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  1. I removed the cover, put a toothpick inside the hinge and replaced the cover, just to raise it a bit when I fitted a 7mm platter mat on my LP12.
  2. Thanks for the reminder, I have a few to do tomorrow. We only listen to CD music at work and in the car. Last time I burned a CD was about 6 months ago.
  3. Geez, you have to be quick
  4. I am a very loyal customer to my favorite store. Only on a couple of occasions have I asked them to price match. Once they could, the other they couldn't, but I purchased from them anyway. I really love bricks and mortar stores, and the people that are brave enough to start them.
  5. https://shopmate.auspost.com.au/ This will give you an address in the US.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Lots of vintage gear lovers here, including me.
  7. Hi Patricia Welcome to the forum. I will be in France in July for a birthday party, love french cuisine. Paul
  8. I am in the Cygnet area too. Pm sent
  9. I have restored two of these, they both had broken springs. As long as the break is close to the end of the spring, you can snip off the last couple of centimetres and copy the holding slot that has broken. Warning, these can take your head off if not done carefully.
  10. I left my heart here in Tasmania from 2004 to 2016. Finally moved here and love it.
  11. Welcome to the forum Eugene. Nice to see another Tasmanian. Lots of audiophiles living off grid down my way in Cygnet Paul
  12. Wives of some friends say it's nice, but would never have it in her house. Husbands of some friends say I have an awesome wife.
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