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  1. Sorry mate don't know what happened, can you see these??
  2. Yes great race and Runs was sensational on that GSX-R, now that name says it all and it's legendary, I've owned some nice GSX-Rs over the years and to ride such a bike on the open road is just the best, Suzuki did the right thing by calling this bike a Gixxer and Rins showcased it to the world
  3. Faster than a speeding Bullet, here's a shot I got where I managed to get a nail coming out of a nail gun at high speed on a Job yesterday
  4. The Tunnel, Eastwood Train station was my subject yesterday for some spooky shots
  5. Yes another interesting meeting and a big thanks to Warren, great effort and a very nice system, these meetings are always good and are always different, nice to see Vinyl back this meet, lots of true HiFi enthusiasts from all walks of life in one room.
  6. Sadly you are right Bugs, boring times ahead for us fans watching him disappear into the distance,
  7. Yes I must admit I'm losing interest a bit, I fell asleep before moto GP started the other night and woke when they were rounding things up. seems to happen a lot these days
  8. Nice mate, hey I was up the Old Road last weekend on my bike taking pictures of bikes, here's a few shots
  9. I've just done some research on the Node 2 streamer and it sounds like a good one and the way to go, I use the Cambridge CXN V1 and have been very happy with that, just wish it was Roon ready, wow for the money the Node is very tempting Anyway back to this thread, I'm a Bluesman so Vinyl is for me and what I voted for, old school and cool
  10. Well inside this thread you simply have to Cull one of those sources, you can discreetly by simply just voting in the poll
  11. But the Question is if you could only have one AND only one what would it be, you can only choose one regardless in this thread, go on you can do it
  12. Nice mate and agreed, have you voted Tape, I miss those days for sure
  13. Yes but if X was Y, you can choose one I'm sure
  14. But in this thread you have to choose just one and only one, to late for you so over to the Poll with you, make a decision otherwise you'll have the Cops knocking on your door
  15. Come on HiFi Heads and music lovers, we need votes in this Poll as we have Streaming and CDs just ahead of Vinyl, this has turned into a Drag Race to the finish, Classic vs digital, end of the day though it's all fun and all about the music AND the Source of it
  16. Hey thanks to you Citroen and thanks for suggesting this, now we need a race caller like the ones you hear at the horse races,
  17. Love the replies to this simple but hard for some question, Vinyl has always been with me and is a reliable Source and it sounds great, gotta say I love my NAS setup as music has never been so easy and it sounds fantastic, at times unreliable BUT only sometimes Vinyl is pure musical bliss to me with the added bonus of reliable as the Sun
  18. Correction, in this thread you must reveal your Sauce, Tomato??
  19. But that's the question, if you had only one choice and no isn't an option
  20. So the PC is your choice mate, probably a dumb question to ask this day and age however I'd go with Vinyl
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