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  1. All to happy to help, there's no need to rush off and sell the auralic, it's a fantastic unit with one of the best interfaces. The difference in sound quality is negligible, better but not enough to go changing just for the streamer but if you ever get curious about room treatment then it really is a no brainier.
  2. Also of note is the interface is volumio, it's the full fledged version with tidal intergration. No fees to pay (other than tidal) and same with dirac, it's included in the purchase price.
  3. What would you like to know? It's a very clean unit and to me sounds better than the aries (just slightly) I am yet to run dirac and from what I understand it will make the difference quite substantial. The interface is nice and easy to get around but the tidal intergration isn't what it is with lighting ds, it's somewhat barebones but fully functional. There is no usb audio out but that dosnt bother me as I don't use it anyway. I spoke to another aries ship jumper that was using usb and he said even without the usb it sounds better than the aries. It reclocks everything to 24/96 and the purist in me shudders at the thought but proof in pudding it sounds clean. Again in my case my speakers are digital in and run a Max of 24/96 so I don't feel I'm missing anything. If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to come and have a play around. I originally was looking at it for the dirac live and planned on running the aries through it but I read a lot of comments from people who were using them coming from SoTM, aries etc.. And across the board everyone said hands down winner and I concur... And this is without dirac yet.
  4. I just got a minidsp shd and couldn't be happier. I got the studio version that is all digital but the shd has a dac. I have had a bluesound in the past and although it's good for functionality the sound quality is lacking. The streamer in the shd surpasses the auralic Aires that I have just moved from. Has dirac live 2 and is a fully functional preamp. I can't speak of the analog section as I'm all digital but it sounds exceptional Big thumbs up from me
  5. I have active digital speakers and am currently considering the shd studio, anyone have experience with them?
  6. I have one in Melbourne I am willing to sell once Zeus has a confirmed sale
  7. Item: auralic aries femto clock and linear psu Location: newport vic Price: $1250 Item Condition: perfect Reason for selling: going in a diferent direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I feel i may regret selling this but i have decided to purchase a minidsp unit that has a streamer inbuilt but as yet unsure if this is a step backwards. Purchased some 6 months ago from a fellow sna member and i totally love it. it is responsive and fast, detailed and revealing. Hands down best streamer at this price point Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Item: drx-4 Location:newport Victoria Price: $800 Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling:no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: these are amazing amps that are customisable beyond comprehension. It is still very much a current model and selling dirt cheap. Happy to post but it's a heavy unit I used it for a few months and acquired some active speakers so it went back in the box. When I was using it, it was fed into a 5 ch power amp so the amp section has never been used Please note I no longer have passive speakers to test the amp section on so bring some to test it Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Mine arrived today, I don't have any uber power conditioners to compare them with but for me, replacing the power strips I had has Done great things. I had a slight transformer hum in someof my equipment that I could not eradicate but it's now gone. I am running meridian dsp speakers and am able to have everything on a separate ground now. Yet to give it a critical listening but casually it sounds fantastic
  10. I have had a lot of time with this model and happy to offer the new buyer some advice to bring them to full glory. Send a pm
  11. you can play them in a closet and still get a good sound out of them but kef was pretty specific on placement to get the BEST out of them. no more space required than any other speaker, can me a little boomy close to back wall though
  12. Too cheap, with a cap refresh and don't refoam these are stunning
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