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  1. These should have a 5M ballast resistor on the output. The issue was with the early serial silver only units and the Woo Wee.
  2. Excellent DAC for its price. I have its flagship brother the Supreme and they share alot of similiarities.
  3. Price drop to $1350. Not sold within a week going to be disassembling it for parts.
  4. This preamp needs no full introduction as it is one of the best tube dht preamps you can buy for its money so I’ll jump straight into the specifics. I’m the 3rd owner, the unit has had some TLC done to it. All resistors changed on the CCS boards, HT PSU etc where necessary. The cheap crappy CCS trimpots have been changed with US made Precision 10 turn 1k pots so forget about jumpy measurements with the default pots which are inaccurate. All electrolytic capacitors bypassed with poly and metalised films where necessary. Some boards cleaned up a bit but I’ll still be adding some final touches to
  5. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Are these discontinued? I recall Noisy Motel carrying stock while back but nothing on there website. Used one preferred. cheers
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