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  1. VST do make a diff, I've compared VST vs Pullman vs standard Lamarzocco baskets and out of 15shots/basket, VST has the highest rate of better shots (all variables kept constant ofcourse) also if you look closely through the VST holes under a light, the holes are much precisely laserred compared to the LM, also tested a few tampers and dis tool and found the Pullman Bigstep Palm tamper/Chisel combo works best (highest probability of consistency)
  2. Further information: This is the current model dac RRP$7070 Great dynamic with detail at the same time still polite and musical, a balanced and under-rated dac. Have compared Schitt Yggdrasil, Chord Hugo2, Qutest, PSDirectstream and actually preferred this on my system. A very under-rated unit Condition is excellent with no marks, comes with all original accessories and boxes, so can post at buyer's cost. Details on specs and prices is linked below. Dac https://www.classaaudio.com.au/pre-amplifiers/515-bel-canto-dac-37-preamp.html Ill throw in t
  3. Item: Triangle BOREA BR-08 floorstanders Price Range: Approx $1200-1500 depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Will pay more for new the Light Oak finish Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Im going for the 'time-alignment' arrangement which makes more sense to me, and if you look on wharfedale website they have the tweeters on the outside also. Anyhow, doesnt sound different at all.
  5. Further information: Bought these 2 weeks back from a member here to try and now moving them on, im just on a quest to try all the hyped bookshelves. Looking for some Harbeths, Spendors if someone wants to trade. These are Mahogany finish, comes with stands, boxes, manual and gloves, preferably pick up only at this stage. Photos:
  6. Item: Yamaha CD-S1000 in Silver Price Range: circa $700 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: let me know if you have. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Completely agree, bought a pair of bookshelves 2 weeks ago and paid RRP for them, then called again today and spoke to a guy named Kit (not sure how to spell?) I asked about a pair floorstanders if they can do a small discount of RRP and they said not with this brand as we're the only importer. Then I asked if they can do discount off RRP on any other brand, they simply replied, and I quote; 'no, we don't really think we need to'. Never in my life I have paid for RRP, this was the only time.
  8. I even struggled to compare the diff between real Nordost stuff lol
  9. FYI I've just put up one of my Ditting KR804 on classified, If you change the stock burr to the Mahkonig Peak burr and it can rival an aligned EK43. A very under-rated grinder, and a beast too. 5sec for a 20g dose.
  10. Oh I completely know what you mean, thats why I only use it to grind peppers only now lol
  11. Further information: Chassis: XRAY RX8 (version1) ($1150RRP) Engine: Novarossi Live Brave 21 Turbo ($500RRP) Hirosaka DBS-2 brushless servos ($200RRP) Starter box: Hudy 1/8 starter box ($220RRP) This is top-shelf R/C car for Pro racers, Ive built this 3,4 years back and only got to install an engine last year, only had a bout 1L of fuel through it so practically not completely run-in yet. costed me around $2000 to build. You'll need the following in order to start running: Remote control/Transmitter Battery Body shell Petrol etc.
  12. Further information: Was using this at the shop for grinding retail beans, approximately 80kg through it before I changed it to EK43. Current RRP is $4000 Also a great as an single-doser grinder for home espresso, if upgrade the stock burr to Peak burr, the results can rival the EK43 Photos:
  13. Further information: Mazzer Mini manual grinder, used at shop for decafe, had about 20kg of beans through it before upgraded. Current RRP is $900 Pick up only Photos:
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