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  1. Snapper()

    SOLD: FS (MEL) Spendor BC 1

    These are now sold
  2. Snapper()

    SOLD: FS (MEL) Spendor BC 1

    Hi have buyer for spendors pending weekend pickup. If that falls through pack and send is just up the road.
  3. Snapper()

    SOLD: FS (MEL) Spendor BC 1

    Oh sorry ... busy as. Not tested by me .. prev owner said one missing a power plug and neither comes with the din plugs so i cant test. I trust him though .. ex roadie, told a few stories of working at live aid, abbey road studios, very intereting. However they are definately as is and go together for the $100
  4. Snapper()

    SOLD: FS (MEL) Spendor BC 1

    Buyer located .. feel free to express interest in case this falls through.
  5. Snapper()

    SOLD: FS (MEL) Spendor BC 1

    Yep they both have wood finish
  6. Item: Spendor BC-1 Location: Montmorency VIC 3094 Price: $SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: way too many speakers . Just bought these to have a listen and passing them on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these off ex roadie few weeks ago just out of interest, since id never heard spendors before. Lovely speaker indeed and these are stellar condition. Everything working 100%. Few minor grill cloth defects but ttivial otherwise. $900 including the original stands as shown. I was planning to keep them but just seems wrong! Plenty of bass for my 4x4m room. These came with 2 x A&R A60 amps which were an original pairing. Im assuming people would be interested in the spendors by themselves but if interested can have the amps for $100 (one needs cord and no din plugs provided). Great speakers and great condition. Not looking for offers but thanks anyway. A60 amplifiers
  7. Snapper()

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    Try these guys https://www.airroaddirect.com.au/FreightQuoteCalculator.aspx
  8. I reckons i could get it to melbourne for $250 easy.
  9. Snapper()

    A&R MC60 MC board for A&R A60

    Nice .. i have 2 A&R 60's that came with my spendor bc-1 i bought a couple of weeks ago and planned to sell them. So if anyone wants the AR 60 that suits these 😀 going cheap.
  10. Snapper()

    audio spectrum visualizer

    I cant find it .. but there is a guy in the uk who builds very cool spectrum analyzers out of recycled conponents and valves, some of whom are made by a russian guy still. Was very cool
  11. Snapper()

    audio spectrum visualizer

    Been watching these for a while https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F171765947707
  12. Tricky one. Personally i found nothing that sounds similar to that era (555, 222, 101 etc) so safe to say the marantz will not sound the 'same'. These sansui have a very rich tone with good bottom end but also they arent a fast amplifier, and the noise floor will be higher. I would be asking how much do you need a remote? How much do you need more power? Marantz will win hands down in all specs - power, distortion, dynamic range, asthetics but at the end of the day the sui may still sound nicer. Its just how it goes [emoji16]
  13. Snapper()

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Id say $350 for a good working one is a very fair price. I sold mine for $500 2 years ago If interested im selling off most of my sansui stuff which includes 2 x AU-222 -1 fully restored
  14. I had the same from an SNA person on here .. cyrus amp. They even has trader feedback. $500 gone
  15. Snapper()

    Sad tale of lost post.

    I have a 719 that was considering parting out, which would have the same volume control.