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  1. I do have a problem with my system though at the moment.... I can't turn the damn thing off and stop listening. I keep wanting to do something different but as soon as I hear a song I have to sit down and listen. This will get me in trouble before too long
  2. First and final price drop. $300 picked up from my place.
  3. If budget allowed, I'd be more inclined to go with Accuphase over McIntosh..... I hate to say it but the primary consideration there would be aesthetics irrespective of actual sound. If paying that much for a product, it must both sound and look fantastic. To be fair if you're running all McIntosh gear it looks great though how many people do that? Every component in my system comes from a different company and the reason has generally revolved around performance and cost for the given level of performance. Aesthetics also play a part. At least two of my components have
  4. Delighted with my main system and in the process of getting rid of all the extras. Downsizing everything else just now. That said I'm curious to see what difference an OCXO Master Clock makes in my main system so have one on order. I can't imagine better though you never know
  5. Couldn't help myself. The Afterdark OCXO products just seem too nice for the cost and I had the $ sitting around. I'll scratch the Mutec Ref10 from my clock and be done with it. Got the following ordered: AfterDark. Project ClayX GIESEMANN OCXO 10MHz Reference Master Clock (Audiophilestyle Edition) 1M Giesemann Clock Cable + 10% off Discount code: Audiophilestyle.com + 75ohm Adaptor / Yes / Queen -Square Wave 75ohm Special Edition AfterDark. Black Modernize LPS x GIESEMANN OCXO 10M Edition 12V / Carbon Fiber + Schurter Gold Fuse+ Furutech NCF / 220
  6. Me, it's WAY out of my price range and frankly I don't like their aesthetics. McIntosh just draws too much attention to itself. Where possible I'll turn off all lights on my gear so it doesn't distract from the music. I love black face gear with silver knobs. Think old Sansui. My Pass Aleph-M. Nice and understated with metallic gunmetal grey automotive paint on the front and top. The rest is left unpainted. Tasteful without too much bling. My DACGEAR LDR Pre Mk2 is the same aesthetic with silver buttons and knobs and the screen turns off after 30 seconds Basically I s
  7. I've found I prefer to go tubes in the output stage of the DAC, and go class A solid state for the power amp..... Seems to yield the best results with the best performance aspects of each. I used to prefer tube but funnily enough I'm finding superior sound stage, bass and fine detail from my little Aleph-M. Amazing insight into each recording and very musical. I imagine that could be quite different with a different DAC up from though.
  8. I'm in complete agreement with you on this. It's why I run super tweeters.
  9. Having heard his 2020 pre in my system I have to agree that he's on to something, however it sounded more similar than different to my DACGEAR LDR Pre Mk2 which if compared with the Stereo Coffee with remote control fully built is within that 2-3x price point.... The DACGEAR allows user adjustable output impedance, adjustable bias if the LDR's drift, adjustable steps all via the selection knob and screen on the front. The remote allows selection of inputs and outputs as well as volume. Likewise in terms of build it doesn't look like a DIY solution. It's based on a pre-existing open source LDR
  10. I was seriously tempted by the stone body LPAUDIO Soar II cartridges, before I decided the cost of improving my analog chain further was just too much and bowed out. The LPAUDIO RUBY30 seems incredible value. It's essentially the wood bodied version of the Jasmine Turtle but with ruby cantilever. Far as I can tell LPAUDIO is the OEM for Jasmine cartridges. Here's a larger number of their carts listed here.
  11. Isn't this just another variation of the why don't we use tone controls thread that was locked recently? This will end up going the same way once the two opposing camps clash. Anyway, I don't use as my system simply doesn't need it. Great performance from extremely low volume to quite loud with preservation of detail, tone and dynamics. Course decent bass only comes with added volume but even at low levels music has body, nuance and texture. Tone controls irrelevant if a system is done right. It pulls off that fine balance between incredible transparency with gobs of fine natural d
  12. I got the AFTERDARK. BLACK MODERNIZE LPS X GIESEMANN OCXO 10M EDITION with all the upgrades. Still going to open it up.... See if a tungsten cube can improve things further. EDIT: Gah, that is just the power supply! Cancelling. I've done a lot of this today. I think I'll just stick with the cheap little Chinese DAPU clock. Price is right and I can have fun modding it. If it makes a big difference I'll gradually save for a Mutec REF10 SE120. Will take a few years at $100 per fortnight. Still with all the kit I'm selling off that will go straight into the savings acc
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