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  1. wheelz.cpw.inc

    FS: Cayin N3 HiRes Lossless Digital Audio Player

    Is this still available?
  2. wheelz.cpw.inc

    FS: McIntosh MA252

    Hnnng... this thing is bullshit pretty! Good luck with the sale.
  3. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: FS: Etymotic ER4XR, and EarStudio ES100

    All G mate. Cheers.
  4. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: FS: Etymotic ER4XR, and EarStudio ES100

    No problem. Keep me posted.
  5. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: FS: Etymotic ER4XR, and EarStudio ES100

    Have you tried the Earstudio at all? Taking a look into it at the moment...
  6. wheelz.cpw.inc


    You've got a pm with some questions.
  7. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: FS: Oldchen EL34B Single Ended Pentode amp

    Sure thing. Let me know and if it isn't gonna cost too much to get down here i'll take it off your hands.
  8. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: FS: Oldchen EL34B Single Ended Pentode amp

    I'll put my hand up for next in line if you'd consider posting to 3012 in Victoria.
  9. wheelz.cpw.inc

    New tubes for Vincent 236MK

    Hey all, I've just stepped into the world of valves, one part of this was picking up the Vincent hybrid - with original tubes. I'm really enjoying to so far, musically it's gorgeous but i feel like the bottom end is really loose. I've been down the rabbit hole a few times now trying to educate myself on tubes but there is A LOT to understand and i feel like i'm barely touching the sides of the knowledge i need to play this game properly, however i came accross a recommendation that sounds like it will fill my needs in: " a Ten Kobe 12AX7 as a driver and a pair of mid '60's Tungsram ECC83" - i can link the thread of discussion if you like, but don't wanna break any rules here. I've done some poking around and the Ten Kobe is seeming really illusive with the Tungsram being reasonably easy to track down however they lack specifics regarding dates for the most part. You'll have to excuse my ignorance on all of this, i'm doing my best to learn. I would love it if you guys cold point me in the direction of... i dunno, anything that would help me track these bad boys down? Suggestions of places to educate myself further, suggestions of similar options, or your own 2 cents on what would keep my new toy open and musical while tightening it's lows would all be appreciated! Thanks heaps. (For reference it's driving a set of Krix Harmonix MKII from a HTPC via a HRT Music Streamer II DAC)
  10. wheelz.cpw.inc

    FS: 12ax7 Tubes - Various Lots

    I best go do some reading. I'll be back...
  11. wheelz.cpw.inc

    SOLD: Sold: 300B McChanson pEar Integrated AMP

    This looks rad. If i hadn't just bought an amp i would jump on it.
  12. wheelz.cpw.inc

    FS: Rotel RA980BX Amplifier

    Still available?
  13. That thing is gorgeous!
  14. wheelz.cpw.inc

    3 new sets of full range driver speakers

    Legit stumbled across this trying to find out if bookshelf sized rear loaded horns were a thing (i'm rather new to all of this), and holy shitballs, these are amazing. I'm gonna go continue my research on how exactly i might attempt and butcher something similar...
  15. No problem mate, my budget will probably be grateful. Though, let me know if he doesn't show. I'll do some more reading in the meantime. Thanks for the reply.