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  1. Item: Location: Melbourne Price: $2000.00 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not the correct size Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this from a fellow SNA member recently. It is used but in good condition. Will suit a person 6 foot plus. Comes with Stressless documents and cleaner/protector wipes. Stressless chairs are designed to fit body sizes. This is the Reno model in the large size. The Reno is one of the top models in the Stressless range. A large Reno will cost over $4500. I bought this to use as a music listening chair, but it is too large for me to use as that purpose. If you want to use it as a layback chair then a large size would suit. Ofcourse if you are large then you are in luck. Pictures:
  2. GroovyGuru

    Listening Chairs

    Yeah, I'm interested. PM being sent. I'm a chair junkie. Chair is the most important thing in a music room.
  3. GroovyGuru

    Wilson WAMM installation album

    The room looks big enough to me. I hope the person loves the sound. He listens in the lap of luxury. Not my kinda room, too fancy for me. The look of the rooms of all the fancy systems I see don't look like my kinda room. I guess that means I will never have a fancy system
  4. GroovyGuru

    FS: Solid Tech Rack Of Silence 3

    I have the Reference version. A great hifi rack. The only difference is the Reference version has a spring isolated centre shelf. These must have the pillars damped to be any good. Mine are damped with 2 tubs of Atacama Atabites. Without the damping I can't recommend them.
  5. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    There are plenty of versions of good sound and I can live with all of them. Good sound is good sound, it's not about taste. If I can't live with a sound it's because I don't think it's good sound. No one is saying Maggies are better in every way. For most of my life I've had cone speakers. Remember I mentioned I may be going to Magicos. Nothing to do with taste, they simply sound good. I don't consider 'hifi' sound to be good sound. Hifi sound was endemic in audio stores for a long time, but less so now. I couldn't live with bland or hifi sound. If I can't listen to it for more than 15mins, that's bad sound. I won't sit down and listen to a system for hours and then say that's bad sound.
  6. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    I don't think retail price is the reason. ML sell for much more than Magneplanars. I bet the cheapest Maggie is cheaper than the cheapest ML or the cheapest of most other highend speakers. WTF is going on? I'm sitting at home and listening to $20k speakers which consistently kill everything else near it's price for resolution. I heard a mega buck system with 80k speakers and it simply did not play music as well. Someone must be buying that crap sound. Are they on StereoNet?
  7. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    I still can't understand why there are not more Magnepan dealers. Audio Trend were dealers a couple of years ago for a few months and then dropped the brand. There are plenty of Martin Logan dealers. Is the Magnepan margin too low for dealers? From talking to a dealer I got the impression there are impediments to taking on the brand so that a deal could not be struck.
  8. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    Sell them. I think they will go in medium to large rooms. You don't need expensive power amp to run them. I haven't seen many ads for MG20.1s. The problem is they've been superceded and buyers may be going for the 207.
  9. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    Carlton AV have a VTL 450 monobloc trade in for sale. I could borrow it for a trial, but I'm too lazy. They will lend me the VTL if I need it. I think the unknowns are greater than the knowns. That's why there are so many different versions of each technology.
  10. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    One thing to remember is there is more than one good sound. We all have our own versions. Many have not yet found their sound. What we need is a thread setting out how to get the different types of good sound. No systems sound alike or are set up the same. My system has a sweet balance. I combined valve & ss & audioquest cables to get this sound, not to mention room setup. I don't advocate people set up their systems the way I have because that may not be a sound which is suitable for them. Hell, I'm thinking of switching to Magico because I think that may be more suitable for the music and sound I want as an endgame. We should not think a set configuration will result in perfect sound from Maggies. Everyone is just poking around in the dark. That includes the most brilliant minds in audio. It's a case of deciding what type of sound you want and setting up your system to achieve that.
  11. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    I don't think there will be problems driving 20.7s or 30.7s with valve amplification, but not the puny variety. Reviewer Don Saltzman drives his 20.7s with VTL and AR amps. AR voice their components on a 20.7.
  12. GroovyGuru

    MG20.7 Form follows function

    There is a time and place to express a honest opinion. A showcase thread is not the place for a negative opinion. What if you had a showcase thread and someone came along and said he heard your system and he thought it was crap. I would consider that post malicious. Unfortunately many have chosen to post malicious comments in my showcase thread. People with all sorts of axes to grind should do them elsewhere. A negative opinion could be posted in the Magneplanar Owners thread, or any other thread, rather than muddy a showcase thread.
  13. GroovyGuru

    MG20.7 Form follows function

    We sometimes hear what we want to hear. I did not think my system sounded particularly good that day. I still suspect I've had at least one tweeter out for a while. With both tweeters working the sound is the best I've heard in my system. I'm disappointed that oz has chosen to post an out of date, negative impression of my system following a couple of positive posts. Feels like he could not resist raining on my parade.
  14. GroovyGuru

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    I suspect most of the tweeter issues are caused by external factors. After burning in the replacement tweeters, my speakers sound like they always have. I think they blew when the monoblocs blew. New tweeters can give off fake detail due to a dry, sibilant sound.
  15. GroovyGuru

    Magnapan speakers

    Too much is being made of the bracing. I have sand filled Mye Stands. Yes, imaging is more precise, sound is sharper and drier, but not enough for me to recommend everyone go out and brace their Maggies. I suspect you lose soundstage width when the Maggie is lifted off the ground. It's not worth putting the Maggies back on standard stand to do a thorough comparison, but don't worry about bracing. If I bought 30.7s I would not brace them. Looking at the stands for that speaker, they look like a version of the Sound Anchor stand.