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  1. Great to see you here David. I have been buying products from you for several years. Paul
  2. Thanks Andy My minimal research led me to a confusing amount of possibilities as well. The search continues...... Stay tuned.
  3. I need a new AR turntable motor. The original motor is Airpax B81339 115volt 60hz 1.5w 300rpm Sticker on TT base says 50hz 220-240 volts. The speed at 33 and 45 is perfect. It is currently using a .39uf capacitor If anyone knows where to acquire an alternative ( not origin live) I would appreciate it. Regards Paul
  4. If speed stability is all that is bothering you, just pop in a new motor kit from Rega. I have done this myself, and it works really well.
  5. I have a Linn ASAK, boron cantilever, I think it has a microline diamond. Will have to check. Zero hours since rebuild. Pm if interested.
  6. Sadly, haven't had a chance to audition mine yet.
  7. I have a couple of options for you esoterica. Low <20hours Ortofon 2m bronze. A&R Cambridge with new black diamond stylus New Sumiko Pearl. Will PM you I run a small shop, so I don't know if I can display the prices.
  8. I purchased two of these from @cafe latte for my A&R Cambridge cartridges a few weeks ago. I haven't tried them yet, but will also give some feedback when I do.
  9. They call it stove yellowing. Uncertain if modern materials still do it. Interesting question though. Give Synergy Audio in Melbourne a call, they are the Australian importer.
  10. In my opinion, just go for the P2. Better tonearm, glass platter, way sexier, ready to roll. In due time, an upgraded cartridge will make it sing. The P1 is a fantastic entry level turntable, a better cartridge will help, but not to the extent of the P2. I have a P1, P2 and P3 and have played around with all of them. Of course the P3 with factory fitted Elys2 cartridge leaves the others in the dust, but that is a far more expensive turntable. Paul
  11. Thanks everyone for all the input Looks like Bluesound is on the way. I may start a new discussion in regard to bluetooth later.
  12. The iPhone would then act as the DAC. Is that what you want to do? Far out Satanica I thought this might be simple (Wrong again). Snoopy8 mentioned above that the phone would act as the DAC using bluetooth. Thanks for all the links you have found. So when people say bluetooth is no good for HI-Fi, it must mean that bluetooth modules are crap at converting signals? I just like knowing how stuff works. Lots more research for me to do. Still confused. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions Paul
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