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  1. Agree, and 40 odd years ago I would jump at this............but I have so many of them now,
  2. Music, hell, yeah. I love my records & cd's but I'd rather go and hear live music anyday. Unfortunately I can't afford a live band in my lounge every night (or any night), and anyway, there isn't enough room. So hi fi it is. And it's great.
  3. Thanks for all your replies, guys. I have learnt things from this. I have already got the Linn speakers suggested above and they sound great. I also have a new cartridge in the mail, as well as new springs and bits to service the LP12. I am still considering the Mose/Hercules power supply and a new phono preamp; maybe Pro-ject Tube Box S (I currently use the phono stage of the Mimic).
  4. A better cartridge is definitely an option. However, a better arm than an Ittok?
  5. The upgrade bug is nibbling. My current system is Linn LP12 with Ittok arm and K18 MM cartridge, Linn Mimic and Majik from the 90's and a pair of Rega ELA speakers with decent cables. Upgrade options are so confusing. I suspect the speakers could be improved but how much to spend before I exceed the capabilities of the rest of the system. I listened to VAF DC-X42's yesterday and they were very impressive. Will my system handle their Signature I33's? What other speakers should I consider? I listen mostly to pop, rock, folk. Occasional jazz and classical. My room is crap so if I'm to change the speakers I need something that isn't too fussy about positioning. Other upgrade options include replacing any other item (obviously), except the LP12, adding a power amplifier and using the Majik as a pre-amp, adding a DAC to the CD player. More mods to the LP 12 are an option but despite a reasonable LP collection I find myself listening to CD's more these days. I had a budget of $4-5k in mind (less would be nice) but I'd be interested to hear views on how much I'd need to spend for a reasonably significant improvement. Comments and suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance. Tony
  6. Yes, but a consistent 20 years! Last time i replaced all but the LP12. I can't afford to do that this time, unfortunately.
  7. Hi folks, A new member introduction. I was into hi fi in the 70's (showing my age) and dabbled a bit in the 90's, which is when I got most of my current set up. Now the upgrade bug is nibbling again. System: Linn LP12, Linn Mimic & Majic, Rega ELA speakers.
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