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  1. Nice bike you have Meh, I also ride a KTM and dig my bike, after 41 years of riding it's my first European bike, I've had a bike on the road ever since 1979 and the big KTM is up there with the best of them
  2. Hows everyone been going without Motorcycle racing this year, I've been missing it and Sunday evenings just ain't the same!!
  3. Great speakers and sound much larger than what they look, very special and I've been digging mine, highly recommended
  4. The name Nakamichi always sparks me up as I have owned and respect their Tape Decks, never really knew they did CD players but it took me a long time to get into that format as Vinyl was my thing, nice player
  5. I'd say it's for the low ballers when they come to pick up their bargain!!
  6. You can't beat shed HiFi and I think this is a bargain
  7. Yes a great bit of kit BUT needs to be charged properly when paired with Mojo so a good USB charger is a must, I have been very impressed with mine after I worked out the charging issue, Wow it sounds great
  8. Yes a great sounding speaker for sure, I have a set and they punch well above their weight
  9. Did you know you can use your MRX720 as an 11 channel set up now you have a seperate power amp, with doing what I want to do I can have a 9 channel setup just by adding a 2 channel integrated then have a 2 channel setup just by flicking a switch on the integrated amp, best of both worlds in the same room
  10. I was under the impression that you can pre out the main speaker channel into a power amp or in my case a 2 channel integrated with a AV Bypass switch so I can use the Intergrated for 2 channel then use the 720 for a 9 channel setup with using the integrated as a 2 channel power amp!!
  11. I would hope not as that is money that an aspiring photographer can put towards a real camera, I would feel ill if I start seeing these gimmicks around the tourist spots as I love seeing people with real cameras, that is becoming less these days
  12. I don't know why you would even bother with a smart grip for a Smartphone excepsially when you have an EM1, smartphones are killing the Camera market and gimmicks like this aren't helping, now there will be trendsetters with smart grips everywhere taking selfies acting like pros and not a camera store in sight
  13. Here's a little clip I made for YouTube on a EP I bought at a Cyril B Bunter gig back around 1981, The Cyril B Bunter Band are a local Blues and Boogie band that were around in the 70s and 80s then broke up, they have since re formed and playing Gigs again, there was nothing on YouTube when I made this little clip many many years ago so it proved fairly popular with old fans, great little EP that is now Collectable like many old EPs
  14. Hi all, still loving my MRX720 and have only just upgraded the firmware and run Genesis so I have taken a new interest in my AV system, anyway have any of you lot done or tried an AV bypass, I was thinking about a power amplifier to get the full 11 channels but now thinking about doing a bypass with a 2 channel integrated as I love my 2 channel Sterio etc and where the AV system is set up would make a great listening room, I have 2 systems and only really use the MRX for Television and movies, family uses it more than me I would gain an extra 2 channels by doing this for a 9 channel Atmos system but more importantly I'd have another room for my passion for Vinyl and better 2 channel than what the MRX can do, this setup would tick lots of boxes so any advice would be much appreciated
  15. I'd keep your current speakers and Phono Stage, put the money towards a good dedicated Pre Amp and Power Amp, keep the system as simple as possible then you'll be a happy man, speakers can come later with keeping your kick ass sub in mind,
  16. Hey Bugs, I'm just back from a 7 week European holiday including England, I should have burn't you a CD so I could have given it to you in person mate!!
  17. Sorry mate don't know what happened, can you see these??
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