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  1. just curious, did you settle on the aurealis cables ? been thinking about trying them myself
  2. i know there is one seriously happy person out there today one bargain of the year, I paid a lot more than what Darren69 is asking for his , and I still feel I've done good
  3. can't understand why these haven't sold, I have just the standard ML5's and always walk away with a big smile on my face after listening to music
  4. can only imagine what must have been in your main system amazing speakers
  5. yes very happy with the bsst2 amp, while there are probably better out it is quite costly to upgrade for slight improvements. at the moment have a McIntosh C45 , would like to try a valve preamp and was watching the conrad preamp you picked up. you may have saved me money i didn't really have to spare so should thank you, maybe one day if something interesting pops up i will have some folding stuff in my pocket
  6. just curious, was there much difference between the the 4bsst2 and the newer cubed amp. have a 4bsst2 and very satisfied and was wondering if it was worth the money for the upgrade cheers Greg
  7. i think these are the ones i bought off him a few months ago
  8. i had a pair, on a bryston4bsst2 amp was really happy with them. The only reason I sold them was the amount of positive comments about Lenehan speakers that when a pair came up for sale I bought some,but had to spend quite a lot more money to better the Usher's
  9. Mord


    I have been a recent convert to the lenehan family, picked up a pair of ML5's a few months ago and still are amazed the sound he can achieve with his speaker designs. All I know is the next speaker I will buy will be another Lenehan
  10. I recently picked up a pair of Lenehans ML5, so far cannot fault them, louder they get the better they sound, or so my neighbours say. cheers Greg
  11. hi I'm away on holidays at the moment, but think I have a lcr600,will need to check but if it is you're welcome to it. live in Newcastle
  12. hi any idea of the cost of a upgrade to the ml5 cheers Greg
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