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  1. The Bluesman

    YouTube Spinning

    Here's a great bit of Blues from a couple of legends and old favourites
  2. The Bluesman

    Good Desktop Computer HiFi

    I decided to give the LSX a miss, they would be great I'm sure but just went for the simple and cheaper Cambridge one system, hey enjoying it and it's working for me, I have to many speakers that need to be used and the Cambridge Audio One System is proving to be a great Hub
  3. The Bluesman

    Show us your Ride

    My Merida E160 900 is one year old tomorrow, glad I chose this bike and went the extra yards to get it, it has proven to be the most fun you can have on 2 wheels, well pushbikes as I'm a motorcyclist as well, Here it is out on it's very first ride out where it belongs, in the bush out on the tracks
  4. The Bluesman

    Show us your Ride

    What colour did you get? they are a fantastic bike and you will be on it all the time doing things you never thought possible, hey congratulations and welcome to club Merida
  5. The Bluesman

    Good Desktop Computer HiFi

    Thanks as I didn't know that, makes the LSX an option, will look into it
  6. The Bluesman

    Good Desktop Computer HiFi

    Hey all good and thanks Blakey, just a simple speaker connection for my iMac, no Bluetooth and probably a Dumb question, just curious to see what others are using that's all, this little Cambridge system is cutting it at the moment with the USB connection and the price is right, seems like a no fuss discreet answer for me,
  7. The Bluesman

    Good Desktop Computer HiFi

    Not really, went to the HiFi shop to check out active good sounding speakers, this little Cambridge System (Demo) was just sitting there for a decent price that just happens to have these features, just got me thinking and this is why I put out the question,
  8. Hi all, I spend a bit of time in front of my Desktop Computer (Mac) and have now decided I want a better sound than what my iMac can deliver, I'm testing out a Cambridge Audio One system I have on loan with various bookshelf speakers that I have, it's not bad and a big improvement and has the USB input for a Computer, thought about a set of KEF LS50 Actives but think they might be to big and a waste on a desk, I like the new KEF LSX Speakers BUT they have no computer USB inputs, they would be a good desktop Computer Speaker if they did What do you guys think, I am enjoying the little Cambridge One and it has DAB and a CD, is there any better recommendations with keeping things on the desktop in order and fuss free compact??
  9. The Bluesman

    SOLD: NAD Model 200 DOA

    What a shame, beautiful looking Amp
  10. The Bluesman

    Bands and Artists that you totally got and loved

    Yes Peter Green is defiantly one of the greats and he was Fleetwood Mac, well the real Fleetwood anyway, he cut one album with John Mayalls BluesBreakers, "A Hard Road" when he replaced Eric Clapton, another great solo album Peter Green cut was "In the Skies", I have that on Vinyl and it's great Here is one of my favourite songs from the "Hard Again" Album, Green wrote this and it's a beauty
  11. The Bluesman

    Bands and Artists that you totally got and loved

    The one and only,
  12. The Bluesman

    Bands and Artists that you totally got and loved

    Wow Peter Green was Fleetwood Mac, a great Bluesman and musician, when I think of "Fleetwood Mac" it's Peter Green
  13. The Bluesman

    Bands and Artists that you totally got and loved

    Great song loved it, this band reminds me of these guys
  14. On the back of the thread of "Bands and artists you just never got" how about a thread about Bands and Artists you loved and totally got and dig playing on your HiFi, I'll kick this one off with one of my favourite Harmonica players, I get and dig this guy even though he has passed away
  15. The Bluesman

    Show us your Ride

    Go the Merida mate and trust me you won't be disappointed, my E160 900E feels like a true dirt bike and just feels right, fantastic bike and a blast to ride and is priced very sharply when compared to the opposition,