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  1. Tbh think you should save your money, the limiting factor would be the 3.5 iPhone jack rather than the cable. Go to a DJ shop and get a decent one there for $30 No point in anything ott
  2. as per my post above, i believe canare are the only rca to actually get close to 75ohm. websites say 75ohm as thats what the cable is but its a pile of bunk.... if you actually measure them they would be below half.
  3. do some research on digital coax. digital should be 75ohm but rca connectors are about 25ohm from memory so having a 75ohm cable terminated with 25ohm gives you a fraction of what you need. canare do a solder-less crimp connector that is as close to true 75ohm (its what bluejeans etc use) I have a 1mtr length of canare lv-61s with crimp connectors spare. its exactly the same as a bluejeans and professionally made. after $50
  4. I have a cpl of these, no hum. They do somewhat suck the dynamics out of amplifyers though. Something to do with the filtering but there is a noticeable loss of bass in my system with the Amps connected to them, everything else is fine, preamp dac etc but amps are on a different board. There is a big discussion on a separate thread about it and most found the same results
  5. Item:plate amp for subwoofer Price Range:100-300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: after a replacement plate amp for a dead one. The old one was rated at 500w but I think it was actually about 250-300. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174315152306 anyone have information on what these are? They have 15" bass drivers and horn loaded super tweeters
  7. And congrats on the bargain, bit over priced though.... I paid $70 for mine
  8. Yeah I remember you need to get rear wall positioning on point as they fire backwards also but once dialed in they imaged very well. The ns1000m are much more forgiving but absolutely sing when in the sweet spot
  9. I have had both of those speakers in the past 🤘 those liquid audios are a gem for the price point. Enjoy the Yamaha's, I would have kept mine but the wife thought they looked cheap haha
  10. I had a r600c centre and it was very good, match for the r3, I would say side by side it would be hard to justify the price difference between the r3 and r900
  11. I haven't heard the R900 but if you can get a pair for 2k I want your source There is a direct lineage and the r3 was made during kefs hayday, also being top of the line. In my opinion as far as kef goes the older stuff was top of class for its time and the new stuff is while very good is over priced
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