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  1. Hi Eskay. I also am interested mainly in the CD player as my venerable CD 3.5 has recently turned up its heals I am without a source. If you do decide to separate I would like to know. All the Best. Sean
  2. Hi Artnet, I am very interested in the player. How to proceed? Cheers. Sean
  3. Hi, any trouble with sale? If so email me sconnell1113@hotmail.com
  4. Hello Margheritia. I would be keen to listen to this player. Are you far from central Hobart? Cheers. Sean
  5. Hello Arturo, I am sorry for the underwhelming offer I know it is worth more but things are not as liquid as one would like especially with a hobby like this. Do you have any interest in older watches? I have a seventies omega constellation, large rectangular stainless case with stainless bracelet, that sits in a box doing nothing! maybe a trade? If no could stretch to $300 via paypal. Well all the best. Sean
  6. Hi Artbrisbane, somewhere around the $200 plus postage? Cheers Sean
  7. Would you consider selling the flatcap separately? I have an old cd 3.5 and would like to give the addition of a power supply a go. If so any idea on postage cost to Hobart? Thanks. Sean
  8. Hi are these still for sale? Thanks Sean
  9. Thanks for your reply, that sounds good, I read that 3.5m pairs are ok I am sure you would know better than me. I am in Hobart and do you have a paypal account? Thanks again Sean.
  10. Hi Unsound, I am not sure if you meant to leave a message? Sean
  11. Nap 250. did you sell the cable? I have just been fortunate enough to purchase a Nait 5i Italic big step up from my nait 3 and I don't think my old nac a4 cable is doing it justice. Here's hoping Cheers Sean
  12. Hi have you sold the 2.8m length? If not what would be postage to Hobart? Thanks Sean.
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