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  1. Hi merro If you are willing to post these to 7112 Tassie, I would really like them. Let me know the cost via PM. Cheers Paul
  2. I use lots of RRV, I remove it from the record when there is no fingerprint left behind when I touch it. Just don't leave it on too long after that.
  3. I would like to know as well. My post from Monday night seems to have disappeared.
  4. We use COPE as well. From pickup to dropoff, the goods are only handled by COPE. They do not transfer goods to another transport company.
  5. My wife loves Audio gear. We have three sets of speakers in the lounge room, Martin Logan, Celestion ditton 66 and large Springwoods. She will happily switch between them, depending on the music, and what she is doing at the time. Sometimes all six come into play. Apart from her car and coffee machine, the Linn Sondek is her favourite toy. Her hearing is brilliant, so I am told when something is slightly amiss. Poor recordings are turned off and relocated to another less fussy home. She refuses to part with her original NAD/B&W system from the late 80s (you never know when you will need a backup) I am not allowed to sell our Beogram 4500 or Beocenter 9500 as they are just too beautiful. She is the main user of Record Revirginizer. If we need a new cartridge, I am encouraged to order one (even when funds are tight) There is more, but that will do for now. I am a happy boy.
  6. Hi Catman If all the adjustments are correct, and there are no speed potentiometers just try different width belts of the correct length. I start with around 5mm, then slowly make my way down to 3mm. One of them usually works. Only one turntable refused to play at the correct speed, with that one I changed the pulley to a slightly smaller one. Thankfully, I keep a lot of new belts, and have too many donor TTs. I will PM you one other fix, as others may find it a bit sinister. Paul
  7. I had a tweeter stop working in my Springwoods recently, it was a blown fuse in the crossover. It might be worth checking if it has one.
  8. I have a Technics sl-d2 and Dual 505. Pm sent
  9. Welcome to Stereonet. Nice to see another person from Tassie. Paul
  10. Welcome Michael I am an ex Blue Mountains boy myself. Enjoy the forum.
  11. I removed the cover, put a toothpick inside the hinge and replaced the cover, just to raise it a bit when I fitted a 7mm platter mat on my LP12.
  12. Thanks for the reminder, I have a few to do tomorrow. We only listen to CD music at work and in the car. Last time I burned a CD was about 6 months ago.
  13. Geez, you have to be quick
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