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  1. I have the 60XTs and run them with an Anthem i225 and they are just awesome. Good buying here. Whomever buys them will love them.
  2. This will probably be old news for some, but I went to check when my subscription renews for Roon this morning and thought I would check the Lifetime price again. Its gone up to $699 US ;-O. To be honest, I think that is ridiculous, and particular in light of all the speculation over platform longevity and what a 'lifetime' really seems to mean nowadays.. I can't imagine too many picking that up. To those that bought it for $400US.....good on yas. I think I'm in for another year because I enjoyed it (when my NBN provided enough bandwidth for the Tidal addon). I will rescope th
  3. I am happy to buy online....do any of your local shops do that? I am keen to deal with anyone who is selling at reasonable prices. Every time I go to discogs, its a rip off.
  4. Sorry thats happened to you Eman. I hope the insurance company is helping you....maybe you should take a cash pay out in Now prices for what you lost.
  5. G'day All Hope everyone is going well and surviving this weirdness. Can someone please explain to be the craziness that is the climbing prices of second hand vinyl? It is getting to a point where it isn't worth it anymore. I have a lovely setup now, and I would like to expand my collection, but at $30-50 on average per unit, it just doesnt make sense. I guess the collector mentality etc, but really, how many copies of Neil Young's Harvest are out there....its not like it is rare, and yet, you've gotta dip in $50 for a decent copy of it. I used to give new vinyl a mi
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