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  1. No brainer at this price., wish can buy the speakers alone. Glwts
  2. Nice speakers, i always wanna try focus 380 but never got a chance. How do you think pair moon with focus?
  3. Just curious what speakers you pair in your system? I have very similar setup as yours. 360d 380d and 340i, i did use 360d as dac too, but now as transport after add 380d in chain.
  4. I would say, bluesound is hard to beat if you can utilised all its feature at its price. Good luck on looking.
  5. Moon 380d, and roon compatible mind2 upgrade card on the way. Was using the cd3.3's digital input as DAC and this unit for streaming.
  6. Further information: Purchased from local dealer in April this year, recenty upgraded my DAC which come with a superior build in streamer and therefore this unit is no longer required. The non transferable extended warranty hasn't been registered for so new owner may take advantage on it. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. how long have you owned them? Are these actual photos for the cables? Cheers
  8. Currently on old moon 340i and 360d, will get into a position upgrade to a dac+streamer, and probably more dac+streamer come with decent preamp stage that no worse or even better than the preamp build in 340i. However, the size, or specifically the height of the unit is playing big roll as my wife the boss wont allow me to damage the interating of the living room setup. The height of the unit must be less than 135mm including the feet. 340i's power amp stage should equal to 330a. For the streaming dac/preamp I am looking for Auralic Vega G2, Mytek manhattan ii and moon 390. if I prefer the preamp stage in these dac+streamer, then I need to consider the power amp option. For the power amp, I have moon 760a (RRP $14,000) in view but that would be a little strech for my budget. My question is: Would Moon 760a justify the price hike compare to 330a regards the SQ performance as there is not much step up on power rating? Any other power amp could consider as my upgrade that with height below 135mm? If no suitable upgrade option, I think i should be fine just run on 340i's power amp stage. Your thoughts are great appreciate. Regards
  9. Very nice pair of speaker, i have r900 with my system, love them alot.
  10. Further information: Oppo BDP-103 Au model, come with region free kit installed, with remote and wifi usb adaptor. No original packaging and therefore local pickup, but can ship on buyer's cost and risk. I own this unit since new, back in early 2015 from canberra oppo shop with thier region free kit - basic installed. One small scratch near logo as picture shows. Moved to overseas months after I have got this unit, and then returned to aussie couple of year ago. Very low hours, spend in storage for the most of time. No more need for my new setup as I delete my TV in living room. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Would you consider 103au at much lower price?
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