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  1. i think these are the ones i bought off him a few months ago
  2. Mord

    Usher’s Mini Dancer 2 DMD

    i had a pair, on a bryston4bsst2 amp was really happy with them. The only reason I sold them was the amount of positive comments about Lenehan speakers that when a pair came up for sale I bought some,but had to spend quite a lot more money to better the Usher's
  3. Mord


    I have been a recent convert to the lenehan family, picked up a pair of ML5's a few months ago and still are amazed the sound he can achieve with his speaker designs. All I know is the next speaker I will buy will be another Lenehan
  4. please buy it , take the temptation away from me
  5. Mord

    $15k floorStanders?

    I recently picked up a pair of Lenehans ML5, so far cannot fault them, louder they get the better they sound, or so my neighbours say. cheers Greg
  6. Mord

    B&w Center speaker

    hi I'm away on holidays at the moment, but think I have a lcr600,will need to check but if it is you're welcome to it. live in Newcastle
  7. Mord

    Lenehan ML3 Reference

    hi any idea of the cost of a upgrade to the ml5 cheers Greg
  8. very tempting, always wanted to get a server , but every time I look into them and start reading their stats , my head starts to hurt. can I ask what type of music is already on there Cheers Greg
  9. Mord

    FS: Usher CP-8571 II (relist)

    any idea on shipping costs to the east coast, if you can't find a local buyer cheers Greg
  10. hopefully I'm at the front thought this was like a Nigerian prince needing my bank account to get his money out of the country
  11. amazing buy , saw the ad, and the little man in my head said wait,seems too good, my man in my head is a f/$king idiot
  12. Mord

    Home Theatre speakers

    No worries swervyn Offer is always there ,as far as buying preloved ,I had the same doubts as well but as my taste went to dearer gear I could only afford 2nd hand now its all I buy Some great bargains out there [emoji5] Sent from my SM-J320ZN using Tapatalk
  13. Mord

    Home Theatre speakers

    Had a look unfortunately it's a lcr 600s3 Not sure what the difference is Still welcome to it Sent from my SM-J320ZN using Tapatalk