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  1. Eventually everything is burned in. Power cords and jumper cables needed 2wks. I'm happy with the sound. I was going to have a GTG this month but Audio Apocalypse meant I had to put off until it is safe. By the time of a GTG I will probably have made a few tweaks.
  2. My Sub231 is an analogue version. No digital jiggery pokerey. Crossover is at about 300hz. I run a jumper cable off the Trio. Yeah, room is big. Two storey ceilng. 8.5mts by about 15mts, open plan. Large enough to hold a 20hz tone. The REL crossover is at about 35hz. I tried it at 30hz but it felt like there was a suckout.
  3. Thanks. I did think of going to higher value fuses, maybe up to 3.5A. I'm nervous about going to 4A it seems too large a jump. You did question what I heard when I improved the sound by changing the jumper cables. "If your ears are cringing - I would say it is not the jumper cables. More likely to be equipment partnering." Improving sound by changing jumper cables is a lot cheaper than changing components. I did audition an expensive silver/copper jumper cable. It was way better than the AV cable, but I preferred the cheaper all copper cable I also auditioned. The copper cable simply had better color depth and tone detail. The silver cable had better imaging and transients. I auditioned two silver/copper power cords, but I preferred the cheaper model for the same reason I preferred the copper jumper cable. My speaker cable is the Audioquest Redwood. It is much better than their lower silver/copper models. I don't have anything against silver cables, but they are not a panacea and must be treated on merit.
  4. I had 3 circuits done 20yrs ago as recommended by Mike Kontor. But foolishly I did one 20A circuit with only 2 sockets. I should have made all 20A because I ran out of 20A sockets for my set up. I had a sparky come round and he had to run a separate electrical conduit for a second 20A circuit. I've never had any ground loop problems. I think if you like the sound of your system/room leave it. A consultant from a top retailer heard my room and thought it was the best room he had heard in all his years of installing gear. He suggested i should leave it as is. I do use RoomTunes to good effect. FYI: i upgraded from Magneplanar 20.7. That speaker needed at least 15hrs on the tweeter to settle, then 200hrs to burn in the speaker. The tweeter was awful out of the box and with the metal clips they are shipped with. After I optmised them with jumper cables and fuses (SR Red on bass/midrange and top of the range Telos on tweeters) they produce one of the best treble/midrange I've heard. When I upgraded to AV I was expecting to get treble/midrange of at least that quality out of the box because it is meant to be an upgrade and AV said only 40hrs burn in required. The Trio had a high bar to get over. I had to spend time and effort to optimise the Trio to a point where it is better in the treble/midrange than the 20.7. Yes i was initially disappointed with the Trio because it did not come out of the box sounding like a MG 20.7 beater. But it does have a very low noise floor with gave it a lot of potential, that's why I bought it. I have now optimised it to achieve the potential, except for the fuses. As far as fuses go, I think the top range Telos gives the SR black a good run at a much lower price. I bought the SR black because they were on special making the price differential minimal.
  5. I think you are reading more into my post than what I said. I said the sound is beautiful but still needs more burning in. My room and system ain't set up pretty, but it is set up good, with 4 dedicated circuits.
  6. Bill Mclean measured my room when he set up the MG20.7. The room measured close enough to flat. Nothing wrong with the room. The system sounds beautiful. Yeah, I've heard the speakers with silver jumper cables, I preferred the cheaper copper model. I also preferred the cheaper pwr cords on the woofers. More money does not always get you better sound.
  7. sub 231s set up. They are set up as woofers. I'll be keeping the REL 212s.. Switching the RELs off results in the arse dropping out of the sound. I've already blown three 3.15A IEC fuses. I suspect that low rating fuse is to protect the inner fuses. I'm reluctant to put on custom fuses until I've settled it all down. The sound gets more beautiful everyday. Still needs more burning in. Custom pwr cords and speaker jumper cables are essential. The Trio is too high res to use Jaycar cords. The factory jumper cables made my ears cringe. I learned a lot about components while setting these up.
