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  1. Hi, I have KEF LS50 All black, bought 9/9/20 (have receipt)for my daughter's birthday, who looked at them, and didn't even want to hear them. Unbelievably she wants to stay with the Onkyo speakers that came with her system, "So it's all Onkyo, Dad". I was going to keep them for myself but haven't even opened the box since showing her, so they can go. New condition, unused, boxed and ready to go. Also have quality speaker cable if you are interested. I am in Sydney. Donation to Stereo Net on sale
  2. I have KEF LS50 All black brand new opened box for photos ready to list if interested. With receipt.
  3. If that is not acceptable to you I can pick up with cash. GLWTS.
  4. I have one and use it without speakers just Sennheiser HD800s. The headphone amp is high quality.
  5. Lifestyle store near Parramatta. Listened on Sunday bought straight away.
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