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  1. Wish I could afford.... As is I'll stick with my combination of Duelund JAM, Duelund silver bypass caps, Miflex KPCU-1 & KFPM-1 caps. It merely hints at what is possible though I'm happy for now...... Really love Duelund oil impregnated cotton covered wire too, both solid core and stranded tinned copper. I'm sure these will sell quickly. I'd put my hand up if I had the budget, and a use for 3.3uf caps.
  2. I found that in my teens that I felt music with my whole body. I gravitated towards higher energy rock/pop whereas in my childhood it was more harmonies etc. Probably due to my involvement in choirs, stage plays etc. My taste during teen years was just as influenced by the attractive women in the videoclips as the music itself and that continued quite a few years. Then during my 20's after tiring of the club scene I discovered karaoke and being a fairly decent singer enjoyed the attention on stage. Likewise feeling the sound you're creating within your own body brings its own enjoyment. I was hooked on that for about 10 years to the extent of getting professional vocal lessons. After a time I grew tired of this and continued on another 5 years (not knowing what else to do on weekends) before discovering tubes, the online audio forums (AK & SNA mostly) and meeting my wife. As my system progressed I've ended up hearing music as I never have before. Both critical listening and now falling asleep to it while holding our baby. I prefer not to listen to music at work as it affects my enjoyment of it while at home. I no longer feel the music with my body as its just never played that loud. Likewise my ears hurt with loud sounds these days so I prefer to play more quietly. I also tend to focus on the instrumentation in music where in my youth I'd focus on the vocals. For some reason I've always lacked the ability to heat music as a whole though rather have to focus on sections of it. This has allowed me to enjoy the same piece of music in many different ways. The only way I can hear it as a whole is as background music at which time so much is lost that I may as well not have it on. I believe much of the way I've enjoyed music over time is down my own limitations in my mind. I've always wanted to be part of a group though have always felt I never quite fit in. Never quite belonged. Sometimes feeling a slight disconnect with reality. Thing is, everyone has felt this at some point in their life. It's part of being human. I don't notice it as much now as I no longer have time to dwell on it. I can still fit some listening time in though and that keeps things interesting.
  3. I guess it depends on whether people are trying for an end game speaker or just looking to experiment with open baffle..... I found very good results with Zenith 49CZ924 drivers and 15" Magnavox Astro-Sonic drivers for bass augmentation..... The Lii Audio stuff is in a different price range though is certainly worth it if looking for that end game speaker. At least it is for me. That said I still have to get around to selling a few of my better phono cartridges to pay for them.... And the old drivers
  4. Depends on the DAC. Some DAC's are better with DSD content which really limits you to either USB or I2S. If that's not a factor then its down to the implementation of those interfaces on a given DAC or the source. I've usually 3 sources so that simplifies it for me. I usually have to buy at least one source where a coaxial output is one of the main determining factors as most sources are optical and there are generally only I2S, USB, coax and fibre inputs on most DAC's
  5. I've never heard a pair of headphones can match my 2 channel DIY speaker setup however headphones can sound very very nice. Imaging is one area they fall down. Another is that the pressure placed on my head from headphones gives a headaches after 30 minutes or so listening. If not for that I find headphones a very satisfying experience. I won't pretend my setup is in the same price range, though I've combined a Monoprice Monolith M1060 planar with an inexpensive 8x Phillips TDA1387 DAC / Headphone amp combination and the end result is nothing short of magic. That said they'll never be as open sounding with larger than my room imaging that my speakers can provide. As you've said the imaging is basically inside you head. Likewise it lacks the depth and fine grained detail of speakers. The deal breaker really just is the headaches for me though.
  6. For some reason I associate big full rangers with Tannoy.....
  7. There's not many no, though of those which are available a number are rather expensive. I find it odd that mostly the commercial offerings are just a single driver rather than a full range with a super tweeter and bass driver as is fairly common with DIY speakers.
  8. Nah, going to use to bypass the Miflex KFPM-1 output caps in my Muji Studio DAC II.
  9. Yeah, been doing that for years. I believe this is end game for me being ahead of everything else I've ever used in every performance category. Seems to be excellent with every type of music though it really shines with live performances, jazz, blues and orchestral.
  10. More precisely and simply put than my response . I meant the same thing, though with justification for my purchase also.
  11. All speaker technology is compromised in some way @THOMO though for myself I've never heard anything better than these. I extend the highs with ribbons and bass with bigger woofers. Due to running open back they'll never extend too low though I guess I could always add a sub. Another strength of full range drivers is being able to create simple speakers with basic crossovers for first time speaker builders such as myself. Besides, fullrange drivers seem to have a magic other drivers lack. It seems to disappear when used with complicated crossovers so I believe it's due to having nothing between the amp and the driver but speaker wire. I've nothing to back this up mind you
  12. I imagine those would have been quite spectacular. I hope to hear a pair of speakers with Heils installed one of these days
  13. You won't regret the purpose for a moment. In fact you'll be kicking yourself you didn't try them sooner. I never knew what I was missing out on until running these. My dilemma now is that I just ordered a pair of Duelund silver bypass caps.... Do I use them to bypass the Miflex KFPM-1 in my DAC, or to bypass the 0.47uf Duelund JAM caps which are in turn bypassing the 1uf Cornell Dubilier 940c caps on my super tweeters in my DIY speakers? Choices choices....
  14. The FAST-10 are the previous top of the line drivers. While the Crystal-10 are no doubt better I suspect there's not much in it. The sell out pricing of the FAST-10 is hard to pass up https://www.lii-audio.com/index.php/product/full-range-speaker-10-inch-hi-end-99db-hifi-speaker-driver-for-tube-amplifier-xizi-audio-2pcs-fast-10/
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