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  1. Electronic currently spinning

    Pre orders just been released for the new synkro Ep . Not in my hands yet ! But here is a taste of 4 low-fi breaks in modern style or whatever you like to call it .. https://youtu.be/2D0qsjf5NJM
  2. Seller is online but say he will sell ! No correspondence..
  3. This take down to purchase has been strung out and waiting ....waiting for call backs ?
  4. Electronic currently spinning

    Few dj krush albums that arrived today as with the remastered metro area . Starting out with metro
  5. SOLD: Funk firm -lsd

    Will be making a donation to the forum ✌️
  6. SOLD: Funk firm -lsd

    The funk is sold , thanks for offers , had to sell locally as I wasn't fond to post this deck on transport .
  7. SOLD: Funk firm -lsd

    Item: funk firm turntable Location:perth Price: 1500 Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:down grading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The time comes to down grade a few items lately, unfortunately the lsd needs a new owner. F5 tone arm achromat 2m black ortofon ( excellent condition) new vector belt The deck has served me well as I did a lot of research on the lsd and found that it suited me other components perfectly. Once I added the 2m black ortofon the music was insanely good !! Have not used a mc on the lsd but this deck would suit well with those cartridges. The lsd was being used roughly 3 hours per week The lid is actually a pro-ject and somehow fits . I do not have the original box as I used it to send away a turntable last year , stupid me . http://www.tonepublications.com/review/review-the-funk-firm-little-super-deck/ any questions please respond Pictures:
  8. Interesting records

    So sorry for the error @Hensa .... the charlatans
  9. Interesting records

    Bargain records here .... or should I be in the commercial sellers category lol .... open your mind .
  10. Item: turntable Location:perth Price: 650 Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:don't use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: selling my beloved 1210 dd. Fully serviced 4 months ago by a reputable technics technician from perth . Works as it should with all lights working . Sorry I don't have the cover . Ortofon cartridge is as new also . Internally earthed and upgraded rca leads . I have compared this this to my funk firm and the 1210 does hold up it success history . Some cosmetic nics nicks from age . Can demo dor keen buyers . Pictures:
  11. Item: records Location:perth Price: $25+ Item Condition:near mint all Reason for selling:don't listen Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Deep space network meets Higher Intelligence Agency-very rare and definitely hard to find $125 albert king -born under a red sky (sun dazed re issue ) $30 E-man (geir jenssen / biosphere) remastered limited to 200 $40 william orbit -my oracle lives uptown (linn records) $40 konrad Becker - monotonprodukt 02 (blue) reissue very limited . $40 the charlatans -some friendly $30 pick up or post + postage shane Pictures:
  12. FS: Sutherland Ph3d Phono preamplifier

    Bought a preamp last week , now this comes up hahah
  13. PHO-700 Vs PHO-8

    Unfortunately purchased a nighthawk the other day from a gumtree seller mmmmm . Anyhow , the toggle from the front did not work , had to lightly push and tinker for the red light to function! Upon this I called the seller and told him about this and he said it's fine and normal, (total bullshit) also the rear power supply to the unit didn't work also , had to wobble the cord to make it charge .... The nights was charged and about 3 albums of full play and 1 hour stand by . Basically this guy sold me a fully working unit as he said over the phone. If you see a blue ortofon on gumtree, do not buy ! Warning ⚠️
  14. PHO-700 Vs PHO-8

    I really hope there is a difference haha , I'm still using a black 2m cart , so hopefully that can push it
  15. PHO-700 Vs PHO-8

    I use the pho-8 for 6 months daily , and had listened to the 700 , to be honest I couldn't hear much difference or sense any subtle changes . I didn't like the gimmicky lights that acted like glowing tubes , but hey that's my thing . I'm actually waiting for a nighthawk to arrive next week and hoping to have some positive changes over the pho-8 , the pho-8 is a great phono and I would buy one again if situations change and cash becomes a threat .