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  1. MattyW

    Anyone tried a Boyuu Reisong SUT?

    Lol. All good. I've not really had any issues thus far. Apart from these El cheapo Chinese step ups all I've had do at least two step up ratios. My Cinemag 1254 do 3x levels and a bypass, and the Fidelity Research FRT-4 does 4x levels and a bypass, vintage Jensen does 2x levels, Hashimoto HM-3 does 2x levels.... So yeah, most are relatively flexible. Not every SUT matches every cartridge though seeing as I've a fair few carts to swap between it makes sense to have a few different SUT. I may try an MC head amp next My only experience with one so far was a cheap battery powered one from eBay so when I first tried a SUT the improvement was so great it warped my preferences. I've read great things about a number of MC head amps though just haven't been able to convince myself to splash out on one yet. Someday though
  2. MattyW

    Anyone tried a Boyuu Reisong SUT?

    Well, I'm now running the 1:2 version in between my sources and Schiit Saga preamp. Seems to really add a little meat to the sound and has had an unexpected benefit: the last tiny bit of hum I was getting on my power amp is gone. With my ear against the speaker its now dead silent. It doesn't seem to have hurt the systems frequency response as far as I can tell which is great also. I'm very happy to have given these a try. A mate now has the 1:20 version and has reported that it compares favourably with a Cinemag 3440AH so not bad at all considering the cost
  3. MattyW

    SUT Upgrade

    Aye, nowhere near as common as Matt
  4. MattyW

    SUT Upgrade

    Was more referring to gmdb.... Unless you're in Brisbane also GeoffRoberts? I may well source some more Aurealis Litz copper IC's to ensure best performance though I think I'll try a mix of Litz copper and Neotech UPOCC in the chain first It will be interesting to find out how close the HM-3's are to the 7's. The HM-X are another I'd love to hear.
  5. MattyW

    SUT Upgrade

    Geoff, I could bring my HM-3 over once I receive it? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it vs the HM-7
  6. I'll give it a try before worrying about this though if the results are unsatisfactory I'll certainly try the 47k resistor.
  7. Nice, easily done then. I think mod some RCA leads with resistors I may get a pair of Litz copper RCA's from Aurealis Audio with 47k resistors integrated
  8. Interesting, so with the phono left at 47k, theoretically I need another 47k resistor to halve the 10mv output to a more useable 5mv. Do I run this in parallel using plugs or in serial to achieve this? Sorry, I don't understand the actual workings of this.
  9. Hey guys, I recently bought a used Hashimoto HM-4 SUT wired with two selectable inputs and two gain levels 1:20 and 1:40. Now that's perfect for my lower output carts such as my Fidelity Research or Philips GP922 however definitely far too high for my Audio Technic ART9 (0.5mV and wants at least 100 ohms loading). Would I be able to load a resistor in series between the cart and SUT to lower the input, and if so what value would be best? How do I calculate this? With my current FidelityResearh FRT-4 I've simply switched between gain levels to find what worked best with each cart so I've not really looked at this before. I expect the Hashimoto should be something of a step up from this though in terms of sound stage, detail etc.
  10. MattyW

    Anyone tried a Boyuu Reisong SUT?

    Well, I've a 1:2 unit on the way which I want to experiment with in conjunction with my Schiit Saga passive pre. I figure more gain in front of the Saga might just give good results. If so I'll source one for all inputs Apparently my mates 1:20 unit arrives tomorrow. I think it's way too high gain for the Hana EL, though I've a Fidelity Research MC201 I can send him which should match up nicely on his Dual 1228
  11. MattyW

    What is my Oldchen KT88-K3 worth?

    Yes, in its own way it's every bit as good as my darTZeel NHB-108B copy. A little less accurate though more musical overall. Looks like it's here to stay
  12. MattyW

    What is my Oldchen KT88-K3 worth?

    Unfortunately yes.... The Tascam PA-R100 lacks preamp outs so converters like this are my only option. I tried passive though it simply wasn't up to it. This is more expensive and very well reviewed. Should do the trick. Good enough for movies anyway. CD, karaoke, guitar and vinyl will all bypass it altogether going straight to the Oldchen KT88-K3
  13. MattyW

    What is my Oldchen KT88-K3 worth?

    Last night I tried my Tascam AVR-PA100 for music and it can be summed up with one word: Unlistenable. Looks like the Oldchen will stay in my system after all. I'm going to get rid of the cheap passive high to low output converter and put an active unit (AudioControl LC2i) in there which should get rid of the random rustling noise I was getting when outputting from the Tascam to the Oldchen during movies. Hopefully it'll do the trick
  14. MattyW

    Phono Pre-amp recomendations

    Well, in that price range I'd pick up a Little Bear T11 and roll some tubes. If you're handy with a soldering iron you can upgrade the caps for a very nice result. Suggest Russian PIO's on a budget (K40-9y, K42Y-2, K75-10, K75-12 depending on what will physically fit). That stage will far outclass the 2M Red. It would be worthwhile tracking down a used Pickering XV15 and a new Jico shibata. Will compare very well with the far more expensive Black
  15. Referring to scratching records I guess 😛