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  1. ... The French music streaming service with a unique name (pronounced "co buzz") ....
  2. 100,000 emails - this would have to be a function simply of subscription emails - i'm sure I get 50+ a day on some days. More interesting is the private messages - that does seem quite a lot, but without understand how big the 'active' user base is probably missing context. Considering the storage capacity for private messages isn't that big and based on an average view rate of a classified ad of (say 200 per day per ad) - the 35,000 still seems like a large number. Perhaps a large percentage of the user based are retired have time to exchange messages all day ? , or perhaps c
  3. How can you resist the 'number of the beast' amplifier? It's from the devil himself!
  4. Don't see many of these. Don't need it at all, but still tempted... actually .. on holidays so why not.
  5. I thought they were fabulous when I had a pair, but I do see why they were often paired with naim kit. They do need to right / complementing amp to make them sing properly but very nice speaker.
  6. I just sold mine (not as good condition) for $350. Anything between $350 - $450
  7. I'm in the market for pool fencing / gates, for sure. Need 4.8 x 4.8 (8 standard panels)
  8. I don't have that much spare cash .. but my 1000x came just fine. Never game to try the NS2000, the Japanese packing is often very simple (bubblewrap and cardboard) so .. gotta take your chances. I've found the Corals to be a much better speaker anyway, and finally snagged a pair of DX-7ii .. but midrange was got damaged, and almost impossible to find so may have to get my DX-7 back from @erest
  9. Yep, Japan auctions - but the price is very much going UP, a lot. I suspect they are becoming less common now, more parting out for damaged ones, so would expect prices to go up over here at some stage as well.
  10. I can often get a pair for under $1200 into Melbourne .. but bit of hit and miss as far as condition, and bass drivers don't seem to travel well and need magnet realigned
  11. Ah they all gone. .. except for some woofers and pair of 1000x midranges. It's now the Coral dynasty. There was a pair of 1000 (not M) pair for sale here not too long ago.
  12. I have an amber one .. $20 but missing one end.
  13. I have some 1000m tweeters .. i could only assume they are the same but would not guarantee it (i know different part numbers). You would just have to be seriously lucky or look for a long time to find matching ones.
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