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  1. Hi all, still loving my MRX720 and have only just upgraded the firmware and run Genesis so I have taken a new interest in my AV system, anyway have any of you lot done or tried an AV bypass, I was thinking about a power amplifier to get the full 11 channels but now thinking about doing a bypass with a 2 channel integrated as I love my 2 channel Sterio etc and where the AV system is set up would make a great listening room, I have 2 systems and only really use the MRX for Television and movies, family uses it more than me I would gain an extra 2 channels by doing this for a 9 channel Atmos system but more importantly I'd have another room for my passion for Vinyl and better 2 channel than what the MRX can do, this setup would tick lots of boxes so any advice would be much appreciated
  2. I'd keep your current speakers and Phono Stage, put the money towards a good dedicated Pre Amp and Power Amp, keep the system as simple as possible then you'll be a happy man, speakers can come later with keeping your kick ass sub in mind,
  3. Hey Bugs, I'm just back from a 7 week European holiday including England, I should have burn't you a CD so I could have given it to you in person mate!!
  4. Sorry mate don't know what happened, can you see these??
  5. Yes great race and Runs was sensational on that GSX-R, now that name says it all and it's legendary, I've owned some nice GSX-Rs over the years and to ride such a bike on the open road is just the best, Suzuki did the right thing by calling this bike a Gixxer and Rins showcased it to the world
  6. Faster than a speeding Bullet, here's a shot I got where I managed to get a nail coming out of a nail gun at high speed on a Job yesterday
  7. The Tunnel, Eastwood Train station was my subject yesterday for some spooky shots
  8. Yes another interesting meeting and a big thanks to Warren, great effort and a very nice system, these meetings are always good and are always different, nice to see Vinyl back this meet, lots of true HiFi enthusiasts from all walks of life in one room.
  9. Sadly you are right Bugs, boring times ahead for us fans watching him disappear into the distance,
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