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  1. This will probably be old news for some, but I went to check when my subscription renews for Roon this morning and thought I would check the Lifetime price again. Its gone up to $699 US ;-O. To be honest, I think that is ridiculous, and particular in light of all the speculation over platform longevity and what a 'lifetime' really seems to mean nowadays.. I can't imagine too many picking that up. To those that bought it for $400US.....good on yas. I think I'm in for another year because I enjoyed it (when my NBN provided enough bandwidth for the Tidal addon). I will rescope the landscape in 12 months time. I think, at these prices, its likely there will be other players into the game.
  2. I am happy to buy online....do any of your local shops do that? I am keen to deal with anyone who is selling at reasonable prices. Every time I go to discogs, its a rip off.
  3. Sorry thats happened to you Eman. I hope the insurance company is helping you....maybe you should take a cash pay out in Now prices for what you lost.
  4. G'day All Hope everyone is going well and surviving this weirdness. Can someone please explain to be the craziness that is the climbing prices of second hand vinyl? It is getting to a point where it isn't worth it anymore. I have a lovely setup now, and I would like to expand my collection, but at $30-50 on average per unit, it just doesnt make sense. I guess the collector mentality etc, but really, how many copies of Neil Young's Harvest are out there....its not like it is rare, and yet, you've gotta dip in $50 for a decent copy of it. I used to give new vinyl a miss because it was clearly exorbitantly overpriced....but the second hand market is just as bad or worse. What are we trying to do here folks....because people will just sell their gear and go all digital if we dont get a handle on it. cheers A
  5. Might be slightly off topic. I am not really on 'wind down'....but I think I have reached peak 'wind up' much earlier than others, with less gear. From what I read on these forums, folks are looking for audio heaven and chasing it at all costs. Its the reason why there are normally frightfully expensive items in the classifies priced within reach of the rest of us. Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to 'get it right from the start'? Because, I certainly feel like I may have. I am not flexing here at all...because I also wonder if I am kidding myself. This has been my journey over the last 4 years. My first forays into hifi were merely CDs and streaming over the home network into the HT system. I thought that was awesome....until I heard what is closer to awesome. Speaking with friends and hearing their systems, I realised the biggest bang for $$ was going to be the speakers. I swapped out the cheapy HT speaker system (which are still pretty good) out to the mancave for my sons' enjoyment and bought a pair of Martin Logan Motion 60XTs. This was a pretty whimsical purchase if I am honest....I never expected my first speaker upgrade would be to a pair of substantial $4000 floor standers (I paid $2500 for them - near new). With some encouragement from folks on this esteemed forum, I went ahead and pulled the trigger. When l plugged the MLs into my little Denon 1709 HT amp, I was blown away....the speakers are beautiful and sensitive (94db I think from memory) but the next discussion was about HT amps driving what was now a dedicated 2ch system. Enter the Anthem i225 - another recommendation from on here....and I had heard that Martin Logan used these amps in their test facility for the Motion series speakers....surely they couldn't be wrong. When I plugged that in, well....next level now. Outstanding. I was enjoying my beginnings of vinyl, a Sherwood JBHIFI jobby soon became a Project Debut Carbon with an Ortofon Blue Cart. The first pre was an NAD PP2....which then became the equivalent Cambridge....which, even without speculation, I knew were both rubbish. They really did sound harsh and nasty. The Schitt Mani arrived, and that was another wow moment. This stuff lasted for 18 months or so before I heard a mate's Project Classic...which I liked the look of too. Then an Xtension 9 with Kontrapunkt A cart came up on the classifieds. With spousal permission, I dived on it. The Debut was given/half sold to my son. At this stage, I am starting to get scared....was I addicted like the other people on SNA are?? Then the Mani got retired because it had been suggested that it was not worthy of the Kontrapunkt A and I was definitely missing out on what it was capable of. I resisted this for about 8 months...then bought the Musical Surroundings Nova II that was on here a few weeks back....yes, another wow moment. I cant have ever imagined a record sounding as good. The digital system is just a PC with Roon on it, running to a Chifi SMSL M100. Again, I think the sound is outstanding, and I can't imagine bothering going any further....and if I do anything here, it might be, once the little laptop running Roon dies, replace it with a home built fanless. I am bracing myself for when my friends visit with the latest great DAC. My total spend....Speakers ($2500), Anthem i225 Integrated ($950), Project Debut Carbon ($700 - sold to my son for I think $200), Schitt Mani ($229 - Sold to son for $140), Xtension 9 TT ($2300 landed), Musical Surroundings Nova II phono ($660), Laptop ($800...but bought for other purposes before this), SMSL M100 DAC ($140), Osborn Datalink Speaker Cables (bi-wire) ($100), Roon ($175AUD/yr), Tidal ($11.99/mth student). I feel like I am at end game already to be honest. I've never not been happy...looking to 'fix something. While ever the system is located in my lounge room, I am pretty confident I have reached steady state (end game). .
