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  1. BrownMagic, thank you for your reply. May I ask why you don’t recommend solid state pre amp with a valve combo? Forgive my ignorance here, I’m still learning the intricacies of all this. ‘’the Bluesound node 2i sounds like it’s worth a play with. How would you rate its sound quality ? I after something that’s going to engage me and be exciting to listen to slim happy to go straight to something more if it’s going to be noticeably better. I’d rather go straight to the best in the budget and not worry about upgrading for a while. ‘having said that, if this unit will delive
  2. Thanks Snoopy8, this device looks like it’s worth a look and listen. And reasonably priced too. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Thank you both for your replies and suggestions. Just curious if either of you have heard the Cambridge 851N by chance? I am still in early research stages now, though I’ve seen this unit pop up more than once on hifi reviews and it seems to be pretty well respected for the price point. How does something like this compare to your suggestions? And in all honesty, if we can find something that will get us beyond my expectations I would consider the extra budget requirements (within reason of course ) welcoming any experienced streamer user input with high expectations.
  4. Hi all, ive been out of the audio game for some time though I’m back and hungry to find a streamer with DAC that I can use directly with an integrated tube amp (it’s a custom build and a little overboard with the design in the power stage though it sounds nice) as a stand alone combo. I’d like to keep the number of components to a minimum. The preamp isn’t bad in this amp, though one day an upgrade might happen here too... So what am I trying to achieve? Well, ideally given were living in 2020 and streaming music services are the way forward, (I’m sure some will argue,
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