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  1. If that falls through, i would be keen, depending on where abouts in Melbourne you are. Thanks.
  2. Gah! 4th in line. I'm in West Footscray if all the others fall through!
  3. I was waiting for one of these for ages! If it was 1 month earlier 100% would have grabbed it.
  4. Wow... These are way out of my league, I'm just sitting here breaking in some new 300b 's and I can't wipe the smile off my face. But these, these are the sort of things I aspire to. Really, genuinely beautiful. Well done.
  5. So many of these selling at the moment. I've heard really good things. I'd be tempted to try it out, but my coin is waiting on an amp first. GLWS
  6. My offer still stands, if you'll consider post...
  7. I'm pretty inexperienced, but I found NOS Tung Sol's to help a lot tightening the up the bottom end.
  8. Thanks, that's heaps useful. It seems that both tubes have continuity on the big'uns. But yeah, the sockets are stupid loose, I'm banking that's probs the issue. Let's assume for a moment that the sockets are screwed. Is it likely to have done significant, lasting damage to the amp itself? Thanks again.
  9. Yeah, that portion of the one on the right does glow after a sufficient period.
  10. None of the tubes seem to be original, though the unit is second hand, so i'm not particularly surprised.
  11. Hey guys, Recently got a bargain on a Yaqin MS-300c, however it doesn't seem to be functioning. I suspect this is maybe why it was so cheap, but given that it was advertised as working, i figured i would try my luck knowing that i had plenty of legs to stand on if it turns out to not work. The amp turns on and all lights and selections operate as they should and cosmetically it seems perfect, however it seems that i can't get any output (i've tried multiple sources and the speakers are fully functioning). The power tubes are mismatched and don't seem to be illuminating like they should, and i feel like the problem lies in that they feel very loose in their sockets. If i had to guess i would think that maybe someone has put the power tubes in incorrectly at some point so the small holes are now as big as the big ones. Now, i have an EXTREMELY basic understanding of some electronics, but it might be best to talk to me like i am a 3 year old just in case. I feel like the first thing to do is test the voltage on the sockets for the power tubes, but given this amp is the size of a toddler and the transformers are the size of said toddler's head, i am almost positive that i need to be especially careful not to electrocute myself. So... can i do that myself without risking my smoking demise? And if so, how would you go about doing such a thing? I have a multi-meter, so i guess i'm asking where to point the thing and what numbers i should be looking for. Obviously testing some different tubes in there would also be useful, but i'd rather not shell out that kinda coin to troubleshoot an amp that may be beyond saving. Any other suggestions as to what problems i might need to look for would be super helpful. I attached some photos, because, surely it couldn't... Thanks heaps in advance!
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