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  1. Snapper()

    FS: Yamaha NS-470

    Item: Yamaha NS-470 Location: Melbourne 3094 Price: $300 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: cleansing the soul .. and only keeping my Coral speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great condition early Yamaha speakers circa 1974. Very similar to the NS 670 and NS 690 but as a 2 way. Cabinets are excellent on these with virtually no damage, just occasional scrapes. All drivers working perfectly and cones with original blue grills. these are a very respectable soumding speaker! Awesome sounding. Pickup Montmorency VIC 3094 Pictures:
  2. Snapper()

    Technics SH 8015 Equaliser

    Working well as far as i can tell ... ran it for half an hour or so. Silver has no place in my room 😂 Pick-up Montmorency VIC 3094
  3. Snapper()

    Sansui T5 digital tuner

    Great condition with clean faceplate. Tunes great in both FM and AM. Pickup montmorency VIC 3094
  4. Fyi i noticed that after being aligned my pair returned to having respectable bass. You may find you want to take the other one in as well [emoji16]
  5. Item: SANSUI 220 tube receiver Location: Membourne 3094 Price: $300 Item Condition: reasonable .. some rust Reason for selling: clearing out and im sure someone will put this to good use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: working condition but has issues. No doubt needs to be recapped, but a partial recap was done by previous owner. Can demonstrate but has 50hz hum when run for more than a few minutes. Was used with my coral beta8 until issues prevented. note on the rear i have inserted proper banana plugs - these are screwed into to holes and are fully removable (if you weren't aware .. these are 4mm just like the original screws). From 1969, 10w. radio, tuning and magic eye all working well. Similar to the AU 70 but about 1/4 of the cost. Note that this only has a couple of caps and i think 4 transistors! happy to swap for a refurb of my Sansui 1000x if thats of interest (can ship). pick-up Montmorency VIC 3094 Pictures:
  6. Snapper()

    FS: (Mel) Sansui X501 and Sansui CD X-510

    Update with pics .. also added CD player as they were used together
  7. Snapper()

    FS (Mel) Sansui 331 receiver

    This one unfortunately is not as simple as a dirty pot [emoji57]
  8. Item: Sansui X501 amplifier AND Sansui X-510 CD player Location: Melbourne 3094 Price: $300 Item Condition: 8/10 .. minor scratches Reason for selling: if its not used in 12 months it gets sold Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: these amps are quite a critical and revealing beastie! If you like detailed listening these are a good option. This once is in good condition with only minor blemishes and in excellent working condition. These are 80w RMS and have MM and MC options, source direct and also supports dual speakers. Its also pretty fine looking. Not much info om CD player other than same period circa 1988. No remote but has digital and analogue out. Works perfectly and new lazers are available on ebay if ever required. Around 15kg comvined weight. Pickup Montmorency VIC 3094
  9. Item: Sansui 6900 (1976) Location:Melbourne Vic 3094 Price: $580 Item Condition:8/10 just a few very minor scuffs marks. Reason for selling: unused .. just kept because its from original owner with paperwork. Payment Method: pick up or postage. Extra Info: offloading most gear except that is in use. This is a one owner item with original purchase receipt from 29.11.76. I will be keeping the rca bungs shown in the pic though. Pickup montmorency VIC 3094
  10. Item: Sansui 331 receiver with issue Location:Melbourne Vic 3094 Price: $50 Item Condition:8/10 just a few very minor scuffs marks. Reason for selling: intermittent working on one channel. Fairly stable but no guarantees. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: offloading most gear except that is in use. Big fan of the sui .. but just going to keep a few favourites like the 9900a, and 777. Good cosmetic condition .. worth this in parts or spares. More sansui stuff to come.
  11. Just out of interest .. what posessed Marantz to use those unreadable cursive fonts for their lettering?
  12. I had some very similar ones ..identical on the outside but only 2 drivers. Drivers were made by hokutone ( vintage Japanese ) and i suspect these are too. Mine were immaculate and sold them for small fee ($50 or $70) ... or maybe even gave them away. Not too bad sounding though Also that full range driver in there looks like its added after ..
  13. Atilla in Thomastown. Funny story.. i bought them in and before i had put them on the desk he identified it correctly as magnet displacement and quoted fix. Apparently you can tell from the magnet field / colouring on the rear (if you know what you are looking for)!
  14. My alignments cost $60 here in Melb for the 1000m woofers.
  15. Snapper()

    Speaker Mystery - Trevor Lees

    These have focal tweeters and (i think) audax drivers in them. Not sure about the amp situation but typically those older analogue yamaha amps are very good 2ch amps. I would be using that over the onkyo. If you are amp shopping id start at trevor lees as these are his .. the tla-150 [emoji1]