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  1. Agree, it’s a tough thing to voice a system through cables. Minor adjustments to suit individual preference - sure. Changing timbre and sonic signature - unlikely. Might sound crazy, but you could try adding a sub. Amazing what a good sub can do for the entire spectrum not just bottom end. Other options 1. Get an external dac to sit between node and amp. Although the dac in the node is actually pretty good 2. Get a minidsp or something and adjust eq to preference. 3. Speaker positioning - free and highly effective. I would start here. 4. Setup a roon server - I have no idea why but I always found that roon had fleshier/more weighty vocals then bluos. Im not familiar with the speakers but the rest of the gear is OK, so I would encourage you to start with speaker positioning and room treatment. What source material are you using?
  2. I would definitely agree with that. I also think that there are a couple of characteristics that all of the focal line shares. The first is great mid range. Even in the Chorus range focal are well known for their midrange reproduction and for good reason. Female vocals in particular are very good. Hence tubes aren’t really necessary and can end up a bit bloated - too much of the same. The other is a tweeter that takes no prisoners. In all ranges, the top end is quite resolving and very sensitive to electronics matching. I’ve often heard focal referred to as bright, and in my experience this is true with electronics on the bright or clinical side. Paired well, they are anything but bright. Elektra is another good option. Made locally and not much can compete at that price. I’m also a big Parasound fan, as long as it’s the Halo range. I’ve not paired with focal though so can’t comment on the synergy. I expect it’s probably pretty good.
  3. Have tried many Amp combos with focal and find that they prefer good SS power, but not to clinical/revealing. My experience says go a good integrated with HT bypass, or if you want separates put more focus on the preamp. Or get a dac with adequate preout - a chord Hugo TT2 or similar. Amp brands that seem to work well - Musical Fidelity - Vitus - Karan - Krell - PS Audio not so well - Luxman - devialet - Macintosh
  4. Now selling. Price dropped to $5k and will entertain offers.
  5. Good advice, just changed to include delivery as an option.
  6. Item: Dual JL Audio E112 12" subs in gloss black Location: Sydney Price: $5000 for both Item Condition: Operationally 10/10, cosmetic 9/10 (usual swirl marks from cleaning etc) Reason for selling: Downgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, delivery Extra Info: Just an EOI at this stage as I am still contemplating. I downgraded my system in January this year and as part of the very modest rebuild, I purchased these dual JL audio subs. The rest of the system is very basic and I don't think I am doing these amazing subs justice. My previous system was very high end and these subs would have been comfortable in that setup. That's my way of saying these are very very good and easily the best subs I have heard. I have a baby coming in September and suspect they will see even less usage. If I decide to sell, I will need to replace these with alternative subs - dual 10's or 12's. Something basic will be fine, as long as they are black and preferable gloss. As such, I would prefer to do a trade + cash for these and would be interested in brands like Sunfire, SVS, REL, PSA. These are in excellent condition, with original receipts from Lifestyle Audio - note they are only a few months old and have the balance of warranty. I still have original box and packaging. Pictures: actual pics to come
  7. Item: Analysis Plus Chocolate Oval 1m RCA interconnect Location: Sydney Price: $130 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 1m set of interconnects for sale. Can post anywhere Pictures:
  8. Should also mention I’m negotiable on price
  9. Item: Bluesound Node 2i Location: Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have had the Node 2i for around 4 months and in that time I have used it twice. It is a great piece of kit and SQ wise is remarkably close to my old Aurender x100l (at 5 times the price) I will also consider cash + trade for a basic Roon end point that can replace this. Pictures: to come
  10. I should have been clearer - I turned off the crossover on the sub itself.
  11. Hi all this feels like a fairly basic question, but I shall ask none the less I have just performed a major change in my system (downgrade) and now have the following avr - Anthem mrx1120 fronts- LCR soundbar subs - JL audio e112 (x2) heights - Focal sib xl surround - Focal sr700v everything sounds surprisingly good. The jl subs are truly excellent but I do have an issue with the auto power on feature. When set to auto (ie switches on when signal present) they don’t turn on. If I crank the volume on the avr then eventually they do. When power is set to “on” they are fine. Checking the manual, it says that I should use a y splitter and both left and right input sockets should be used. This adds 6db to the input sensitivity and will resolve my issue. Will likely also get a bump in output. My anthem has 2 subwoofer outs but they are in parallel. So exactly the same. So here are the options 1. Use y splitters. Run one cable from sub out on avr to sub1 and use a y splitter to l/r. Same for second sub 2. Daisy chain. Run both sub outs from avr to sub 1 and then use the outputs to sub 2 option 2 requires more cables, but that’s fine. I have sub crossover set to off and use ARC to set the crossover freq (fronts at 200, lfe at 120). The jl output should be pure output when the crossover is defeated so sub 2 should receive exact same signal. So which option do I go for? And if y splitter is preferred, any recommendations? I’m using analysis plus super sub cables and happy to spend up to $50 each for y splitters. More if needed
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