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  1. I am in Tasmania, a LOT of people operate this way, whether they are trying to sell a banana or a house. I had never run into these types of dealings till I moved here. Sadly, they are easily offended if you offer them less than their unknown amount. Most of the time I just walk away.
  2. I have an opportunity to buy a Carver C-11 preamplifier and Carver TFM-45 amplifier. They are both in good condition 7-8 /10 I have auditioned them and they work flawlessly. I have trawled hifishark etc. but can't work out a fair price to offer them. Any input would be most welcome.
  3. Just a word of warning The planar 2 with the R200 tonearm may need the anti-skate belt replaced, these all fail eventually. This is not an easy job for a novice. In saying that, they are a great turntable. P.S. I too sold my Linn last year and replaced it with one of these (financial reasons) Replaced anti-skate belt, drive belt,new ortofon 2m bronze cartridge, 24v motor upgrade and new lid. Really happy with the end result.
  4. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures. My next set will be white. I had never considered them before.
  5. Cope sensitive freight. The packages stay with Cope the whole journey. You may have to organise your own insurance.
  6. Soft paper towel and glass cleaner, toothbrush works well for knobs. Deoxit on RCA terminals.
  7. I have a IM S275-12c motor Looks the same. it is rated at 1500 rpm and 6watts. should work fine. You can have it for free, just postage may cost a few dollars. I will PM you with contact details for someone who will be able to sort out the belt. Cheers Paul
  8. Get a piece of notepad paper with lines on it. Stand it on end on the platter and a record and next to the tonearm. Adjust till the lines on the paper are level with the tonearm. Hope this makes sense.
  9. Hi Jas Welcome to the forum. Nice to see another Tassie member. Paul
  10. I use 200,000 and 500,000 cst, and blend if required for different turntables.
  11. The dual 505 is an underrated turntable. They are not very complicated if you are handy. Apart from a pitch belt (easily replaceable) not much goes wrong with them. As a party trick, you can lift the left side up to 45 degrees and it will still track the record properly. Properly set up, they sound great.
  12. I just remember what I have, but I also remember automotive part numbers from 40 years ago when I was in that industry. I don't like over complicating stuff. If I see a peg board with the outline of tools, it freaks me out. The thought of cataloguing my collection (100s of LPs) sends a shiver through me.
  13. I won't bother putting pictures up. Just plugged them in and they sound like crap.
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