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  1. Always been a fan of these turntables, it is well worth spending some money on it.
  2. I have a couple of JVC Nivico 4 channel turntables and a National Panasonic 4 channel receiver. Unfortunately, I have no quadraphonic albums to try it with. Is the end result in sound quality worth the effort of finding albums? I already have a nice stereo setup, so the quadraphonic would rarely be used. Thanks for any input. Paul
  3. Welcome Leon I have a Sansui AU-317 as well. Love the sound. Paul
  4. Thanks linolad Yes, they are made from medium chipboard, great for absorbing moisture and falling apart. They are being made at the moment. Veneered MDF was my choice. The electrolytic caps will be replaced as soon as I get around to ordering them. Cheers Paul
  5. I restore, service and sell a lot of turntables in Cygnet Tasmania (hobby out of control). The main age group (approx 80 percent) would be 15--35 years old. The other 20 percent are 55 years old and over. Just to add to your survey, the younger group are predominantly female, and the older group mostly male.
  6. I have purchased a fair bit of stuff from them too. They are great to deal with. Most of my business dealings have a face to face element. Voice to voice will have to do at a pinch. Just typing on a keyboard when doing repeat business is awful.
  7. Does anyone know the contact details of David and Karma's Turntable Parts? He cannot give his details via Ebay because of Ebay rules. Sometimes a quick call is better than 50 messages. I would like to order some belts and cartridges (ongoing) which are not currently in his Ebay shop. Thanks Paul
  8. If only this was in Tassie.... I accidentally smashed mine with a hammer, then ran it over.
  9. I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 66 studio monitors, the cabinets/enclosures need to be replaced. I can have them made from almost any material. The new cabinets will be made to the exact internal dimensions as the originals. All suggestions welcome, as I have never done this before. Thanks Paul
  10. Welcome to the forum. Good to see another Tasmanian..
  11. Welcome Willem. Great to see another Dutchman on board. genieten
  12. I have a set of RTR 800d speakers (photos attached) Does anyone have any information about these? They are open backed for the top 3 drivers, and closed with a foreward firing port for the bass driver. Sorry about the pics. Regards, Paul
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