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  1. Agree about using non-Rega cartridges, I have an Exact and its not that great. I am also no fan of the Ortofon 2M series so I would recommend a Nagaoka MP 110 or Audio Technica VM540ML .
  2. Hi all Just bought a Macap M2M to replace a 15 year old Mazzer Mini (doser was a pain). Any suggestions as to initial grind setting to begin dialing in process? Cheers Ron
  3. Item: Rega/Moth MK1 Tonearm (OEM Rega RB202) with variable anti-skate Location: Abbotsford Sydney - will post for $15. Price: $190 ono Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I bought this arm a couple of months ago from Analogue Seduction in the UK. It was going to replace the arm on a Rega P1 as the fixed anti-skate on the lower price Rega arms are problematic with cartridges tracking at under 2 gms (anti-skate is fixed at around 2.5 gms) I ended buying another Rega P3 for the second system instead. Please note that as its an OEM product and all you/I get is the arm - no documentation or even screws. It has the standard Rega 3 point attachment to the plinth so if you are replacing a Rega arm you will need to retain and re-use the screws - this is very easy to do btw. Postage in Australia will be $15, pick-up is preferred. Features: Technically correct levels of effective mass High quality appropriate materials used throughout Unique anti skate mechanism which provide ample power whilst introducing no bearing friction Very high levels of stability whilst tracking the record resulting in market leading performance in dealing with record warps, large or small Bespoke manufactured wiring throughout offering ultimate performance Pictures:
  4. Pls note that I have accepted an offer - so turntable and glass platter are hopefully sold.
  5. Atacama Nexus Speaker Stands 600mm Location: Abbotsford Sydney Price: $150 ono Item Condition:As new (a little dusty) Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info:Atacama Nexus Speaker Stands 600mm - 4 spikes in base, isolation gel pads also available. Stands look as new - no marks or scratches, just a little dust. $299 rrp. Pictures:
  6. Item: Rega P1 turntable with upgraded arm (Rega RB220) and LP Gear AT95 cartridge with shibata stylus Location:Abbotsford Sydney Price: $450 Item Condition :As new Reason for selling: Upgrading again Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I bought this turntable last year for my second/office system. I can't help myself though and had to do some upgrading. I replaced the very basic original arm with a Rega RB220 (as per P2 turntable) and I am selling it with a pretty new LP Gear AT95 cartridge with shibata stylus (if you google this you will see the glowing reviews and see that that it is worth $US187). Perspex lid has no scratches or marks. In total upgrades would add approximately $AU500 to cost of standard P1. I also have a Rega glass platter (P3 standard) that I will also sell for an additional $50 - very worthwhile upgrade over the standard P1 platter. Pictures:
  7. P1 has fixed anti-skating - which could be a problem if you want to change the cartridge. Anti-skating is fixed at around 2.5 gms (which is tracking weight for Rega Carbon cartridge). I have one as a second turntable and had trouble with the arm/cartridge sticking on some records (Nagaoka MP110 cartridge and Rega Exact cartridge). Had to actually loosen and move the "fixed" anti-skating magnet to get over this.
  8. Hi Are the banana plugs soldered or screwed on? Cheers Ron
  9. My suggestion would be to start with some bluesy Blue Note albums where the jump from more popular instrumental music isn't too great. Guitarist Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue is a great starting point. If you would like some vocals as well then look at John Coltrane with Johnny Hartman on the Impulse lable. Samples of both are easily found on YouTube.
  10. I have both 4PR and 4TC. Like both and can confirm that the 4TC does sound better - bit more detail.
  11. I have used both - just so happens that I now have the Star plugs on some Belden cable that originally came with Bullets. My ears prefer the Star RCAs - the Bullets always seemed a little bit "dull" to me and a bit lacking with regards to bass definition. One thing for certain though is that the Star plugs are much easier to solder as the return tab is much bigger, Not as good sounding as the newer KLEI plugs however.
  12. You are certainly right about the Belden cable being very inflexible - the thick teflon insulation for the signal wire is very stiff.
  13. Found some info re DNM wire - this is the newest version, not what I have. http://www.dnm.co.uk/datasheets/stereointerconnectall.pdf
  14. Take your point regarding the nickel plating - maybe its a combination of the very low metal content in the plug and the fact that the positive/signal pin is hollow and the signal wire is soldered at the tip of the pin (very short signal path!). Whatever, in my stereo the DNM/Deltron combo sounds a bit fuller and more dynamic with better bass than the DNM/KLEI combo - with to me no perceptible loss of detail. I tried the Deltron plugs because I remember in years gone Rega terminated their phono leads with them. Interestingly DNM used to sell their interconnects with Eichmann Bullet termination but now sell it with what looks like an even cheaper version of the Deltron plug.
  15. You're certainly on the right path with DIY - all of my recent self made interconnects are significantly better than the store bought ones I have. Chord Chameleon Plus for example are really not in the same ball park (although some ones made using Van Damme cable made up by a re-seller aren't too made) My favourites at the moment are DNM cable with Deltron 43-035 plugs (with the DNM wire I think they sound better than the KLEI plugs).
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