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  1. The Bluesman

    Show your motorcycle ride

    Here's my new bike along with a mates new bike, 2016 model KTM 1190Rs brand new and going for a good price, awesome bikes they are
  2. The Bluesman

    Show your motorcycle ride

    Got out for a ride this morning with some mates, did the old Wisemans Ferry loop and got to ride a mates new Z900, very impressed I was and Kawasaki has made one hell of a bike with this one, the motor is a Gem combined with good handling and great retro looks, loved it
  3. The Bluesman

    Cambridge Audio CXN now supports Tidal

    How do you find the 851, I've been very happy with my CXNs, Cambridge Audio got it right with them that's for sure
  4. The Bluesman

    Cambridge Audio CXN now supports Tidal

    Yes our broadband and network is **** in places here I Australia, mine seems to be working good at the moment BUT I will never become dependent on it, LPs always work and deliver as they always have and mine are always on standby if not being played
  5. Well that's great news for me as I have 2 of these fantastic streamers & network players, good to see a firmware & Software upgrade on my iPhone app and CXN and it works great, bout time and thank you Cambridge Audio, sounds awesome
  6. The Bluesman

    Show your motorcycle ride

    These were great things back in the day, a mate restored one back to the original condition, did a great job
  7. The Bluesman

    RIP Malcolm young

    It was mate, sad day for us music fans as well, to many legends passing on lately, we spent over an hour in that bar that night and the tour/road manager was saying the respect he has for Malcom Young, said he was a better guitar player than Angus and the driving force behind the band, the unsung hero, these people were the nicest, Wow talk about one high to another and AC/DC made that happen for us
  8. The Bluesman

    RIP Malcolm young

    Yes sad news, I got to meet Malcom Young 1996, I just got married and we stayed at the Park Royal at the Rocks after our wedding, said to my new wife lets go to the bar for a drink, walked into the cocktail bar and these crazy looking dudes started congratulating us and said "have a drink on me" it was AC/DC and all the road crew just after their gig at the Entertainment centre, they made us feel special and had a good chat to Malcom for a good half an hour, he was sipping Tea, I told him we had Sydney's premier Blues Band "The Foreday Riders" play at our wedding, he knew of them and respected them, great chat we had just wish we had a camera Anyway he gave us tickets for the Sunday nights gig at the Entertainment Centre, great seats and what a great way to end our wedding, thank you Malcom, I'll never forget that night
  9. The Bluesman

    Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    Walter Trout is great, he first came to my attention with John Mayall's Blues Breakers 1985 I think, saw a few gigs and this feller could play alright, then with Canned Heat a few years later, then he had his own band and played at The Byron Bay Blues Fest 1994, I'd love to see him again next year, powerful vocals and guitar!!
  10. The Bluesman

    Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    The Blues Fest has turned into a monster since it's humble beginnings in 1990 that's for sure, I've been to many over the years and those first 3 at the old Piggery (Arts Factory) were rippers, here's a little clip I made from the very first one 1990 with The Paladins
  11. The Bluesman

    Your Phono Cartridges

    Ortofon 2M Black on my Rega RP6 Ortofon 2M Bronze on my Denon DP-1700 Deovi 145E on my old Dual 522
  12. The Bluesman

    The Cambridge CP1 is really good!

    Yes the Cambridge Audio CP1 is excellent value for money, I have the CP2 and am very happy with it, highly recommended for those on a budget and want good sound
  13. The Bluesman


    Nice bit of gear,
  14. Just put some music on and grab a beer and relax man, your gear is what it is BUT the music is the important thing so try tweaking that
  15. Another great meeting and I tapped into the meriits of these speakers and the gear driving them, loved the highs and mids via the horns, true HiFi from a different angle with this gear!!