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  1. Hi there - I'll take this - will PM to arrange payment and postage. many thanks
  2. I'll take this thanks! will also donate
  3. Hi Koihuyen - I will take these! Thank you. I will PM to arrange payment
  4. Hi there - I'll take it! PM incoming regarding pickup or post details.
  5. Ahh of course. Cool - makes perfect sense, thanks!!
  6. Great thanks betty boop - this gives me a lot of options to go away and explore. Just one last thing i'd like to get clarity on - re bolded bit above - my hifi integrated doesn't have HT bypass - so wouldn't this mean I have to connect/disconnect the 2ch speakers from my hifi integrated to the AV receiver when i want to swap between music and home theatre?
  7. Thanks for the responses! Betty Boop: yes feeding DAC via HDMI, which is in turn feeding the stereo integrated. analogue - great option, but probably too expensive for my particular situation. digital - I'm keen to investigate this further - do you have any examples of affordable 2ch av pres? hopefullguy - I definitely agree - the fronts' positioning is not ideal for movies due to no control over the subbass plus concern to not disturb neighbours with subbass - I think this is my key issue. FYI I have ac custom 2.5 way speaker (86L bass reflex, Beyma TPL-150H, SB accoustics 8 inch woofer x2). Everything is perfectly set up for stereo for me, just seeing what adjustments I need to get a good result for home theatre too. One option I am considering is to get an EQ for home cinema use only, and using that to cut the subbass that goes to the fronts and raising the mid vocal range slightly to suit. One thing I will lose from this is subbass - and to fill that gap i could get an inexpensive sub that can be controlled to suit the room. Does this make sense at all? Also - does getting a centre speaker make sense at all to get better dialogue quality (3.0 or 3.1)? Is that even a thing? I'd have no idea how that would word re downmixing. I'd assume I'd need a 5.1 AV receiver and just connect the 3. [which wouldn't really be practical for me because I wouldn't want to keep connecting/disconnecting my two fronts from the stereo integrated]
  8. Hi there I live in a small apartment and have a good stereo hifi set up, that i would also like to use for home theatre (ie watching movies from Netflix & 4k blu ray player). I do not have much knowledge of home theater (eg i don't know much about downsampling 5.1 where there is no 2.0PCM track etc). I'd be grateful for any tips and recommendations to get the best sound from watching Netflix and Blu rays with (1) my current set-up & (2) with any minor additions to my current set up. (including TV/blu ray player settings, connection options but also new hardware if it will assist etc, but noting I have limited space in a small apartment). A few things I've noticed to date are - Subbass is too loud & overbearing when watching explosions/fight scenes etc in action movies on Netflix/Stan; and dialogue is sometimes too soft. Too much sub-base is an issue because I don't want to disturb the neighbours - I am often dialling the volume up and down during the movie to compensate. (note haven't tested these observations with the blu ray player yet but will do soon with the Matrix 4k disc). My current set up is: Panasonic TH-65FZ950U, Sony UBPPX700 blu ray player, NAD M51 DAC -> stereo integrated amp -> full range floorstanding speakers (go down to 35Hz) Many thanks in advance
  9. Sure - done. Let me know if you still haven’t got the pm
  10. Hi robes - I ended up going for a preloved linn lp12 (with roksan nima arm and dynavector 20x2 lowMC cart). A clear step up over the rp1 & v happy with the decision!
  11. Hi there - I'd like to buy this - can pick up and pay cash - will PM contact details
  12. Hi there - I will take this and can pick up from Sydney CBD any day this week. Will send you a PM to organise. Cheers
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