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  1. yeah crazy good so far (only a few days in). smooth, clear, silent, with some sort of heft/thickness, crisp bass would be my first impressions. the higher output (4V) was immediately noticeable, my low power system (9W power amp) benefits from this. there's a liveliness/jump factor there, which could be just attributable to the higher output level. definitely a happy Abbas customer, was well worth the 2 month wait (3 week build, 7 week ship from kiev).
  2. Hi - i'll take this & can do pickup from marrickville. pm sent! cheers
  3. i'll also pile on the elekit love - love mine as well!
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows about the volume control/remote that comes with the Spring 2 and how it is implemented (eg digital or analogue domain)? I'd mainly like to know whether there is any loss of bits in NOS mode that might compromise the sound quality in anyway. I haven't been able to find my info on this online through searches. Just checking to see if it can be used as a full function digital preamp (eg like the NAD M51), which can connect straight into a power amp, with the volume attenuation not causing the loss of any important bits. Cheers
  5. Hi there - can i ask when this was originally purchased? Thank you
  6. I think you mean the 'moment of inertia' of the counterweight (mass x square of the distance from the pivot). This is a different concept to 'momentum' - i don't think you've used the term correctly here.
  7. Hi there - just a question on this - which one in this webpage does your item correspond to? Do you know the model of Lundahl in yours? http://www.kandkaudio.com/moving-coil-phono-step-up-kits/ Many thanks
  8. Hi there - I'll take this - will PM to arrange payment and postage. many thanks
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