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  1. I have the motion 60xts and they are AWESOME.....if that is the standard ML sets in this line, then these are a bargain...get onto em.
  2. I actually have a set of these as my first system. They are deceivingly very good and are still in use in my home studio for tracking playback. They're nice and neutral. They're better than one would think and a great starter pack for someone. Good luck with it mate.
  3. Yep, understand that... but probably woulda had it covered with half of them.
  4. I agree Sime....completely....and as I suggested above, I think part of the blame resides with the band. There's probably limited budget...I didn't ask, but old mate might even be a house engineer at the venue....but man...he flew some boxes up the sides of that stage...it was a big system for a little room. Not being too critical...but it was TOO loud.
  5. G'day Grimmie…..did it this morning on Facebook Messenger. I was gracious...because I could here they were killing it...just the FoH was bad. Also told them the young bloke became a fan at 9, and he's 18 now, and was so looking forward to seeing them....I got a 'Thanks for your support and feedback'. Hope the FoH engineer in MLB does a better job tonight. Its entirely conceivable it's 'please to meet you man.....what do you like in your foldback' type situation. I did a tribute gig two years ago in a reputable venue, to an expectant audience and only met 5 of my fellow band mates that night....that's how it rolls nowadays unfortunately.
  6. I hear you Rod....and there's absolutely no excuse for it at Gunners level. The amount of money you found for the tickets surely buys a little extra time and care from the guys to get it right. I do wonder about these underground guys though...maybe they just don't have the budget. I know that they arrived in country on Thurs, played BNE, then last night in SYD, and I believe tonight in MLB....they are likely even on a really tight accommodation budget. Interestingly enough, we were let into the room at 8pm, then promptly kicked back out onto the stairs at 8.15, because the support band hadn't sound checked yet. We were out there for 15 mins, and I heard what I reckon was a line check only....they didn't do any EQ or anything...little wonder why stuff took off the way it did. Even in an empty room, back in the day we used to squeal it out with the eq...peaking the sliders to hear which frequencies were going to take off and which were more placid. Then you tidied things up very gently as the room filled up and the band started...not chase your tail through the headliner's gig. Honestly, this thing last night....first solution was to just drop the master bus...then the mix would have led him to the next step, which was probably to drop/eq the kick a little more and give the guitars, keys and bass some presence and space. Familiar with the desk, you could do it in about 3 mins flat. Volume, even in metal, does not always mean GOOD.
  7. I bought my 18yr old son and I Haken tickets. I admit that I don't like all of their stuff but some tracks that fell into Roon Radio and Spotify off the back of Porcupine Tree were pretty cool. I hoped it would be a treat we'd share. If you're into prog rock/metal or even if you're not, its hard not to be impressed by the technical prowess of these guys. Have a listen to the Amsterdam live playlist on Spotify or Tidal. It's amazing to think it's live. I'm a muso (well, a drummer), and I've recorded and engineered my stuff and others in my home studio. People comment positively on my mixes so I don't come at this completely uneducated. We saw about 45 mins of Hakens Syd set last night at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, before calling it quits in favour of our hearing and an early start on the 2.5hr drive home. We had to leave because it was apparent that the sound guy wasn't hearing what we were....a kick drum and general bottom end build up that was entirely washing out the music. I couldn't pitch. The bass player might as well have not been there. The kick was just enormous. Despite me having plugs in, the lead vocal was hurting me. Now, i get that metal kinda means loud.... but we've gotten so progressive, with fast sections of articulate voicings, like fast double kicking, runs on bass and bass heavy chugged guitars etc that the traditionally loud, big bottom end, four on the floor mix just doesn't work... and particularly in a flat wall room like most venues are. If it was ACDC or The Angels, it would have been fine. It was clear that this guy wasn't able to mix for the genre. You could hear that everything was there... and everything would have appeared out of the clouds if he'd just dropped the spl and bottom end a little... he turned the bass up.! More low mid information pumped into an already saturated room. I have to assume this guy wasn't the band's specific sound guy, on the road with them... that he was a local hired gun. If that's the case, there's probably just not the margin to bring their own guy and gear. But, it then gets to the point where they've gotta say, why bother. It doesn't do justice to the music or the talent. Others closer to the stage, with bleeding ears, mighta loved it. A
  8. These will be exactly as Phil has described guys. Buy with confidence. I bought a pair of ML 60 XTs from him a couple of months back and I'm still smitten with them. All the best Phil. A
  9. You're local to me Zooty. Would be fascinated by a listen if you could see your way clear one day. I'm happy to bring beer.
  10. I've got one here running my Martin Logan 60xts. I love it. Highly recommend... and a reasonable price. Good luck with it. Aaron
  11. Great clip. Thanks for posting it. I wonder how many of us are ham radio operators too......interesting cats them(us) folks
  12. Wow! Really hope you're feeling better after posting this. I think the OP was merely generating a forum discussion.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts guys. Really appreciate it. Ill have a think about it. Update I just checked gumtree again. Looks like it's sold. I'm kinda thankful. Need to smell the roses for a bit I think. I've had fun buying a bunch of gear. Time to stop looking and just listen.
  14. Thanks Guys Its in the box, brand new for $850, no cart. Seems ok price wise. I note your comments though. Fine on the Grand Junction Wimbo 🙂 @rantan, I figured an Ortofon Blue might be as high as you'd want to go on a Debut anyway....but I do have a mate who put a Denon DL103 on his and I liked the sound of it a lot. There's also an LP12 Sondek in Syd for about $1500, but you wonder if age becomes an issue then. I am not likely to ever spend $2k+ on a turntable anyway...unlike many others on these forums....I love looking at them but couldn't justify the expenditure based on the other challenges in life. Bruce in East Maitland has this ERA and others like it. Beautiful to look at, and wonder what it might be like with a really nice cart on it. Age again is a factor (although these are apparently completely unused and refurbished). There's very little on the net about them though....some discussion on here and on vinylengine....not glowing really. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/east-maitland/other-audio/vintage-1970s-french-era-5055-turntable-record-player-nos/1211577192
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