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  1. I'm in complete agreement here. I started off chasing high res and played with upsampling lower res content to DSD. In the end I've found that a well executed modern implementation of the classic Phillips TDA1541A DAC chip gives far superior rendition of both 16 bit 44khz CD content and down sampled high res vs DSD content. Go figure right?
  2. I could very happily change my Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 3 pre + Wavebourn Edelwiss-3 power amp for a single Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated and use that to drive my Behringer KM750 power amp for the woofers. It would cut down on space and overall power use and I suspect sound would be pretty much identical to what it is now. That said that won't be happening any time soon due to high cost and insufficient real world benefit. I guess the answer to the question is: It depends. Not all separates or integrateds are created equal as with all gear.
  3. The system in my signature, except replacing the LTA MZ3 and Wavebourn ED3 with a LTA Z10 integrated for simplification I'm already at end game
  4. Yeah, that's how I wire my speakers and it's what gives best results for me. Why? I don't know, I'm not really interested in the why of it. It sounds better in terms of an even frequency response so that's all that really matters to me.
  5. In actuality I don't know..... It's coax only so..... Will get there anyway. I look forward to when my baby doesn't need her play enclosure any more. It completely obscures the woofer for my right speaker so when that goes away it will be like a free performance upgrade
  6. Ok, to have written a slightly more cohesive review from what I've heard so far. Initially I wasn't wowed in any way as nothing in particular stood out. I felt a little let down. As I continued to listen an the DAC warmed up I realised that everything is there with a presentation that I've never heard from any sound system before. Music is alive and breathes as a living thing. Sound stage doesn't fit my usual interpretation of a reproduced sound stage. There's width and depth, though it doesn't sound reproduced. Rather natural, as though I'm actually there in the studio. You can just hear deeper into the music. Likewise the detail is unlike anything else I've ever heard. Notes have texture rather than being smoothed out as is often the case with rich and solid sounding DAC's. Micro and macro detail is there though it's hard to separate one from the other, it simply sounds live. Not reproduced, I'd go so far as to say I'm retrieving more detail than I did when I had my Gieseler Groß + Kraftwerk power supply. This is in no way a criticism of the Groß as it was about 1/3rd of the cost of the Mutec + Abbas Audio DAC2.2SE TDA1541A. I'd ordinarily say that layer upon layer of detail can be heard, with body and tonal richness however that's not really right either. You can hear depth and the layers of instrumental detail but everything is perfectly integrated. It makes other music I've heard sound like a flat 2 dimensional reproduction in comparison. Dynamics are greater than I've ever experienced before ranging from extremely quiet to quite loud, with impact and slam where it has been recorded. In a way the DAC combines the richness, body and imaging of my modified Muji Studio DAC II with the superior detail and accuracy of the Gieseler Groß, though that's not accurate either it though as it betters both of those units on their strong points as well and then some. All the best of the better units I've heard and none of the negatives. It also seems to to have pace, rythm and drive where music has it which I have personally never experienced before.... Even with vinyl. I think Abbas' devices are all about cohesion in tone, detail sound staging etc. It's about emotional content in the music and impossible to measure quantitatively or individually, only as a whole. It's just beautiful. I've read, and experienced that some NOS DAC's have rolled off highs and bass with less detail to boot. Nothing could be further from what I'm experiencing via the Abbas. It has deep weighty bass beyond what I've heard before, and treble extension that will match that of modern oversampling DAC's It's just that everything ties together so seamlessly that you hear everything as a whole rather than focussing on individual parts of what it's doing well as you do with other units. That said, never before has it been easier to follow any particular segment of a recording. Never have I heard music presented in such a way. It flows and displays a sense of timing which even my vinyl setup doesn't exhibit.... Another thing that surprises me is that if I didn't already know this DAC was tubed I'd never pick that it was a tube DAC. I seems in no way coloured though rather chelelion like changes from one recording to the next. It outperforms solid state components I've heard in the area's that solid state gear is generally touted to have advantages over tubes. Namely deep tight bass, speed, precision, impact and dynamics.... It's also the quietest component I've run in terms of noise at odds with other tube geat I've run. Anyway, I'm not sure how to explain this better.... I think it has to be experienced in person for someone to truly understand. I'm just going to sit here and keep enjoying what my ears tell me. I'm simply not good enough with words to describe what I'm hearing any better. It's beyond me. The sound defies description. The other thing is that over long listening sessions it's performance has continued to improve. I'm not sure I can really write anything further as it would need a talented wordsmith to explain this so I'll leave it at that. I mean how do you explain do I explain a totally transparent piece of gear?
  7. I'm running a Hashimoto HM-7 SUT and keep a Fidelity Research FRT-4 aside as a spare. I've a Hashimoto HM-3 I need to get around to selling also, and a vintage Jensen SUT that I enjoy with Denon carts.
  8. I've noticed that too. I never before knew what I was missing It's certainly end of the road for me. I am curious as to whether it would improve further with my Holland S1 chip, though can't see how it could. I've The best of Acker Bilk on order. Really want to hear "Stranger on the shore" through this setup
  9. It really does show recordings for what they are though. Poor and average recordings are still enjoyable however put a Norah Jones or any other well recorded album on and it's simply spectacular. Interestingly if I didn't already know it had tubes in it I'd never pick that it does. Kind of reminiscent of Linear Tube Audio gear in that it has no sound of its own. It merely seems to reveal what is there.
  10. I had a whole lot of chores to do and now have had a listen for the past 40 minutes or so. I'm actually completely blown away. I don't see any need to replace the R1 chip with my S1 or any other changes. Nothing individually stands out, it sounds amazing across the board. In no way is it rolled off in any way in terms of bass or treble. It's all there with a level of realism I've never previously heard. Another unexpected thing is that it doesn't really have a colour of its own that I tell. Perfectly transparent, very musical and toe tapping. It's a complete chameleon changing from one recording to another. I just don't know how to adequately describe what I'm hearing..... When I first sat down I wasn't initially impressed as nothing stood out until my brain started to process just what it was doing. It just gets everything right. Just spectacular.
  11. It's never been washed out, just my camera if trying to take photos of it
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