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  1. No, it will make it worse. Static screens one of the things that can cause ghosting on plasmas.
  2. Any pictures? Your problem usually indicates a stuck pixel and you need some burn in methods (playing various flashing colours and images) to revive the stuck pixel.
  3. Sounds about right for something that big and heavy from Perth.
  4. I have no sympathy for Loewe closing down, surprised they held out this long. Change and adapt or die.
  5. For psu, definitely look at JohnnyGuru psu reviews, one of the best and longest in the business. A fanless atx psu with good load and idle ratings and low ripple is next to impossible with a $100 budget. That said all the new decent branded psu’s employ a temperature sense circuit which powers the fan only if a certain temperature and usage is met. Otherwise the psu is cooled passively.
  6. It isn’t about training your ears it is being consciously aware of what you want to hear and what you need to hear. All the psychoacoustics and processing with frequencies is done mentally with your brain. Your ears is merely a noise filter, nothing more. To mentally train to listen out certain perceived imagery of sound and music get yourself familiar with sound frequencies and more commonly what they do in sound and music and match it with there descriptive adjectives. I.e. sub-bass, midd, sibilance, soundstaging, imaging, highs, mid bass, upper mids, treble, etc etc.
  7. Never got a pm from you, are you still interested?
  8. There are some good ebay tube resellers that do test tubes properly with proper test equipment. Certain online e-retailer styled tube resellers tend to ask a crap ton of money for certain tubes you can buy for a fraction of the price.
  9. The AEG EL34's are alone worth the price if they are still good to use.
  10. @Grizzly Exactly what I was after. Seems the pl30 has the same board.
  11. Would also appreciate if an actual PL-30 owner can chime in with some pictures. @jakeyb77 no polarity markings for the 100uf caps on my pcb.
  12. Thanks grizzley, the 4 grey ELNA caps near the transformer connector can I please get a closer up picture of that position? Also from memory the bipolar caps is 47uf and the polarised caps 100uf? cheers,
  13. Do you have any proof?
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