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  1. Another Brisbanite. I'd suggest taking a visit to Mike Lenehans workshop on the Gold Coast with respect to the bookshelf speakers. Start with the most revealing speaker you can afford and work your way back towards the source from there. Lenehan Audio speakers will improve as the rest of your system improves
  2. Ha, I totally get this issue. Run into it all the time
  3. I found the wood bodies improved on the naturalness of the cartridge significantly while also giving it more body. The metal bodies give the carts more of a solid, modern sound in comparison. I prefer the wood myself and have had excellent results with both mahogany and cocobolo though the best sounding one I've had was mahogany. Then again, my sonic preferences may not match others. Where many prefer the DL103R, I find the standard DL103 to be better..... Especially after replacing the cantilever with something a bit thiner and lighter with a line contact for a lower tip mass and greater detail retrieval. Take a look at the Stanley Engineering wood bodies out of Germany. If looking for metal, well, there's many options.
  4. Yes, much better. I'm using it between my turntable and Aksa Paris head amp
  5. Ah, lovely. I wouldn't mind seeing some photo's of that @Dexx13
  6. Yes, while a cart like the Audio Technica ART9 will retrive more detail I think the GP922 is the more natural and real sounding cartridge. It's a real sleeper and something of a steal when you can find them. Being air core the suspension on these pretty much lasts forever as they're a sealed unit with no exposure to corrosive oxygen. Either way, you won't find a better cart without spending upwards of $2k Australian You're right in that this cart pulls off everything in an effortless, organic sounding manner. Very few carts can manage this. When I run mine its also at 1.7g If you ever decide to move further up from the Project phono definitely have a chat to @andyr
  7. Well what do you know. A copper cable has knocked blended strands of pure silver and copper/silver cable from first place amongst those I've tried. Yesterday I recieved a new cable from Geoff at Aurealis Audio which combines 2x Duelund tinned copper strands and 2x Neotech UPOCC strands. Geoff describes the construction as: "The cable is equal combinations of Duelund 26 awg and Neotech 28 awg UPOCC. 2 strands of each wound together in a 4-wire braid. The wires are inside one of my super flexible foamed teflon tubes and a conductive carbon shield is over the tube. " I find it a very fast, present sounding cable producing that illusion that you are present for the original performance. It brings vocals and the midrange ever so slightly forward in the mix, though not as much as a pure Duelund cable does. Likewise it has more body to it without sounding mid bass heavy as pure Neotech UPOCC does. It sound smoother and richer sounding than either on their own and is incredibly transparent. It sounds extremely natural sounding rather than detailed however if you listen its in no way lacking in detail either... It's without doubt the best interconnect I've ever used and it's not even remotely burned in. Experience tells me that Duelund takes about 100 hours and Neotech around 400 hours so it will be interesting to see what it's like when done. After speaking to Geoff this morning it seems that this could well be the beginning of a new range of cables from Aurealis. I'm thinking about getting another to go between my DAC and passive pre at this point
  8. I'm actually blown away by the difference these cables make. Will be giving Geoff a call to discuss I think. These should be a permanent part of his range. Very transparent, yet smooth and rich sounding. Brings the midst ever so slightly forward in the mix bringing that illusion that you're actually there. Doesn't sound as detailed as Litz copper or silver, instead sounding very very natural. Then again, no detail is missing either. I need another pair to try with my DAC as well I think. Going to be interesting to see what burn in brings. Cheers Matt
  9. Recieved my new Aurealis interconnects for between my turntable and Aksa Paris head amp. A mix of Duelund tinned copper + Neotech UPOCC interconnects. It has given me the added body I was looking for. I guess the Aurealis R1 pure silver Litz cables can be moved to the position between preamp and power amp in place of the Robertson Audio Diamond silver interconnects.
  10. Ahhhh, too much money.... Yeah not going to bother going down that path
  11. I find it really does depend on the cables. I've heard copper cables which has sounded brittle and harsh and I've heard silver cables which sounded slightly warm. Silver may be associated silver with a bright, brittle sound though I'd suggest that's merely the sign of cheap, poor quality cables. The best pure silver cables I've tried are: 1) Aurealis Audio R1 Dragon Litz Pure Silver - Slightly warm, incredibly detailed and layered sound with a massive wide sound stage. The best sounding cable I've ever run. No longer available through Aurealis due to the cost of Litz silver. A very natural sounding cable. 2) Robertson Audio Cables Diamond - Starts off bright and becomes neautral with burn in, detailed, layered with massive sound stage. It just lets through whatever is there but seems to lack a bit of the soul of the music which is where the Aurealis cables excel. Leans towards Hi-Fi sounding. The best mixed cables: 1) The only ones I've tried, Aurealis Audio R1 Dragon - Mixed strand Pure Silver & Copper Litz. Everything said about the pure silver cable is true of this also except it lends greater body and naturalness in terms of bass and midrange. A lower price point doesn't hurt either. These are my preferred cable for bang per buck. Copper cables: 1) A budget Aurealis cable made with Litz copper and Amphenol connectors - Very detailed and rich sounding. Nicely layered though lacks the massive wide sound stage of the silver cables. Slighlty warm. 2) Another budget Aurealis cable, made with Neotech UPOCC copper and Amphenol connector - Not as detailed as the Litz. Very smooth and rich sounding with a mid bass emphassis which adds a nice weight to the sound. A hint of warmth. I've run any number of cheap cables over the years (including Canare, Mogami, Van Damme etc) and as I've previously mentioned I've heard rough, brittle sounding copper cables just as I have warm silver cables. It really comes down to the quality of the cable. One thing I do like to avoid however is silver plated copper. It tends to sound sucked out in the midrange with a treble emphasis. Yes, it's often rough sounding. This is the sound most people associate with silver and too many vendors advertise them as silver. Another cable which I find approaches Litz at a lower price point is the Duelund tinned copper stranded cotton covered oil impregnated wire. It has lovely sparkling highs and is incredibly natural sounding. Has a tube like feel to it. Brings the midrange forward in the mix without losing treble or bass. The best cheap cables I've run have all been Van Damme..... Still, avoid the silver plated copper. As always a more expensive cable does not necessarily mean it is actually better. You do you research and take your chances as with anything in audio Anyway, I'll unwatch the thread after this post as I really can't be bothered with the ensuing debates that always seem to spring from these threads from the science vs subjective hearing crowds. I've seen anough of that to last a lifetime.
  12. Well, I changed the faceplate on the DACGEAR for a proper black one. It looks really rather good with the new volume knob and added feet. Fits in with my other components.
  13. Going to be interesting to see how you like the Muji with some burn In on the OPAMPS
  14. No worries, let me know how you get on with it The Phillips has a better sound stage than any of the Denon carts. I did enjoy a shibata tipped DL303 for a time. Still have a few 103's. Never use any longer but can't bring myself to sell them.
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