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  1. Another great meeting and I tapped into the meriits of these speakers and the gear driving them, loved the highs and mids via the horns, true HiFi from a different angle with this gear!!
  2. Now this is very pleasing to the eye and that's a good start
  3. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    "OK no more posting in this thread as I don't own one anymore." Not at all as you led me to this thread and I found the whole thing intriguing, hey pop back In and let us know how it all went, hopefully better for you
  4. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    It was all there screaming at you, anyway time for you to move on and see ya!!
  5. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Oh okay, I once loved the Yamaha System as well and felt uncomfortable moving on to the Anthem System, end of the day I gave it a chance and have been delighted with it, all good and see ya, this has been interesting for sure and thanks!!
  6. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Holy Hell, just give your Anthem a chance, if set up correctly it will do a good job in 2 channel and no reason to look further, the so called fancy Room Correction actually works a treat for home theatre and at this price point is the best, 2 channel doesn't need this and you have the option to bye pass it all together, this is one of the better all rounders if you'll just give it a chance and learn it's features
  7. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Turntable via a phono stage into the analog input and the beaut Play-fi app that works with the 720 that taps into my NAS drive, works faultlessly and very easy to use, the DACs in the 720 seem to work great as well, very happy with this allrounder as it keeps the family happy and me with the music when I get the chance
  8. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    So you have set it up with the ARC software?? mine sounds great for movies but I'm more about the music and my 720 impresses me on 2 channel when I get the chance to use the lounge room and that isn't often with teenagers and wives etc, that's why I have a few systems
  9. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Hi all, ad me to the MRX720 and the Integrated 225 club, I'm not an Anthem fan boy but have both of these and think they are great, Anthem make good Amplifiers
  10. SOLD: FS: Anthem MRX 720

    Good choice, this would have been a bargain if someone snapped it up, these really are a good thing
  11. SOLD: FS: Anthem MRX 720

    Bargain, these are a great allrounder and sound real nice in 2 channel mode,
  12. FS: Bowers &a Wilkins cm6 s2

    Still use the 602s mate, they are now matched with a nice Icon valve Amp in the back room, I did try the CM6 S2s with this Amp but they were a little to bright with it
  13. FS: Bowers &a Wilkins cm6 s2

    Great speakers for a good price, I have a set and love them,
  14. FS: Dynaudio Focus 110 - Rosewood

    Very nice!!