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  1. Check out the parallel version without knob - http://s.aliexpress.com/MjUNbeEF?fromSns=Copy Spectacular with Schiit Saga. Can't go wrong paired with a Gieseler Gross DAC. I'll never sell mine. The Weilang Audio AKM 4497EQ DAC's make a nice cheap alternative though need a better power supply not to hum. Will do that upgrade, and roll OPAMPS too though I want to replace those with output transformers eventually
  2. The best I've had paired with my Aurum Cantus F620 speakers is a Schiit Saga preamp paired with a Chinese darTZeel NHB-108B copy though a Quad 405 copy came really quite close for a fraction of the cost. Wider sound stage than the darTZeel though without its depth. That said I probably wouldn't go back. If you're in Brisbane we could have a listening session with both the darTZeel and Quad. EDIT: Just checked and you're in Victoria. Listening session is definitely out of the question.
  3. MattyW

    Vintage MC find -

    A Supex SD900 Super with Garrott Bros shibata recipient was one of my favourite carts. Sold it to a mate fairly cheaply though to get him into LOMC's. Never had Pink Floyd sound better than with it
  4. MattyW

    DSOTM Aust Quad pressing, weird mix?

    I've a Quad first press.... Far far prefer my repress from JB Hi-Fi
  5. Ok, this is confirmed sold guys
  6. Sorry, a typo. I meant the F8L. Sorry
  7. Damn, that's a real shame
  8. Yes, the VN35HE NeoSAS is just spectacular in a Grace F8C. Very special indeed
  9. MattyW

    Vintage shootout.

    I've loved the KEF Concertos since I heard them at someone else's place. Sounded spectacular. Alas none ever came up locally in Brisbane. I've ended up with Chinese imports which are pretty spectacular considering their cost. WAF is good also.
  10. I'm with you there. 320k is the same to these ears.
  11. MattyW

    Good Schiit!!

    I've a little JLH 1969 Hood based headphone amp on the way. That should prove interesting to say the least. Will use with my desktop computer for gaming
  12. Lol. You mean my puppy, his bed and toys? I don't run EQ. All rugs etc are about WAF except the one with my main system. Had to put our cow skin rug away as the puppy kept using it as his toilet.
  13. Easily the best match I've had with my Oldchen KT88-K3. Deep and powerful bass, though nicely balanced. Very natural sounding top to bottom. A perfect choice for tube amps with its 50WRMS power handling at 4 ohms and 97db sensitivity. Would be a nice pile of Schiit I've some Litz cables from Geoff and also some from Custom Canz in the UK. They've the same sound signature as Geoff's cables though are not as durable. I like the Litz where I want to add a little more body to the sound whereas the Van Damme silver plated copper has more extended highs. I've not tried a Freya though the Saga sounds incredible and uses less space if that's a concern. I did get a Modi 2 Multibit though didn't enjoy its sound at all. I find the Weilang Audio AKM 4497EQ DAC significantly more natural, and the Gieseler Gross DAC that bit better again. The Weilang will need it's power supply replaced with a proper 240v transformer as it's 220v ones hum. Still, something of a bargain. I'd get that and replace the transformer over a Schiit DAC.
  14. Those are Aurum Cantus F620 speakers sourced from the SNA classifieds. Fantastic speakers. Incredibly transparent. No real sound of their own. Very balanced top to bottom though less bass than the big Oatlon W2-1000F speakers downstairs. More air and sparkle at the top end though. Yes, a Schiit Saga with a RCA 6F8G smoked bottle tube in there. Running a mix of Litz copper and Van Damme silver plated copper RCA's
  15. System 1... A bit blurry unfortunately System 2: System 2 pic isn't fully up to date. The Marantz CD63SE was replaced with a Shanling EC1B CD player and a Weilang Audio AKM 4497EQ DAC added