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  1. Andy, Wikee What I can tell you is that the mani royally shat all over the nad pp2 and the Cambridge (can't even remember what the model number was it was so horrible). The mani is lovely, really. It is only because I bought a nice table that happened to have a lovely mc cart on it that I did anything at all... and as I mentioned earlier, even with the kontra, the mani wasn't horrible.... and I still think it's a great mm phono.... it's just that I've got a hold of a great phono stage that, in 2013 retailed for £1200, for a good price... and it's opened my eyes to what's possible. If your mate is starting, the mani is more than adequate in my opinion.
  2. You're fine Wkee... go for your life. Conversations develop and my problem is well solved. Carry on here please.... very interested.
  3. Just loaded it to 475 ohms on Andy's advice. Man, I got Canonball and Miles in my lounge room. Awesome
  4. Just to sign off here, and to thank you all for your contributions, the Musical Surroundings Nova II phono arrived yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement Mark and to the rest if you too. Thanks to you for your input/suggestion too Andy So what happened? I dropped the kontrapunkt A on Peter Gabriel's "So" with the Mani plugged in. Not horrible...just a bit cluttered and dull...switched to the Nova II, Wow.....hi hats at the beginning of Red Rain then it opened up...Gabriel's vocal in the room...., separation, clarity, sound stage. That's what I hoped for and got it. It's incredibly engaging. I've got the nominal 100ohm set at this point. Might try some others down the track. Lumholtzi has been fantastic and incredibly generous throughout. Very happy I proceeded.
  5. Thanks Patjoy. Love your profile pic too....fabulous album and band. I woud love to own some of the PT and SW stuff on vinyl, but it is bloody expensive, and I do tend to wonder what the point is of owning modern music on vinyl....much of it largely recorded and or transacted in the digital realm. I know Steve Wilson is a bit of a purist, so some of his stuff probably is tracked to tape and then dropped to vinyl from tape.
  6. Morning Andy I think I have decided I am going to bite the bullet and go with the Musical Surroundings Nova II being offered for sale. On reflection, it seems to address all of the requirements I stated in my first post. Thanks again for all your advice. It is much appreciated......and thank you all. This is a great community. A
  7. I've pm'd you this morning mate. I think I am going to go ahead with the nova.
  8. Thanks Andy Bugger. Now I have a decision to make. I'm in touch with @lumholtzi about his Nova II which sounds very enticing.... and he's a great bloke too.... providing tonnes of info, some of which has not been in favour of his sale to me, the honesty I really appreciate..... one of the great things about this site. Now I've also got your offer to consider which is equally as generous. So, I'll say this. I have other hobbies that prevent me from getting too deep into vinyl. I bought the xtensiom 9 because it was nice and a step up from the debut carbon. It's likely end game for me as a tt. It just happened to have the kontra A on it.... so I was thinking the mani is now not worthy. Once I've got something that is, for under $1k, that'll probably be end game too..... Then I need to buy more records. So, on that basis, what do I do? The nova sounds attractive for the money... do I dive on it, or do I try this first?. @lumholtzi, chime in too if you wish.... you've already been so helpful and I already owe you several ales.
  9. Andy Just heard back from Matt. I'm 3rd in the queue so it's not going to happen. I love your idea and wonder if I could buy such a solution from you as a stop gap. As you say, I do notice an improvement using the 47k loading and it's good... but I'm assuming closer to a sweet spot resonance load for the cart will be better. I appreciate the opportunity to test, but if there's an option to buy, that might be perfect for the time being. Thanks heaps A
  10. Thanks guys. I've made Matty an offer. That thread is a bit confused. Not sure if I'm first I'm the queue now. I've just dropped the kontrapunkt on King of Blue - Miles Davis. Just switched the loading to 47k on the mani. It's sounds bloody good so any improvement will surprise me.... but hey, this is the itch that needs scratching I guess. Then I'll know.
  11. G'day All Do I buy a sub $1K phono stage (and would that be better than my Schitt Mani) and stay with my Orotofon Kontrapunkt A MC Cart, or revert back to MM? That is the question. I had a Project Debut with Ortofon Blue MM mounted. Phono stage was (and still is) a Schitt Mani, which I have been very impressed with. I upgraded the TT to a Project Xtension 9 Evolution mid last year. It has the Kontrapunkt A (very limited info I have found on the net about it) mounted. It and Mani work well, but I am getting the impression that I am not doing the Kontrapunkt A justice. I have the Mani loading the cart at 47ohm, 59db gain. Now, I like vinyl and I am enjoying it, but I don't think I am up for $1k+ in phono stage. If that be the case, do I revert to MM (maybe a Nagoaka or Bronze or something) and keep the Mani? I understand the Mani is a very good MM stage...but probably isn't the pick for MC. Your expert thoughts and experiences greatly appreciated. Cheers Aaron
  12. I agree with the cart recommendation, but I would go a Schitt Mani phono.
  13. Morning All Some months back, I acquired a Project Xtension 9 from a goodly gent on this fine forum. I love it....just beautiful. I have a Schitt Mani phono which sounds great, and was more than adequate for the Project Debut I started with. I am hearing though, however, that it might not be doing the Ortofon Kontrapunkt A mounted on the Xtension 9 justice. It was recommended that I look to a Dynavector P75 MkIV. I cant come at the $1200. In fact, I don't want to spend much at all, which is always the problem, right? I am finding there is a bit of gulf between the Mani price point and the price of a worthy upgrade. I have seen good things spoken of the Emotiva XPS-1, and it does give additional MC loading options. Some of the literature on the Kontrapunkt A recommends a 100ohm loading as a sweet spot. Does anyone live in or around the Maitland/Newcastle area with one of these or something similar that I could investigate any difference it would or wouldn't make? Any suggestions or assistance greatly appreciated. Regards Aaron
  14. Agree on the remote volume thing Perzog. Even with a generic remote, annoying....otherwise...still loving the amp. It is never very loud...nothing like what it or the speakers (ML 60xt) are capable of.....but everything is just musical and comfortable, with a lovely sound stage. I read a looooong thread earlier (circa 2017) about a gentleman on here struggling to get his ML 60xts working well in his space....the solution for me was obvious after seeing a photo of his setup. Lots of timber flooring, exposed windows, drapes on one side, arcway to hallway on the other....sonically tough space, but solvable with a big rug and some curtains I thought. My 100yr old 5x4x3 hardwood lounge I thought was going to be too small.....but the MLs sound beautiful in there with the Anthem.
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