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  1. ^^^^ Lol, good one guys. I hope you find a nice home for this soon. Meant to be an incredible stage from all reports
  2. Depends on your preference. I've always found the best results come from matching a LOMC with the appropriate SUT into the MM section of a phono stage. Different people have different sonic preferences though so you'll never really know until you try.
  3. I'm assuming this is sold? I would snap it up though have no need just now.... And also need all 3 inputs for my DAC's. That said I've always been curious about the PDX units. I've never heard playback through one
  4. MattyW

    GIESELER Fein DAC II owners thread

    Mmmm, how much is a 3 input version? I got itchy and got a TDA1541A R1 based DAC for my second system. If I'd just waited 1 week longer.... Ah well, I can tube roll and have a used TDA1541A S1 chip coming for it. That's something I guess
  5. The tubes can be switched off so I believe they are just a buffer, yes.
  6. I've a Gieseler GroB + Kraftwerk PSU in my main system and love it. Recieved this beast today though which I'm looking forward to trying in my second system, a Muji Studio DAC II, which is a Phillips TDA1541A-R1 based DAC with ECC88 tube output stage. My second system seems to get along well with these old Phillips based DAC chips.
  7. Ruby is the same as sapphire. Meant to only last 50-60% as long though supposedly far smoother sounding.
  8. Maybe.... It doesn't really have enough power to reach as low as the darTZeel with the Aurum Cantus F620's so not a great match. Excellent results though. Definitely sold on the Dueland JAM caps. Just got to burn them in. I wonder how good they are as bypass caps? Possibly the Oatlons when done, or the future open baffle project
  9. MattyW

    SET Amp - Coupling Caps Capacitance

    Lol.... Totally random it seems.
  10. The LTA MZ2 was just the fuse. Didn't end up putting in the Khozmo as since I've the MZ3 in my main system I no longer need the MZ2. Will put it up for 1800 on the classifieds when I get a chance. The Oldchen K3 turned out spectacularly. Don found a ground loop with both inputs and outputs grounded and resolved that. Fixed the schematics which were incorrect and replaced the burnt resistors. Dueland JAM caps have replaced the French Solen Tinfoils. The absolute silence of the amp has allowed me to find both the DAC and phono I use in my second system are not that quiet in terms of noise floor, though it is used with 96.5db efficient full range speakers. It's both incredibly smooth though also insanely transparent and dynamic. I almost hate to say it though I think I'm getting a more engaging sound through the Oldchen K3 and Dayton PS220-8 speakers than I am with my main system. The sound stage and level of detail is also incredibly impressive. Enough that I'm considering an open baffle project using PS220-8's, Eminence Alpha-15A bass drivers and HiVi RT2C-A planar tweeters using the PS220-8's full range and just an inductor on the bass driver and a cap for the tweeter. Discussing with a chap in the US now who's trying this. I'll wait to see how he goes before doing anything. Can't wait to see how the amp is after it gets 3-400 hours on it. Turns out that the amp didn't match the schema very closely so some fantastic work done there. He's done well fitting in the big JAM caps too. I'll certainly be re-using his service in future.
  11. MattyW

    SET Amp - Coupling Caps Capacitance

    Hi Gryffles, I know this is an old thread and all though which end did you identify as having the outter foil. Considering knocking together some open baffles (just something to do) and thinking K75-10 with Teflon bypasses could be a nice budget option.
  12. Depends on which is the weakest link in your system. Without a sufficiently revealing amp and speakers a great DAC may sound much the same as a far worse one. Likewise, a great amp and speakers will sound bad with a poor DAC up front. In my experience every link in the chain is equally important and requires careful matching for the best results. I find it easiest to get the right amp and speakers and work backwards from there
  13. MattyW

    Karaoke preamp

    I use an ART TPS II mic preamp, and my 16x Phillips TDA1543 DAC into a ART MX622 mixer, fed through a db-Mark DF1 feedback destroyer back into my Oldchen K3 tube integrated for karaoke. I've a real dislike of audio effects with vocals. I find getting the right microphone to match your voice far more important with respect to getting great results. I've Rode M1, M2 and S1 mics though it turns out what works best for me is a relatively inexpensive Sennheiser E845. That said an effects unit could easily be placed between the mic pre and mixer. My guitar amp also runs into the mixer. Frankly the disappointing bit is the quality of the karaoke CD+G's. Poorly reproduced music or original with the midrange stripped out. The better your system the worse that sounds. Much better on a PA. Still, tube application can make almost anything sound good
  14. MattyW

    McIntosh Power Amp MC2102

    Lovely amp, and have to love the 100WPC power output. If I were in the market I'd pull the trigger on this for certain
  15. Haha, my Aldebaran is going nowhere