  8. Thanks. They've just increased the price in their webpage to $808 for 3ft. It is $955 for 5ft. I stand corrected, your box does display a 5ft length in the fine print. I might just be interested in this, if I survive the apocalypse.
  9. did you send your unit to the USA for the upgrade or did you buy the unit from the US with the upgrade installed?
  10. did you have the upgrade done in Melbourne, Addicted to Audio?
  11. They have been replaced by AV 231 woofer. AV woofer is integral to purchase of Trio I've learned. The woofer crosses over at 250hz because the Trio does not go to 100hz as claimed in the specs. The 231 can produce a lot of good tuneful bass up into the low mids but does not go as low as the REL IMO. I'll be doing some experiments with speaker jumper cables to see what effect that will have on sound improvement. This means speaker cables for woofer, mid and tweeter. Should be big change.
  12. I don't use USB on mine, but it's good to know the upgrade is worthwhile.
  13. I used to have a pair of S3s. They were good. Upgraded to these.
  14. Item: REL 212/SE Sub woofers (2) Location: Melbourne Price: $4500 each Item Condition: Excellent apart from a fingerprint as shown in the photo. Fingerprint now cleaned off with window cleaner. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal, Bank transfer, Bank cheque, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from authorized dealer in Aug 2018. These play very fast. I matched them with Magneplanar MG20.7 and Trio XD. They don't play high enough to go with the Trio. Beautiful high gloss finish. White gloves not supplied. REL don't ship these with spikes. Their subs are not designed to be used with spikes. If you can afford both subwoofers, that is the best set up. Maybe in a small room one will do. I take all specifications, especially loudspeaker bass specs with a grain of salt. I think these go flat to about 25hz, but because they are a sealed design the drop is gradual. That's plenty of wallop in the bass. Claims of subs and speakers going to 20hz are greatly exagerrated. Specifications: TYPE: (2) Front-firing active drivers, (1) rear passive, (1) down-firing passive ACTIVE DRIVER SIZE & MATERIAL: (2) 12 in., 300mm long-throw, Continuous CastAlloy™ cone structure, cast chassis PASSIVE RADIATOR SIZE & MATERIAL 12 in., 300mm Continuous CastAlloy™ cone structure, cast chassis LOW FREQUENCY EXTENTION -6dB at 19 Hz INPUT CONNECTORS High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stero RCA, LFE RCA, SMA for wireless antenna OUTPUT CONNECTORS N/A POWER OUTPUT 1,000 watts (RMS) AMPLIFIER TYPE NextGen3 Class D WIRELESS CAPABILITY: Longbow (Optional), Zero Compression, Individual discrete D/A and A/D Encoders Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Item: AVM Ovation MA 8.2 Monobloc pwr amps (pair) Location: Melbourne, Vic Price: $16,000 (Firm. This is a basement price. Don't waste my time making offers any less than this.) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to valves. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal, COD, Bank Cheque, electronic transfer. If Paypal, buyer to pay all fees. Extra Info: These were Marc Rushton's power amps. I bought them in Oct 2017. I said I was never going to have valve power amps again but I changed my mind after I heard the AR Ref 160M which I bought. But I would've happily stayed with the AVM MA 8.2. The AVM monobloc runs the AR pwr amp close. At $16k the AVM MA 8.2 is an affordable end game power amp. RRP was $44,000 for both ($22,000 each). It is rated at 600 watts RMS. It will drive anything with finesse. It is a low noise, low distortion design. This is a very good price for these amps. I'm asking a lot less than what I paid, so don't waste my time by offering me less. If you want to spend less, there is the Holton monoblock listed on this site for $15,000. The color is Germanic black, as you can see by the pictures. It is so black even the white parts are black. If not pickup, buyer to arrange courier. Gross shipping weigh each at about 45kg. W58cm x H38cm x L57cm. Shipped in haulage case as pictured. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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