  6. Not withstanding what @naidan said about humidity, which is potentially a real issue, and I am also unsure of the size of the components of which you speak, but is a second hand fridge(s) an option? Maybe put your controlled components (preamp or remote receiver), CD player/TT in the lounge with your speakers, and amps etc in the garage in a fridge. Now, before someone says, 'too cold', which they'd be right, a temprite from your local brew shop to the rescue! Another very 'sensitive to temperature' pass time (brewing beer), is well controlled at my place by an old fridge (in my sometimes 60deg C garage), temprite probe stuck through the door liner. I currently have a pale ale brewing out at exactly 23deg celsius. If the garage gets hotter than that, the power to the fridge is switched on...gets it back to 23, then switches off. You have as low as 16 deg up to I think 30 deg options with a cheap (around $100) temprite. Re routing cables etc, maybe cut holes in the side of said fridge(s), route the cables, then spray with insulation expander foam...which I believe is readily available at Bunnings. You should be able to find plenty of cheap ($50) suitable candidate fridges on any weekend on gumtree or facebook marketplace. Good Luck...most certainly sounds like the gear is far too good to be in storage. The other advantage to your garage idea, of course, is that the speakers could potentially sit in a perfect spot in the room, free of the clutter of racks/entertainment units etc.
  7. Andy, Wikee What I can tell you is that the mani royally shat all over the nad pp2 and the Cambridge (can't even remember what the model number was it was so horrible). The mani is lovely, really. It is only because I bought a nice table that happened to have a lovely mc cart on it that I did anything at all... and as I mentioned earlier, even with the kontra, the mani wasn't horrible.... and I still think it's a great mm phono.... it's just that I've got a hold of a great phono stage that, in 2013 retailed for £1200, for a good price... and it's opened my eyes to what's possible. If your mate is starting, the mani is more than adequate in my opinion.
  8. You're fine Wkee... go for your life. Conversations develop and my problem is well solved. Carry on here please.... very interested.
  9. Just loaded it to 475 ohms on Andy's advice. Man, I got Canonball and Miles in my lounge room. Awesome
  10. Just to sign off here, and to thank you all for your contributions, the Musical Surroundings Nova II phono arrived yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement Mark and to the rest if you too. Thanks to you for your input/suggestion too Andy So what happened? I dropped the kontrapunkt A on Peter Gabriel's "So" with the Mani plugged in. Not horrible...just a bit cluttered and dull...switched to the Nova II, Wow.....hi hats at the beginning of Red Rain then it opened up...Gabriel's vocal in the room...., separation, clarity, sound stage. That's what I hoped for and got it. It's incredibly engaging. I've got the nominal 100ohm set at this point. Might try some others down the track. Lumholtzi has been fantastic and incredibly generous throughout. Very happy I proceeded.
  11. Thanks Patjoy. Love your profile pic too....fabulous album and band. I woud love to own some of the PT and SW stuff on vinyl, but it is bloody expensive, and I do tend to wonder what the point is of owning modern music on vinyl....much of it largely recorded and or transacted in the digital realm. I know Steve Wilson is a bit of a purist, so some of his stuff probably is tracked to tape and then dropped to vinyl from tape.
  12. Morning Andy I think I have decided I am going to bite the bullet and go with the Musical Surroundings Nova II being offered for sale. On reflection, it seems to address all of the requirements I stated in my first post. Thanks again for all your advice. It is much appreciated......and thank you all. This is a great community. A
  13. I've pm'd you this morning mate. I think I am going to go ahead with the nova.
  14. Thanks Andy Bugger. Now I have a decision to make. I'm in touch with @lumholtzi about his Nova II which sounds very enticing.... and he's a great bloke too.... providing tonnes of info, some of which has not been in favour of his sale to me, the honesty I really appreciate..... one of the great things about this site. Now I've also got your offer to consider which is equally as generous. So, I'll say this. I have other hobbies that prevent me from getting too deep into vinyl. I bought the xtensiom 9 because it was nice and a step up from the debut carbon. It's likely end game for me as a tt. It just happened to have the kontra A on it.... so I was thinking the mani is now not worthy. Once I've got something that is, for under $1k, that'll probably be end game too..... Then I need to buy more records. So, on that basis, what do I do? The nova sounds attractive for the money... do I dive on it, or do I try this first?. @lumholtzi, chime in too if you wish.... you've already been so helpful and I already owe you several ales.
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