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  1. Don't forget to click "Apply" to get the discount. At this price, the three day ticket is the go.
  2. GroovyGuru

    FS: TASCAM DV-RA1000 CD Player/Recorder

    No. The USB port is purely for copying data onto CD. You will need to use computer software to rip the CD to a hard drive. Freeware like Perfect Copy or commercial firmware like JRiver. I've used JRiver for years. It will also play the file on ethernet. The JRiver sound is comparable to Roon.
  3. GroovyGuru

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    At my age...I wish. GTGs are not about how much work you put into it, but how much enjoyment you get out of it. I put in minimum effort for maximum fun. That's how audio life should be.
  4. Item: Tascam DV-RA1000 CD player/recorder Location: Melbourne Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent. Original packaging and manual included. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Tascam recently released a new cassette deck. This is way better than a cassette deck. I used to have a Nakamichi Dragon, this is better than that. It records CDs at 16/44.1 bits. It can also record at 24bits 192hz but only on DVD+R. I am told by Nik at Audiophile that this unit makes a great CD player, as good as CD players costing way more than it's RRP ($1500) at the time. I never used it as a CD player. I only used it to burn vinyl onto about 150 CDs. It has not had much use. It was recently fully serviced and cleaned by Nik. Pictures:
  5. GroovyGuru

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Marc makes some good points. I usually have one open GTG a year. Most GTGs nowadays are private. The open GTGs can become too big production. And as Marc experienced, the worst is if something goes missing, all who attended the GTG are tainted. Having a GTG and then having to secure your valuables is not the way to go. Perhaps we need to look at more frequent, small production GTGs. No need to provide a three course spread. BYO drink and nibblies if you want nibblies. Get back to basics GTGs. I don't attend GTGs for food and drink. I don't think others do that either. The food and drink at my GTGs are mainly from my gracious guests. Sometimes they leave some food behind for me to have as lunch over the next week, but they never leave any grog behind. All the bottles are empty.
  6. GroovyGuru

    ROON Server Build

    I don't know much about this, except that to run Roon off the NAS you will need at least an i3 Intel CPU and a lot of RAM. A Roon recommended NAS is on their website.
  7. GroovyGuru

    Short-form GTGs in Melbourne

    Always difficult to post for small GTG for 2-3 people because more than that might be interested. If you want to GTG with small groups, you might want to try Melbourne Audio Club. They meet once a month and you could tee up some GTG with like minded members.
  8. GroovyGuru


    Crikey, a Sheila! Welcome aboard
  9. You're doing something wrong.
  10. I thought the promotion ran until the end of March. Just bought mine. Don't forget to click "Apply" for the code to apply.
  11. hmm...this thread started off being about the 2018 International Hifi Show and it's ended up being about the 2018 International Hifi Show Saturday night soiree. Not that I mind. Food and drink is also good. I think the Saturday night soiree deserves it's own thread, so that it is prominent as a topic. I'd start it but I have not been to any of the soirees so I think it would be impertinent of me to start a thread for the soiree.
  12. Just checked the other site. They aren't giving a special offer, yet. They should also give a special offer, this way us desperates can go to both shows for the price of one.
  13. Hope you did not buy the ticket before the limited offer half price tickets. Limited offer expires 30 March 2018. You booked a hotel room for 2 days! I assume you are in Essendon, Vic. You must really hate travelling to the other side of town. Deal breaker for me is if I have to drive. I can go public transport to both shows.
  14. Last year's Aust Hifi show was in July in Sydney. SNA filled the vacant Oct spot last year. You are correct, in 2016 it was in Oct. It was the coldest Oct weekend I can remember in Melbourne, and the Sunday was the coldest day of the year. That's probably why I thought it was in winter. I hadn't been that cold since they played footy at Waverley Park.
  15. I think the other mob is doing predatory scheduling. I'll be going to both, but would have preferred the other one to stay at it's usual date in winter.