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  1. Just for reference, here is the original kit and driver info http://funwithaudio.blogspot.com/2015/08/coral-12sa-1-speaker-kit-user-manual.html?m=1
  2. PM sent with intent to buy if shipping an option
  3. Not surprised... quite collectable. They have weird speaker terminals though which seem to go missing. Noticed these were all there though so good luck to someone. I had the next model- first solid state amp SQ 101 which was almost identical
  4. I use usb and pretty sure no search function. It has dlna and indo use a plex server which has searching
  5. I have quite dead pair of diatones. Welcome to to terminals if they fit ds66 exv)
  6. I believe they are a total rats nest inside.. tske pics first
  7. Been the subject of lots of discussion on facebook groups recently. My argument in favour of the bose approach is that i rarely so critical listening (fixed in one sweet spot) and mostly moving around doing things. In this regard i love the idea of having a sound stage omnipresent (ok that's a stretch). Amar bose is a serious audio engineer. I remember in the 1980s when the first cube ones came out and it was very impressive. Nb. I dont own any bose stuff, but certainly dont discount it in any way.
  8. Ive previously put my little creek OBH-22 passive preamp between the source and amp before and just use it for volume control. Cost $50
  9. These coral kit speakers in no way demonstrate how good the 'good' coral speakers really are. Welcome to borrow my X-VII to demonstrate.
  10. Wxc 50 is excellent and very simple to use if the MQA support isnt any issue. I rarely buy new, but i did get the WXC-50 and rega brio new and are great together. Personally i can't imagine a world where i would recommend a NAD over the Rega. Those particular NAD amps are unreliable and not so good.
  11. Previous discussions lead to cope sensitive being the only good option.
  12. I would say you are spot on with your summary. I found the larger 7900 ran a bit hot for my liking and the slightly lower powered ones were better in this regard. Out of the triple range - i preferred the AU222 and AU777 to the 505/555, but the 101 remains special since it was the first amp i bought many years ago without any knowlege of Sansui and recall really liking it but discounted it because thought the brand was cheap and nasty at the time. Currently selling off gear to give the 9900a a shot at the title. It certainly wins on looks alone!
  13. FYI I have full set of spares if required
  14. Looks like the standard DIY kit from 80s rather than a production build. Try the x or dx series if you want something really good
  15. In a move that surprised me, i actually purchased a rega brio. Lovely amp .. older models sometimes turn up here at decent prices
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