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  1. Thanks everyone for all the input Looks like Bluesound is on the way. I may start a new discussion in regard to bluetooth later.
  2. The iPhone would then act as the DAC. Is that what you want to do? Far out Satanica I thought this might be simple (Wrong again). Snoopy8 mentioned above that the phone would act as the DAC using bluetooth. Thanks for all the links you have found. So when people say bluetooth is no good for HI-Fi, it must mean that bluetooth modules are crap at converting signals? I just like knowing how stuff works. Lots more research for me to do. Still confused. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions Paul
  3. The Cambridge Audio AXR85 has Bluetooth but no DAC. To my thinking, that means that Bluetooth sends an analogue signal from the source like a radio station. Forgive my ignorance on this subject
  4. I just went off this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth
  5. Thanks for the education. Now I understand. I was not aware that bluetooth sent the analogue signal via UHF There you go. Appreciate the help. Bluesound wins
  6. As I mentioned, this is new to me. Forgive my ignorance. The AXR85 has built in Bluetooth, can't I connect the iphone via Bluetooth?
  7. Still working on it. Would it be easier to upgrade the amp to one with built in Bluetooth? Like the Cambridge Audio AXR85?
  8. Thanks so far everyone. I will see whether the household uses music from their own library, or use streaming services. I will check out the Bluesound Node. Lots to learn.....
  9. I need a DAC to connect iphone and ipad to my old school amplifiers, they only have AUX in. Price point maximum $500 The research is just too complicated, there are so many manufacturers, and so many limitations. From what I understand, a DAC with a bluetooth receiver is what I am after. All suggestions and help appreciated. Paul
  10. Eastern Creek I grew up there in the 60s and early 70s in Penfold St The winery was still operational It was rural back then.
  11. I am in Tasmania, a LOT of people operate this way, whether they are trying to sell a banana or a house. I had never run into these types of dealings till I moved here. Sadly, they are easily offended if you offer them less than their unknown amount. Most of the time I just walk away.
  12. He is waiting to see what I come up with.
  13. I have an opportunity to buy a Carver C-11 preamplifier and Carver TFM-45 amplifier. They are both in good condition 7-8 /10 I have auditioned them and they work flawlessly. I have trawled hifishark etc. but can't work out a fair price to offer them. Any input would be most welcome.
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