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  1. Marc is correct, the Sennheiser authorised parts distributor is based in Sydney. All parts, stock and warranty goes through them.
  2. I've had direct experience with the LS100 and have a plentiful and various supply of tubes for phono. Fee free to contact me if interested, I have tubes that will slightly tune-out frequencies that are either missing or lacking.
  3. The best 12ax7’s money could ever buy has always been the older bva black plate Mullard’s or TFK Ecc803s gold pin which are faked by private European makers, they re-etch old Czeckoslovakia 12ax7’s. That said the regular TFK, Brimar and Mullards or Dutch made 12ax7’s sound great still. Also worthy of a mention is the Australian made Mullard, Philips Miniwatt and AWA/AWV 12AX7’s. Up there with the better European ones as the Aussies did a great job making them in the heydays of Aussie tube radio and audio.
  4. The Sophia Electrics are rebadged Chinese variants made by Shuguang. They generally are not reliable and better options can be had elsewhere for less.
  5. Ha, saw a brief review today about these sounding way above its class in its price category. How would you describe these earbuds?
  6. I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I'm not talking about a pc I'm talking specifically about 5.25inch drives being available to consumers that was capable of sacd playback, which is zero/none.
  7. A fine piece, one to go into a collectors museum. What are you moving onto John?
  8. No sacd capable drive for the pc available to consumers was ever made.
  9. They don't call this dac the $10k price group killer for nothing. Excellent sounding unit and the newer model is even better (more expensive as well) and this is coming from somebody who would rarely praise things in the classifieds here.
  10. No, it will make it worse. Static screens one of the things that can cause ghosting on plasmas.
  11. Any pictures? Your problem usually indicates a stuck pixel and you need some burn in methods (playing various flashing colours and images) to revive the stuck pixel.
  12. Sounds about right for something that big and heavy from Perth.
  13. I have no sympathy for Loewe closing down, surprised they held out this long. Change and adapt or die.
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