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  1. Ok I knocked together another pair of OB's for personal use on my desktop computer using vintage 10" Zenith 49CZ924 and Motorola piezoelectric tweeters. Very smooth, refined and organic sounding with the ability to trick you into thinking you're at the performance. I'm rather impressed with them. A very rough and somewhat shoddy build. I got the hole size wrong for the tweeters (too large) and drivers are only in roughly the correct place. No measurements taken. Likewise I didn't drill guide holes so the baffles have split in places where I put the screws in. Most notable in the r
  2. Awesome news. Congratulations on your purchase. It should be a very nice improvement in your system for a very modest increase in cost.
  3. As many end points as you like, and as many playlists as you like. Roon is incredibly flexible and easy to use. You can even use mobile devices as end points should you wish to do so. Anything you can install Roon on can act as an interface for controlling Roon or as an end point. Very cool.
  4. A beautiful sounding DAC that OPAMP rolling between Burson V5i-D and Sparkos SS3602 will change the fundamental sound of the DAC... I wouldn't change the Phillips 6DJ8 tubes though..... Those lend a certain magic to the sound that Telefunken and Siemens tubes lacked. I didn't try other brands beyond that though.
  5. Yup, but it's all via the Roon server. It signs into your Tidal account. You don't need the Tidal app.
  6. I've found it easy to migrate Roon Core data. Simply backup to your NAS, install on another system and restore the backup. Easy as. I've done it a few times. I've found it's easiest to keep your files on the NAS, and use the NUC with Roon Server installed, I then install Roon over the top to control it. The benefit of this is simply that if my wife closes the Roon app (it's the media PC after all), the server continues to run in the background. Currently building a custom NAS. Hoping to migrate everything to that once done. Haven't had much luck tinkering with UnRAID so
  7. Sadly I'm not sure when it will happen. Lately, every time we're due to have visitors or catch up with a mate the little lady explodes for a day or two. Strangely, I don't know what that was. Roon was set to shuffle.... There's a little over a thousand tracks in that playlist Ah, that's actually a baby seat. Not big enough for potty training just yet. She does love that unicorn. Rocks away on it I noticed the wind chimes were working overtime during that too. I don't notice it so much here though it's rather clear in
  8. Thanks. It's my end game system. My wife will allow no further changes That said, if I can sneak a Samson SXD5000 in to replace the Behringer KM750 powering my woofers, that would improve things a bit allowing me to tweak crossover points etc
  9. Yes, an incredible amp. A shame my phone just can't capture what I hear in person. Such is life though
  10. Well, the wife was out for a half hour today so I was able to turn things up to decent listening volumes for a change. Recorded a little video. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZXGv6xmE4E0smCZsuLEP0bBQG5KAjg-C/view?usp=sharing You'll have to forgive my little one squealing through it
  11. A video of my system today - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZXGv6xmE4E0smCZsuLEP0bBQG5KAjg-C/view?usp=sharing
  12. Gorgeous..... Your new amps and preamps are just lovely to look at Anatoliy. Still, I love how my prototype amps sounds. I turn down the level of the Behringer KM750 driving my woofers recently and have been blown away by the improved nuance, detail and tonality of the Wavebourn. Enough so that I'm considering changing the Behringer for a Samson SXD5000 so I can control the crossover point for the woofers. I daresay it would be an even greater improvement again. My system has evolved from what I had in the original review to running all Abbas Audio sources (DAC2.2SE TDA1541A R1 and
  13. We upgraded the OPAMPS in a mates EX-M1 about a month or so back with a single Burson V6 Dual Classic and 4x Sparkos SS3601 discrete OPAMPS. Even prior to burn in he was delighted with the change. To me, it now bridges the gap between solid state and tube gear, having the aspects of both that I like. Namely the bass impact and authority of solid state, along with the expansive sound stage and inherent richness of tubes. The best of both worlds. He runs a Denafrips Ares as his source, and VAF DC-X63 speakers. Aurealis Audio Litz copper XLR interconnects and Van Damme LC-OFC speaker
  14. Try playing back through these DAC's downsampled. I'm willing to bet that the difference is in the mix itself.... Basically they put more time and effort into mixing the SACD versions of the album. The differences you're hearing between the Topping and the XR, are likely just differences in the sound signature of each DAC. Just not worth worrying about. It's like rolling different digital cables. The differences are there, however it's so small it's in the realm of "did I hear that or, or just imagine a difference". When you're unsure it's hard to justify the big bucks. Same deal w
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