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  1. I don't have that much spare cash .. but my 1000x came just fine. Never game to try the NS2000, the Japanese packing is often very simple (bubblewrap and cardboard) so .. gotta take your chances. I've found the Corals to be a much better speaker anyway, and finally snagged a pair of DX-7ii .. but midrange was got damaged, and almost impossible to find so may have to get my DX-7 back from @erest
  2. Yep, Japan auctions - but the price is very much going UP, a lot. I suspect they are becoming less common now, more parting out for damaged ones, so would expect prices to go up over here at some stage as well.
  3. I can often get a pair for under $1200 into Melbourne .. but bit of hit and miss as far as condition, and bass drivers don't seem to travel well and need magnet realigned
  4. Ah they all gone. .. except for some woofers and pair of 1000x midranges. It's now the Coral dynasty. There was a pair of 1000 (not M) pair for sale here not too long ago.
  5. I have an amber one .. $20 but missing one end.
  6. I have some 1000m tweeters .. i could only assume they are the same but would not guarantee it (i know different part numbers). You would just have to be seriously lucky or look for a long time to find matching ones.
  7. Further information: Purchased some 3 years ago out of interest, but been in a box for most of that time. I believe this is the one: https://www.zuaudio.com/classic-cables/oxyfuel Postage is included in the price. Photos:
  8. I purchased mine for $450 but that was a bargin. I good working condition and a quick sale .. maybe $600-$700
  9. Pretty happy with the yamaha WXC-50. Use for both streaming and direct flac from USB HDD. App is fantastic, but that's really your only option for control.
  10. The tweeter cutting out will just be from a scratchy pot / control. Ive sold 2 pairs of the NS-670 .. i think it was around $500 both in good condition. Sold fairly easily.
  11. 99% wil say JBL and i would agree but never heard them in person. The yamaha 670 are a very underrated speaker though. I would also expect the JBL to be 2-3x the price.
  12. They are pretty good. Plugged it directly into the HDMI port of xbox and managed through oneguide. I can confirm stan, netflix and disney+ all work. We also paired zbox controller with stick fir some games. Very impressed but prefer remote of roku stick
  13. Further information: These are the genuine coral released beta8, imported from Japan. These also have a passive radiator at the bottom. Grills are very cool and reversible. Apology photos are actually upside down .. didnt realise until after pucs were taken (they were in storage). Fantastic with vintage Sansui 777 amplifier which has a nice thick bottom end. Welcome to the short ikea stands they are on as well. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  14. Further information: Purchased with flat-8 a couple of years ago and refurbished with good pair of second gen (35w instead of 16w) betas from Japan. These have stayed with me for longer than any other pair of speakers to date. Surprisingly good bass in these cabinets which weigh about 40kg. Also comes with custom made covers which i made sure had the period correct logo, made in silk with florescent edging and logo. I have other corals such as the onken style X-Viii (rare) and X-vii v2 as well as finally sourcing a pair of Kappa 80. on a side note i did al
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