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  1. The plinth was the weak point of the original 301 and 401, the 12 and 16 inch Commonwealth broadcast tables were better. A modded 301 with a good plinth design to mitigate micro vibrations, balance issues is hard to beat, better than a modded 401.
  2. Excellent sounding speakers, right up there with the heavy hitter models from other big punters in similar priced category from Wilson Audio, Egglestonworks and Rockport.
  3. Craig is a good guy, yes for a 'mostly' single man operated proxy service he can be inundated and not respond for months (this happened to me back in 2010).
  4. Tempted. I think this would go nicely with the mjonir I bought off you couple months back.
  5. It reminds me of the Larry's Headphile custom headphone stands.
  6. Whoever bought the HD800's if you want to refurbish it, aka housing rings to get rid of the nicks, I can help with sourcing those parts for you. I have a friend who works for Sennheiser overseas. Cheers
  7. Streaming and wireless/discless media is the next big thing and the future.
  8. How do these compare to a well modded and powered HD800? Cheers
  9. F18

    Constant voltage transformers

    A variac is a good bench tool for adjusting the ac voltage you want. Not good for constant use with your amp, not to mention expensive as you head into the 3amp + range for a quality unit.
  10. Assuming you have a proper parametric tester and can test the tubes, there's really no need to replace that frequently until you start to notice a lower gain or tube going south. Often manufacturers will not advise how often to replace the valve because there are many variables at play. How much listen time, how often is the amplifier used, the type and manufacturer of the tube etc, how much bias is set for the tubes etc.
  11. It uses a 12v 1amp psu. I modified mine years ago by changing the 3.5mm plug styled chassis mount connector to a DC connector. Edit: looks like I got it mixed up with the DTi.
  12. Ah saw this classified on ebay. Headinclouds KGST build. Nice