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  1. After much thought my best sound for the show is Osborn speakers. I hate Mull of Kintyre. When I walked in and heard it was playing I nearly walked out. But I forced myself to sit down and listen because it sounded good. One of the few times I listened to style over substance. That sounded great.
  2. GroovyGuru

    Greetings from an Osborn Fan

    Welcome. Heard them at the last hifi show. An underrated speaker brand. Maybe the boxes need a trendy shape.
  3. As usual the sound was better on Sunday than on the previous days. Dean Martin on the Kharma system sounded smoother and with more color on Sunday. He sounded grainy on the previous days. Osborn speakers are underrated. They are colored and so is everything else. I prefer them to SGR, Hulgich and Krix. Kii Three was excellent. SS doesn't have to be colorless. This had tone. The best DSP sound I have heard. And I'm not a DSP fan. I also liked Audi Physics and Chord. It played music. What I did not like was too many exhibits playing the same tracks on a loop. There was a day when I copped Nils Lofgren doing Keith Don't Go (Live) in three rooms. And none of the rooms did it right. Acoustic guitar has a body to provide tone. Most of what was presented was string transients. What happened to tone? A lot of the rooms lacked tone. Devore FIDELITY had tone but Dutch & Dutch did not get tone until Sunday, it was SS tone, but still managed to scrape some tone it. First time I've heard VAF worth listening to. Another overlooked local brand.
  4. I've always found that the sound on Saturday and Sunday to be better than the sound on Friday. I hope that applies to this year as well. On the whole, I found the sound disappointing on Friday. Mostly the sound was too dry and flat. There were some which could play music. Kii sounded good. I expect the sound to improve immensely over the next two days. I don't piss in anyone's pocket.
  5. Glad Bill is not showcasing his gear with DEQX this year. This way we get to listen to the music without the interruption of switching to DEQX and end up with a splice and dice presentation.
  6. GroovyGuru

    Flat Panel Society , inaugural meeting

    I have a couple of things to sort out with the system, will then be able to hold a meeting and lunch. Maybe dumplings or somewhere which is BYO.
  7. GroovyGuru

    Subwoofer Integration

    Both RELs were sold within 48 hrs of listing. No further correspondence will be entered into.
  8. GroovyGuru

    FS: Voodoo vector 1.5m Au plug

    I have a Voodoo Electra power cord, which is designed for preamp components. It's as good as other same price power cords I have used on the preamp.
  9. GroovyGuru

    MG20.7 Form follows function

    A pair of REL 212 sub Bad Boys are in the building. Read the review, had to try it. It's every bit as good as stated in the review. As good as a speaker upgrade. The set up in the review does not suit my room and system. Subs are on the outside in my room.
  10. GroovyGuru

    Audiohippo's System

    The Ref6 is an upgrade on the Ref5SE. Much lower noise floor and lower distortion. The Ref6 passed my 30sec test. If I can't tell it's better in 30s I don't buy.
  11. GroovyGuru

    SOLD: FS: REL S2 Subwoofer

    Both have now been sold pending payment
  12. GroovyGuru

    SOLD: FS: REL S2 Subwoofer

    One has been sold at the advertised price. Only one left.
  13. GroovyGuru

    Subwoofers and size recommendations

    I use a pair of REL S2s with Magneplanar 20.7. They will go with your MLs in your size room.
  14. I would've bought this if I had not bought Marc's AVM monoblocs last year. GLWTS.
  15. GroovyGuru

    SOLD: FS: REL S2 Subwoofer

    Item: REL S2 Subwoofer (pair) Location: Melbourne Price: $1350 each (RRP $2500 each) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, Only Extra Info: I bought this pair from an authorized dealer in December 2016. They have never missed a beat. Refer my system showcase to get an idea of how they were set up. I think they would be ideal for a medium sized room. These subs are perfect for music. All original packaging and materials included. Pictures: