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  1. I remember those Ev's back in the 90's, my neighbours loved midnight oil played loud, well I hope they did 😁
  2. hope you get any use out of the DVD player 😃
  3. yes,the large drivers are certainly passive,and I always remember the crackling on turning the dial😁, but WOW did I enjoy these speakers certainly hope you enjoy them as much as I did enjoy ant
  4. honestly, can't remember if or when the surrounds were refoamed. I was the original owner and for the last 30 years my brother in-law, had them ,and I am pretty confident he never had them done, he wasn't using them and I always told him to give me a call when he wants to get rid of them so what better way to pass them on for a new life to another member
  5. just been reading your posts and to say I'm impressed is a big understatement, I tip my hat to you sir. Glad you have a use for the amp,will keep you in mind if I pass on anything else cheers Greg
  6. have a AVC A1 , if it's the same, bought it over 20 years ago and still working fine, but hardly ever use it now, so if you do have any further problems ,you can have mine as a back up
  7. Welcome to the site from a nearby novocastrian
  8. just bought one a few months ago, very happy camper
  9. it just miraculously reconnected with the server, have no idea why or for how long it will last, but will enjoy it lasts cheers thanks for the input Greg
  10. I think I will give up, tried entering the IP address, still can't find it on my phone, but the old tablet is okay and Apple phone using ipeng is okay go figure thanks again for your help
  11. no , you are talking to a complete non tech head here, but it's saying connection error, unable to connect so at the moment still unable to use my phone to use the server
  12. no problems at all my phone is a Samsung 7 , partner's phone is the same model, so later today will download the app on her phone to see if it works
  13. didn't know that he retired wasn't that long ago I was talking to him, must have been longer than I remembered. cheers
  14. yes ,tried rebooting the phone ,Wi-Fi is all okay, even uninstalled the app and reloading it,it just will not connect with the server, I'm sure it's something simple at least i know it's not the server and I can still use it cheers Greg
  15. not sure what's going on tried a old Samsung tablet and orangesqueeze is fine there, but still a no go on my phone go figure
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