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  1. Ah Lucky i didn't transferred. Thought his 5 posts were very generic so I played it safe with pick up. Wouldn’t mind stabbing him in real life... how did you find out?
  2. Yeh going back there tomorrow. There was a Hugo 2 on classified a few hours ago for 1700 (real cheap), I contacted him for pick up tonight and he gave me an address that is 6hrs away but never replied after that, the ad then has been taken down. Not sure what's the deal?
  3. I guess I can try and do that, or I can drive down and meet at the border, just cover my fuel cost lol
  4. I honestly dont know how to pack the tone-arm as the TT box only fits the TT, when i bought it at SydneyCastlehillhifi, Goran took the tonearm out and installed it for me there.
  5. dCS Bartok and dont have to think about amps ever again lol, im waiting for one to pop up on classified, doubles as streamer and dac for both hifi and headphones as well
  6. Still hear that clicking/virabting sound on my left can whenever the bass hits. Even straightaway at 0:01 with the first note of drum
  7. For those that are in desperate situation and has been affected by Covid, Im happy to help with a Hifi Covid-relief Plan: can take payment plan, 50% first then the other 50% in a month time hahaha
  8. Hmm, just did a frequency sweep test last night and at about 70% volume, below 35hz there is a really obvious vibration sound on the left can, sounds like a something is loose. tried on my other set of headphones and its not there. So pretty sure its faulty. I called them to check if they've given me a 'B-stock' but its not, will be taking back to them tomorrow. They sounded un-willing to swap it over but to send it for repairs, is this normal with A2A?
  9. Further information: The Red came with the Focal headphone which I bought new today, don't need it as I already have the Hugo2, can provide a copy of receipt for warranty purposes. The Black is about 8 months old and only used under 10 times. Both has original boxes and accessories. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  10. The Elegia came today, thanks for the recommendation @elisix. never knew the packaging is already this nice at the entry level (if only speakers come like this!), made a very well pleasant unboxing experience. The Bonus is $999 from $1400 with a Dragonfly Red, they said I took the last one?. Will be running it in for a few days before I use it. Will be selling the Dragonfly Red & Black since I dont need them.
  11. Thanks @Silincer13 I did have some offers under what I wanted and a person in VIC but cannot leave the state at this time, im not comfortable posting as the packaging is not a 100 perfect
  12. Further information: For sale is my well looked after tt, bought from Sydney Hifi Castlehill, a truely solid German built tt, weights around 25kg. No scratches, extremely smooth bearing - I sometimes bring it out to the dinner table and use it as Lazy Susan when the families are over for yumcha (jokes haha). The current Challenger is RRP at around $6800 without tone-arm. Tonearm is TA-500, tracks well, sometimes let my nephews use it to draw circles (again do not take this seriously). RRP currently $1500 Comes with the crappy Ortofon MM Red, have done around 20hrs on it before I changed it. Phono amp and PSU is custom made by Peter from Consoletonics. Model is PH-11 valve phono with MM/MC switching. This is one absolute gem of a phono, you need to spend around 4k to rival this. Specs can be found here http://consoletronics.blogspot.com/. I paid $1600 for it 6 months ago so still has 6 months warranty. Currently attached is Nagaoka MP110 (paid $250 from Japan) done also only around 50 hrs, and will throw it in depending on if you're nice or not (and nice means negotiating or not lol) I also have the Toner record weight (rrp$170), also will throw in if you're extra nice ...Ikea board also can be thrown in Over 10k worth of stuff here The stuff you have to pay: Oyaide STBHWX record weight (also bought in Japan for $270) Pm for price, if not I'll keep it to tamp my coffee...such a beautiful little thing! I have all original boxes, however not willing to post at this stage due to shipping-nervous-breakdown. Photos:
  13. Further information: Hi guys, for sale is my 2-week old with under 20 hours of run time, so need a bit more hours to run-in. I've always been curious with JBLs and got them to try, can see why they are well-respected speakers, definitely interest to try the bigger Synthesis stuff. Anyways, Condition as expected is practically brand new, have not moved it since, might get a bit of dust (under the microscope). Has all original packaging. Price is firm. PS: These weren't from the group-buy that SNA had recently so I couldn't pass on the greater savings like others. They still have 11 months of warranty left. PM me for more info.
  14. Speaking about that Kimber Kables, I did came across some of those from a Gumtree ad last year, the guy was selling all models for about 10-20% of rrp, he was saying his brother-in-law works at Kimber in the States and he got them for cheap and no longer needed, sounded a bit suspicious to me so I never went ahead with it.
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