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  1. I have a lot of amplifiers in need of repair in Cygnet Tasmania. Does anyone know of a reputable technician to use? Most of the amplifiers are from the 1970s and 1980s (Luxman, Kenwood, Creek, Sansui etc.)
  2. I have an Ar turntable that has a lot of play in the spindle bush. I do not know what is normal for these units, but it seems very excessive. Is there a replacement bush or a "fix" to sort this out? There is a replacement sub chassis at Hifigem in the US, but it is $275.00 US . Cheers Paul
  3. wartman

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    I will test some old triangle ones as well. Try some of my more sacrificial gear the right way and reversed, to hear if there is any difference.
  4. wartman


    I have acquired two TASCAM 42B-DB reel to reel units. They will need a bit of work in due course. Any opinions on this model would be appreciated. This is my first foray into the reel world. Cheers Paul
  5. wartman

    SOLD: NSW Quantity of Reel to Reel tapes

    Pm sent with details Cheers, Paul
  6. wartman

    SOLD: NSW Quantity of Reel to Reel tapes

    Will send a PM with details. Cheers
  7. wartman

    SOLD: NSW Quantity of Reel to Reel tapes

    I will take them if you will post to Tasmania at my cost
  8. wartman

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    We use COPE sensitive freight for moving anything valuable, as it never leaves the companies hands. Heaviest we have moved is one tonne.
  9. wartman

    B&O / Soundsmith cartridges

    The New version of the mmc1 is called the smmc1. About $999.00 US. Go to www.sound-smith.com Cheers
  10. wartman

    Hi from Hobart

    Hi mmmargherita Nice to have another vinyl lover in Tas.
  11. wartman

    Technics SL1200 mk1 strobe

    Thanks mloutfie, I will check it out
  12. wartman

    Technics SL1200 mk1 strobe

    Here are some pics of the Technics sl1200 mk1 strobe bulb as there doesn't seem to be any on the net. Dimensions Globe width 12.2 mm (glass) Globe length 26.5 mm (glass) Overall length including plastic base 41mm Hope this helps Cheers Paul
  13. I have a Technics sl1200 mk1 with a dead strobe light. The board measures in at 133 volts. Does anyone know of a working bulb or an alternative? Cheers Paul
  14. wartman

    Bringing Brainbox into Focus

    http://www.metalmusicarchives.com/album/brainbox/bringing-brainbox-into-focus(compilation) Hope this helps