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  1. Amazing range and reach from my Olympus OMD EM1 MK2, all these shots were taken from the one spot, that being the Gladesville Bridge looking down the Harbour to the Harbour Bridge
  2. Nice bike you have Meh, I also ride a KTM and dig my bike, after 41 years of riding it's my first European bike, I've had a bike on the road ever since 1979 and the big KTM is up there with the best of them
  3. Hows everyone been going without Motorcycle racing this year, I've been missing it and Sunday evenings just ain't the same!!
  4. Great speakers and sound much larger than what they look, very special and I've been digging mine, highly recommended
  5. The name Nakamichi always sparks me up as I have owned and respect their Tape Decks, never really knew they did CD players but it took me a long time to get into that format as Vinyl was my thing, nice player
  6. I'd say it's for the low ballers when they come to pick up their bargain!!
  7. You can't beat shed HiFi and I think this is a bargain
  8. Yes a great bit of kit BUT needs to be charged properly when paired with Mojo so a good USB charger is a must, I have been very impressed with mine after I worked out the charging issue, Wow it sounds great
  9. Yes a great sounding speaker for sure, I have a set and they punch well above their weight
  10. Did you know you can use your MRX720 as an 11 channel set up now you have a seperate power amp, with doing what I want to do I can have a 9 channel setup just by adding a 2 channel integrated then have a 2 channel setup just by flicking a switch on the integrated amp, best of both worlds in the same room
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