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  1. The Bluesman

    Carry On Carrying On.

    Mr Fiddler was pretty cool, that'll be a Pound
  2. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Great post Ian and thank's for that, never heard of the Paramount Trio, Melbourne has a good healthy Blues Scene and these guys sound great, read the interview as well and thanks, just when I thought this thread was dead, Love local music and it needs to be exposed
  3. The Bluesman

    HIFI scenes in australia

    You Know, it's funny and you must stay alert with hand on buzzer, bit like a game show and I've seen stuff come up in other states BUT I'm not into the post thing, local pick up for me and I've bought some good local gear and it is kinda nice meeting the seller, more importantly checking the gear out in person
  4. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Another great Australian Blues Band, Chain and they still play these days, great music and Australian Roots!!
  5. The Bluesman

    What creates Imaging/sound stage

    Well it could be good music that you Dig, that is the main thing in my opinion and good HiFi well positioned HiFi come in 2nd, you need music to create a Soundstage and adjust accordingly
  6. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Can't say I knew that as I've never heard of them, hey what an Australian legend is Broderick Smith, I mean with the Dingoes and stuff, Great Australian Country Rock and this band Carson with their own Australian Blues'N'Boogie, seen him live a few times now and what a singer and Harmonica player he is Legend has it he taught Jim Conway the throat vibrato on the Harmonica back in the 70s, I know that as I've had Harmonica lessons off Jim and he told me so Hey Jim Conway has been Crippled with Multiple Sclerosis and that has stopped him playing live, he did work up the strength and courage last night to do a show after a long time in retirement, couldn't make it myself but believe it went well, Jim Conway is a well respected and an Australian Blues legend and has taught so many great players and played in so many great bands including touring with Brownie McGee, Brownie loved Jim Conway!! Here's a bit of Captain Matchbox, they did my head in as a Kid when I saw them live back in the mid 70s
  7. The Bluesman

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    little Feat, Feats Don't Fail Me Now, one of many
  8. Absolutely not, I like to research and listen for myself within my budget, the thrill of HiFi is experimenting and taking a punt, trying gear out but most of all just enjoying your music and not being to critical, it's all about the music after all
  9. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Carson was a great Australian Blues & Boogie band back in the 70s, anyone remember them,
  10. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Wow that's a long time ago now Mick and I could imagine they would have been great gigs, I went to their 50th Anniversary Gig only a couple of years ago now and it was a real special night, I've been to lots of their shows since 1980 and always good, I hired them to play at my wedding back in 1996, they really made that a great wedding and my wife and myself did a bridal Walts to a slow Blues, they are still going strong and are absolute Australian Blues Legends,
  11. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Nice version and 2 great Australian musicians, Fiona Boyes always puts on a great show and I love Russell Morris
  12. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Great shots Ian, you must have a lot of pictures of gigs, I have as well BUT wished I had a decent Camera back in the 70s-80s thanks for posting these up as they are now history Here's another favourite pub band of mine, The Cyril B Bunter band and I've been to many gigs ever since 1980, I took these shots about 6 years ago
  13. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    John Power with the Foreday Rider back in the 70s
  14. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Yes I did and it was fantastic, I've been a long time Hippos fan, ever since they formed and been to dozens of their gigs, I got to see John Power play with Jo Jo Zep back in the 70s at a 2jj concert at Parramatta Park with Johns big voice a stand out and he really got my attention, I took a Hippos CD to the Sydney HiFi Clubs meeting last Sunday and gave John a good Rap, I know it went down well with the Punters there, well most of them anyway, I took some pictures, not my best as I had the ISO set on low and that's not good in low light with Olympus, I'd love to see your pics, hey my sister had The Hippos play at her going away party when she left Sydney back in 1992 as well,
  15. The Bluesman

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Thanks mate just thought it would be interesting for us Blues Fans, I have The Real Australian Blues Vol 1 so if you PM me your postal address I'll send you a copy