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  1. Did this just sell while i was messaging you or am i losing my mind?
  2. I have had the Harmonix in Jarrah for about 3 years and they make me smile every single day. With a finish like that, they don't even need to playing anything. GLWTS
  3. Albright, i have more information. With some different tubes, i got some sound through one of of the speakers, i don't know how to describe it though - the kinds of noise you might get from touching a 3.5mm jack while it's plugged in, or like hearing a breeze through a microphone. But still no actual sound playing through it, I'm really stunped. Please help....
  4. Thanks mate, i think i understand what you're saying. The relays all click over after they are powered on, there's an initial click after the red light goes out which is when the speakers usually start working, then another click shortly after. They also click when changing the inputs, can definitely hear them, however there is no change in using another output. Newest development is, when i tested your questions this morning, the front valve when from a little hotspotting to lighting up like a Christmas tree. So there is definitely something wrong, but i
  5. Hey guys, I have a Vincent SV236 MKII, that stopped working on Monday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, just turned it on in the morning, it powered up and i am getting nothing coming out. At first i thought it might have been the valves, i listen to it A LOT and the tubes are NOS that haven't been changed in a few years (they sound too good), Swapped out some others than i have and they seem to be 'hotspotting' i think is the term? Any valves (12ax7's for what it's worth) end up with glowing wires at the top. I've order some replacement val
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