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  1. The queue is full sorry .. pending pickup!
  2. Ah . I see why so many comments. Price was actually neant to be $250 not $150. Hmmm
  3. Item: Osborn F1 standmount speakers Location: Melbourne 3094 Price: $250 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: purchased just for fun recently and passing on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased a fe weeks ago from SNA just for fun, really liked those focal drivers in my old eclipses. Nothing wrong with them, sound great and well made. Bought then for a bargin price and selling for same. Best $250 spent on speakers to date. I do have many other larger Coral and Canton speakers so these were never going to stay forever. They are a reasonably small speaker and I do have some decent stands you can have for $50 if intersted. Pickup only obviously and generally only available weekends or after 7pm
  4. Original kit. Came with coral badge so these would have been custom cabinets http://funwithaudio.blogspot.com/2015/08/coral-12sa-1-speaker-kit-user-manual.html?m=1
  5. And unsurprisingly I have a spare complete set of drivers if interested. Corals are awesome btw, big fan [emoji1787]
  6. Aka 2 of these https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/122920-fs-perth-free-coral-12sa-1-kit-speakers/#comment-1839465
  7. These just look like 2 sets of the coral kit from the 80s in one cabinet
  8. I've heard enough good things about them to give it a go. Like British amps, sold the Brio recently for no apparent reason
  9. Never owned one, so why not - i'll take it if available. Run sensitive Coral speakers so shouldn't be any power probs.
  10. Yep just busy sorting out the house. Was hoping for a quicker pickup but thursday is ok, but I'm in the CBD 8-7 every day except Monday
  11. Ok welcome to them if they are going to a good home
  12. Item:Sansui SC 1330 tape deck Price Range: $free Item Condition: worn, needs belt kit and has no feet (I used them elsewhere) Extra Info: its feee. Powers up but needs belt. Location Montmorency VIC 3094 Item:Sansui PC-V750 CD player Price Range: $free Item Condition: powers up fine, ejects but does not play. Probably needs new lazer. Extra Info: this is a rare item I beleive its Philips inside. Very heavy for a CD player. Strong preference to someone who can demonstrate they will fix and put into service again. Even stronger preference to someone who can pickup the pair of Osborn speakers from Brunswick west and bring them here [emoji16] Location Montmorency VIC 3094
  13. Had a pair of eclipses some time ago, really liked them, particularly the top end. Room is full of Coral speakers at the moment so just looking to branch out for a while [emoji16]
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