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  1. last time I heard the ML5 ref were 24k,that was around a year ago
  2. can i ask what you upgraded to? was thinking of denafrip's pontus myself
  3. still working and always a pleasure to deal with
  4. thanks yes, looked it up through the you tube clip, just ordered some of their CD's, but don't think i got the elanor rigby cover on them
  5. amazing, who is the artist please
  6. always wanted to hear one of these, only hear great things about them very tempted
  7. it's because of the share market, i don't have a pot to pizz in🙁
  8. I’m glad they do have analog outputs,always wanted to try a Macintosh preamp , picked up a C45 , no digital processing, so I use the outputs from my oppo. Works a treat
  9. that's the deck all right, was just serviced and cleaned before I placed the original post. Seems a waste to have it storage, crazy prices being asked for them, may list it ,certainly will not be asking those high prices
  10. amazing speakers, don't know how all that music can come out of a 2 way speaker [emoji848]
  11. hi I have a pair of ML3's upgraded to ML5's, using a Bryston 4bsst2 amp with a McIntosh pre amp live in Newcastle,if that's any good for you. but anything with a lenehan badge is worth owning. cheers Greg
  12. Had a pair of these,great speakers Had to spend a lot of to improve on them
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