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  1. doomigee2

    FS: Chord Hugo TT (Silver colour)

    Pm sent.
  2. doomigee2

    SOLD: FS: Auralic Aries (Femto) with LPSU

    Good buying. Glwts
  3. doomigee2

    Do I want a prepro or avr?

    Hi all sorry about the delay on coming back to you all. Been out in the garden all day (fun I know....) To answer some of the questions: 1. How is it all connected? My mains run through the Vitus RI-100 via HT bypass. Preout from the Marantz AVR Centre runs straight from the AVR Surround from the AVR Cables are Analysis Plus Chocolate RCA for the pre out. Speaker cables are Inakustic for the surrounds and centre, PAD Corvus for the mains HDMI cables are Audioquest Pearl Foxtel & Shield > HDMI > AVR 2. Room correction I don't necessarily dislike Audyssey, but would like to try something different. I hear ARC is superior 3. Room size It's small unfortunately. About 3.5m x 4.5m (long) Ceiling Height 2.4m 4. Speakers The fronts are Focal Scala Utopia - not the le Scala.
  4. Hi all So I have a real first world problem here. I have decided it’s time to upgrade my current AVR (Marantz sr7008) so something newer and nicer, but am unsure whether I want another avr or a pre pro. And then within that, which model to select. Current system marantz sr7008 vitus ri-100 focal scala utopia main focal Electra cc1008be centre focal sr700v surround nvidia shield Foxtel iq3 sony kd-65x9300e 4K hdr tv my system serves double duty, for my hifi enjoyment I just use the Vitus and associated hifi gear. For HT, Vitus is in ht bypass and runs from the marantz pre out. Centre and surrounds from the avr. Majority of what I watch is tv series and Foxtel. Probably 50% tv series, 20% movies (tv series and movies from shield), 10% Netflix (again, shield) and 20% Foxtel. What I want is - improved and awesome sound stage. I love the ambient sounds bouncing all around the room in movies - big powerful sound - I’m spoilt with my hifi setup and want similar quality from my HT - crystal clear dialogue - this is very important, the wife will complain to no end if this isn’t right - centre dialogue height - currently the centre is clear, but very locatable at the centre speaker. Stage is also narrow and without depth - good bass management - currently I am without a sub, so want something that will utilise the main speakers. I will add a sub or two soon - lip sinc - I feel like my lip sync is off by half a second currently. I’ve tried every setting imaginable but it’s never felt quite right - amazing, smooth, non grainy picture. - utilise the 4K HDR ability of the tv - excellent room correction. Dirac, arc preferred. Audyssey an option but less preferred no doubt an avr can probably do all of the above. But can a pre pro do it better? I’m happy to get a little 5ch amp to run surrounds and centre. Using balanced is als attractive as I do have noise issues I would like to solve I’m happy to spend 3-4K plus the trade/sale of my marantz. So around the 5k rrp Mark. Preference is second hand, would also consider good ex trade deals of course. I do like my marantz, but happy to try something different. Before my marantz I had a Yamaha Rx-a3040, much prefer the marantz sound. Avr shortlist is Marantz sr8012 nad t777v3 anthem mrx 720 or 1120 open to others pre pro short list could be marantz av7703/4 marantz 8802a (2nd hand) Anthem avm 50/60 open to others, to be honest I don’t know a lot about pre pros. Ok so let’s hear your thoughts. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  5. This is good advice re the light speed cable - it’s ridiculously good. As good as a dac upgrade imo
  6. You can use the mscaler with tt, but with a lower upscaled freq that’s what I plan to do when the mscaler comes out.
  7. I would keep the TT and add an Mscaler. Or better still get the TT2 and an mscaler
  8. doomigee2

    SOLD: FS: Vitus RCD 100

    Wow that would match my vitus perfectly! Interested in trades+cash?
  9. doomigee2

    Bocchino vs WBT spades

    Thanks I just contacted Carmine directly. Did you find the connectors made any SQ improvement to your system? I’m keen to pull the trigger but only if it’s worth the outlay.
  10. doomigee2

    Bocchino vs WBT spades

    You may well be correct, but I’m intrigued none the less. That description is for the spades on the newer Luminist range of cables, mine are the Praesto revision.
  11. Hi all going to start by putting my flame suit on as I know my question may trigger some controversial and emotional responses! So I have recently acquired some PAD Corvus speaker cables which I absolutely love, by far the best cables I’ve ever heard. I’ve been thinking of small tweaks to make improvements and researched different spade connectors as a possible upgrade. What I could determine was that there are 2 types of spades that seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest - Bocchino Audio and WBT NextGen Both are pretty pricey, but over on Audiogon the consensus seems to be that they are a worthwhile investment. The Bocchino seems the favoured spade, but WBT also highly regarded. Before looking any further, I wanted to see whether anyone here had experience with either and could offer some opinion one way or the other? Bocchino looks to be available from Len Wallis or direct (they are Australian) and WBT from @Krispy Audio - so both accessible as I’m in Sydney. I have no doubt the PAD connectors are high quality, but these perked my interest as a possible upgrade.
  12. doomigee2

    Chord Electronics DAC64 (Black)

    How does this compare to the Hugo TT
  13. Nice choice. Oh my Darling cranks as well
  14. Hi all I had a dedicated line run from the fuse box to my listening room - it has its own circuit breaker. At the listening room end, the sparkie installed a single 4 port HPM switched power point. I have been using an Isotek Polaris board from here, with most (but not all) of my gear connected to this. I experimented with removing from the Polaris and plugging my integrated straight into the wall and unsurprisingly it sounds better. So now I want to completely remove the Polaris and run everything back to the wall, if it makes sense to. I would also like to have a dedicated power point for my integrated, so I think I should remove the 4 port and replacewith a number of points. And here is where my question starts firstly, what sort of power points should I purchase for install? I don’t mind paying for quality but am unsure of the best to look at. Many have suggestedunswitched but I think they may be illegal in NSW. I also have a lot of devices, so will need a total of 9 points at the moment, although I may add more components in the future. 10 points would be ideal. My devices are 1. Logitech harmony hub 2. Router 3. Foxtel 4. Nvidia shield 5. Sub 6. AVR (Marantz sr7008) 7. DAC (chord Hugo tt) 8. Streamer (aurender x100l) 9. Integrated (Vitus to-100) I also have a TV, but this is plugged into its own power point which is installed directly behind it (wall mounted) but it is not on the dedicated HIFI circuit. So basically I have a dedicated run into my room and a circuit that’s shared with the rest of the house. Question 1 - should everything be on the same circuit, which would be the dedicated. Or should I have only the HIFI gear (dac, streamer, amp) and run everything else off the normal circuit? question 2- what are the best power points to buy? I have seen Elsafe recommended before. Is unswitched an option? quesrion 3- what’s the best configuration? Do I do 5x double power points, 10 single, or a combination?