded Oatlon W2-1000F do not match well with my make system as the power amp needs more signal from the preamp to truly come alive and at that level those speakers are too loud to be comfortable. The lower sensitivity of my 89db Aurum Cantus F620 speakers is perfect in that system.
  13. What a lovely table. I daresay incredibly difficult to beat. Alas I've 2 more tables than I need already, and am without income just now so there's no way I could swing it.
  14. I'll be curious to hear your impressions once you've heard them. Beautiful specs on these. No sub required!
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