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  1. Just keep in mind that with the more advanced diamond profiles alignment is more critical. The higher up you go in terms of profiles the more critical to getting the best from it. A mis-aligned stylus is also more likely to cause damage than a conical. Take you time setting it up and fine tune over the next week or so.
  2. Intel Compute Stick into a TV can work well
  3. I didn't start till 5.25 and microdisks were out... 93 or so. Not long before CD's came in. Creative sold a bundle including a 2x CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster 16..... And Lemmings
  4. Unfortunately yes.... Windows lost direction when Bill Gates ret go of the reins. Every interface from 8 has been rubbish. The interface in MS Office has been rubbish since the ribbon was introduced. Have to Google where to find basic functions now. Admittedly they're more profitable than ever due to a focus on cloud computing, though for the average user Microsoft has made rubbish product for some time now.
  5. DOS and early Windows days too. I've never really stopped thinking of them in these terms. Kind of like what is now called a folder was previously in DOS and Win9x as a Directory. I wasn't until the last 5 years or so that I adjusted to calling then folders.
  6. Oh yeah, had 3 separate boot discs with minimal drivers and different memory optimizations in order to run various games. Some needed more base memory, others more extended etc. Some of my all time favorite games were on DOS also and this continued on into Windows 98.... As time has gone on games have become more realistic and harder to play, and I've simply not enjoyed them as much. One exception though was the latest installment of DOOM. Just like playing in the old days except with better graphics etc.
  7. I actually get all nostalgic over XP.... And 98SE..... And MS-DOS 6.22 upgrade.... MS-DOS 5.0 somewhat too
  8. An OS is merely a platform to launch applications. If I didn't play the occasional game I could probably make the move off it. The Windows 10 interface is only an upgrade compared to 8. Windows 7 interface remains the best they ever came up with. Interface and useability complaints aside I've found the performance and reliability of 10 to be the best I've experienced to date.
  9. I wasn't willing to give up anything, I ended up with not just the Valab LCR-1 though also a Hashimoto HM-7 SUT. I love the sound signature of a great SUT.
  10. Yes, the Valab is one of those ultra transparent components that will grow with your system. No matter the level of cart run it will not be the bottleneck
  11. I may change my notebook to Linux at some point. I like the look of Deepin Linux
  12. I give Linux a try every now and then just to see if it's ready.... Not yet always seems to be the answer. One of these days though. I've strangely never had an issue with Windows 10. I intensely dislike the multitude locations for settings and start menu though for me the performance and stability has been excellent. Linux has always had superior sound quality though.
  13. A lot of it comes down to how well the manufacturer implements each interface. This is true at both ends be it the DAC or playback device, as you've discovered with the TV sounding best.
  14. Personally I'd love to switch to Linux or BSD though have always found it breaks itself if you leave automatic updates on... The Linux community are not terribly helpful to noobs.
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