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  1. I think nobody can get meta version untill late oct....
  2. May i ask what are you upgrading to? Hard to imagine upgrade from c4
  3. There are serious mono blocks behind😁
  4. Im frequently travel between brissie and sydney recently, i surely can help if you really wanna grab them😁
  5. http://www.lite8.com/product.php?action=1488 Link for a88 attached.
  6. http://www.lite8.com/product.php?action=1489 Let me know if you need any help
  7. Btw, they also sell the assembled unit, however this amp board is not a shelf config and therefore there is no ref price available for you, but at least we know this could be a factory assembled unit. Also, this brand seems copy some famous brand's circuit design, and make them to the Chinese market. Not saying this is good or bad, but certianly can consider it coukd be a bargian on bang for the buck. Anyway, good luck.
  8. It's LITE, a diy kit manufactory based in Guangdong, China,, just some light research has found, the amplifier board (a80), transformer and chassis alone would cost around 4200rmb which is 840aud when new, in China. Hope my Chinese can help anyone who interest in this deal.
  9. Dual 500va transformer means high current on low inpendece speaker should drive at ease. Glwts, little off the topic, to whom may curious what does transformer lable says - Wuhan Shinkansen Electronic Manufactory, and the colour of wiring config
  10. Pair a decent streamer will be the best digital source at this price.
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