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  1. MattyW

    Do You Suffer From APE?

    Mmmm, for me I simply start assembling another system around the house with a different approach to the last. 5 systems and counting. Only 3 have reached that point where I can't be bothered upgrading further and I love all 3. My main is the best performer, as it should be. I'm well and truly done upgrading though. Sounds incredible as it is.
  2. MattyW

    MM Vs MC

    Is it the Empire MC5 made by Ernst Benz? I've lusted over those ever since I read about them 5 years or so back
  3. MattyW

    Aurum Cantus F620 speakers

    I've a Quad 405 copy that should arive this week. Will see if it's capable of driving these speakers which should prove interesting. The original 405 had a protection circuit for the Quad speakers it was intended to drive so good for 8 ohms only. There is no information of reviews out there to indicate whether the clones are a bit more capable with most speakers. I suspect so as they'll likely have zero protection circuitry. If they do work well, I may upgrade with some dada 405-2 boards down the track. I'm planning ahead for if we manage rugrats and have to put all my tube gear away. Should be an interesting experiment anyway.
  4. MattyW

    Vinyl Ripping

    Maybe they do, though I wouldn't expect it could better my Valab LCR-1 phono stage....
  5. MattyW

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    It's more with 192k sampled 32 bit float vinyl rips where I see improvement. I can't tell the difference from the original vinyl Course, the file size is kind of ginormous. Eric Clapton Unplugged was about 5gb for both sides.
  6. MattyW

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    For me the real magic started when I set JRIVER to up sample PCM to 2x Native DSD
  7. MattyW

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Is there one which is best with Windows 10 presently Clay? I've not touched the firmware on mine as yet
  8. MattyW

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Mmmmm, I'm currently finding that I need to unplug and plug back in the DAC as Windows 10 drops it from device manager. My main annoyance is needing to turn off at the wall and back on again to select an input other than USB or I get static. I know Clay is working on a firmware update to resolve though so just need to be patient. Despite these temporary annoyances I continue to be amazed by how this thing sounds. It's nothing short of incredible, particularly on the USB input with JRIVER up scaling to DSD 128. One of my closest mates is dropping in this weekend for a listen. He's interested in pairing with a Quad 405 copy. I think it should sound rather good.
  9. MattyW

    Vinyl Ripping

    Ok, tried the Schiit JIL tonight using Vinyl Studio and I must say that I'm impressed. With the sampling rate set to 192kI can't tell the difference between the original vinyl and playback of the rip. To my ears it's identical. Very very impressed.
  10. Haha, you have too many speakers
  11. If I were in your shoes I'd hang onto them. I've no idea which other speakers you have though. I'm satisfied with the speakers in my two main systems so I can't use another pair of large speakers unfortunately though I've always lusted over the Corals. Incredibly transparent speakers. There's meant to be something very special about them. The one pair I'd heard at Geoff Maloney's is one hell of a speaker having everything. Deep bass right through to sparkling highs. Incredible.
  12. Sounds like a good idea. It is a nice cart. I'm not a huge fan of bass though so I gravitate towards balanced or even carts that are light on bass (Empire 4000 D/I). The Pickering XV15 is a nice balance. The XSV3000 might be great with a table that's short on bass though. I had one on an Ariston RD110 SL / FR24 Mk2 tonearm combo for a bit and it sounded great.
  13. My God, how are these not sold yet? If I didn't already have my Aurum Cantus F620 speakers I'd be all over these.
  14. A word of caution regarding the fantastic sounding, cheap Realistic 42-2109 and 42-2101. Three of my mates and my dad are running them. Two have failed. If you get one be sure to recap it. Apparently after recapping the performance improved still further.
  15. OEM is best though frankly costs too much and you never know how the suspension has weathered the test of time. Better off sourcing a new Jico shibata. If you love bass you may want to check out a Pickering XSV3000 instead. They're a bit more bass heavy. I prefer the XV15 / 680 / 681 based carts. More balanced to my ears.