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  1. Hi Raphael Welcome to this forum. Only spent a short time in Luxembourg, we really liked it. Paul
  2. Chris has upgraded 2 cartridges for me. A Nagaoka and Linn ASAK, both with boron and micro ridge. He does fabulous work, couldn't be happier. It's nice that you refer to him as Christ......
  3. I have acquired a Rega Mira amplifier, I won't have a chance to play with it and test on various speakers for a couple of weeks. It is not the Mira3 Does anyone own one of these or have any experience with them? As far as I can tell it was built 1995-97 , 61 watts per channel.v Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Paul
  4. Welcome to Stereonet. Nice to see another Tasmanian here. Paul Cygnet
  5. Looks like trial and error till it's right. Bit of a pain removing the tonearm every time. Have you set the cartridge with a protractor and the vtf with scales first? The Nagaoka is about 1.5 grams heavier than the carbon..
  6. https://youtu.be/bb8STonWhg4ttp This video will help answer your questions. It explains how to accurately set up anti-skate etc on the RP1 Hope it's helpful
  7. OOPs, Direction is my brother. What are the odds? One in one I believe. Now only need one set for him.
  8. I am also looking for a pair for my brother, if anyone has two sets.
  9. Hi jenintas I always have a few turntables down here in Cygnet. Will send you a PM.
  10. Creek, Sansui ,Rotels, a vintage Pioneer Valve amp Nad and others, I would need to look.
  11. Let me know how you go. I have an abundance of amps that need attention.
  12. Great to see you here David. I have been buying products from you for several years. Paul
  13. Thanks Andy My minimal research led me to a confusing amount of possibilities as well. The search continues...... Stay tuned.
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