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  1. gator2310

    SOLD: FS: Rotel CD player

    PM sent
  2. Hi I'll take Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark -Mint $20 Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light - Mint $20 Steely Dan - Gaucho - Excellent $25 Im in Eltham 3095 Cheers Geoff
  3. Those stands seem to be available online separately or part of a package with the Topping Dacs and D-class amps https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Topping-Amplifier-Shelf-A30-D30-To-The-Corresponding-Load-3kg-14x14x4-5cm-W-tra/264044332908?epid=2256810143&hash=item3d7a44c76c:g:FooAAOSwLSZb7OE3:rk:10:pf:0 great Dac GLWTS
  4. gator2310

    SOLD: FS: Pioneer SA-7500 ll

    oh man - this is gonna go like the proverbial. I'd grab it if I were in the hood. What a great little amp!
  5. gator2310

    ECM currently spinning

    I should have said that both of these guys produce beautiful compelling sounds without processing, and the electronics really are an extended part of the sound world they create naturally. This is also true for the seamless flow from composed material to improvisation. A couple of friends I have turned this onto (both jazz players) cant really hear where one stops and the other starts which for me is an indicator of real mastery. I like Louis Sclavis et al , but I think these guys really nail this vibe.
  6. gator2310

    ECM currently spinning

    Stunning - luminescent guitar sound...
  7. Nice - I urged one of my non SNA mates to grab this(and join up!) - but looks like he's too late!
  8. gator2310

    SOLD: FS: reduced ##NEW## Marantz Model 1122DC

    Thats a gorgeous looking unit - looks like its just rolled out off the production line. Lots of power too. GLWTS
  9. gator2310

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Cheers - Drop in sometimes - but off to gig now!
  10. gator2310

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Oh one of the greats - Hill's compositions on this album are on another level - as are the band. 👍
  11. ok thanks I take it the analogue performance of the 103 "should" be better than the 93? Heres one perspective - I've had an interesting day comparing audio (RCA outs) between some recent acquisitions - the 103 and Oppo 83 up against my Yamaha BD A1060. I like having a UDP in the studio and have been pretty happy with the Yamaha but needed a change. Playing CD's , the Oppo 83 (Cirrus DAC?) is a cracking CD player with plenty of bass response and a nice stereo image - and for me won that particular bout over the other 2. The output stage was the downstairs system's Yamaha RX596 and Interdyn BT2's - certainly nothing too flattering! The 103 and the Yamaha were quite similar to my ear - both precise and almost referential - although the Yamaha has balanced outs too which have more depth into the right amp. In both the bass had a tight presence but not as warm or natural as the 83. They all sounded pretty good , but the 83 shone as an audio source for me - at least as far as CD's are concerned. As a result the 83 is now serving CD duties upstairs and the odd movie in my studio, the 103 is taking over the main role as home Theatre source and the Yamaha - well its not region free so its in the Classifieds😉
  12. gator2310

    ECM currently spinning

    This album is a gem!
  13. gator2310

    ECM currently spinning

    Been listening to 'December Avenue' FLAC download - Stanko and Virelles - beautiful stuff.
  14. gator2310

    Sansui HiFi

    I have had both the 217ii and 317 - both in great form and if anything, I found the 217ii more detailed. I preferred the sound of the 317 because it was warmer and had a lovely mid range - but the 217 ii (which has more power than the 217) was great for vinyl , no lack of bass and transparent through both my speaker sets.