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  1. cambam007

    SOLD: FS: Meridian dsp 5500 7ch system

    I have organised shipping so I am taking them off the market. depending on what i like better these will be relisted in Melbourne or i will be listing my current system which is full of tasty treats.
  2. Item: meridian dsp 5500 mains x2, dsp 33 surround x 4. dsp 5500 hc centre x1 568.2 prosessor, 598 dvd Location:gold coast Price: $8000 Item Condition:to be determined Reason for selling:shipping Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: recent purchase for me but i am in melbourne and am currently looking at shipping these down but they are 81kg each so i thought if someone in gc wants to snap them up before i get around to it. this will only be available for a few days, after this i will be keeping them. i am sure you meridian fans know what a deal this is they are the current 96/24 version my apologies on the pictures but as i said i am in melbourne at the moment Pictures:
  3. cambam007

    FS: Affordable High End System for Music Lovers

    I am currently using the note perfect symphony with some valves and it's a combo that is hard to beat. Whoever purchases this will be extremely happy. If you want to sell the doge 8 separately let me know
  4. cambam007

    SOLD: FS: subwoofers

    if you want to sell the plates separately to the subs let me know
  5. cambam007

    active bi amp speaker question

    i see, thanks
  6. cambam007

    active bi amp speaker question

    he has told me which one to remove yes and exactly what amps he was using. level may be a challenge, as for the crossover point being a subwoofer plate amp it should be fairly easy to tune it in. so i guess my question still stands by bypassing the crossover for the bass will the mid and top benifit from a lighter load or is it still a bit fruitless. he assures me they are exactly the same crossovers used in the active ones he made and simply wired them as decribed.
  7. cambam007

    active bi amp speaker question

    This is exactly why I am asking the question, my knowledge is limited and the information is overwhelming but I do comprehend what you guys are saying. The speakers in question are note perfect symphony and were produced as both active and passive options. I just received an email from Mike (designer) stating that for the active pair all he did was run plate amps directly to the woofers, crossed over at 100htz and removed an inductor. Leads me to believe he designed the crossovers as separate units?
  8. cambam007

    active bi amp speaker question

    i am using a pair of valve monoblocks of good quality, so what you are saying is ditch the xover all together and get an active crossover to deal to the lot? any suggestions where to start as all i have found is pro audio stuff like behringer
  9. Hi all I am wanting to put a couple of plate amps on my speakers to take care of the woofers and free up the mids/ tweeters am i able to simply bypass the crossover for the woofer and feed the passive crossover (3 way) from my amp for the highs, or is un hooking the woofers still going to be robbing the amp of power even though the woofers are disconnected? hope this makes sense
  10. cambam007

    SOLD: FS: KEF 105 Speakers Vintage - Sydney

    interesting take when i had mine i spent a lot of time comparing the two and found the 104.2 to have more defined and controlled bass where as the 105.2 was deeper and louder it was a bit flabby and boomy in comparison the 105 does not have flabby or boomy bass, just saying in comparison to the 104.2 and the top end while not as sparkly as some may like had a huge amount of definition and clarity. and they image like only the vintage kefs can i think with speakers of this age its all down to how well the caps and drivers have aged. if we put two pairs of 105 side by side i think they would sound very different.
  11. cambam007

    SOLD: FS: KEF 105 Speakers Vintage - Sydney

    I had a pair of these and they sound awesome, this is the first pair i have seen with the cloth covers. if i didnt have a wife i would be on these
  12. cambam007


    The symphony, it's pretty bloody close
  13. cambam007


    They definitely are trouser tingling
  14. cambam007


    The mids are sealed suspension units so I would think they tried to open them up and ruined them. So sorry for your loss
  15. cambam007


    And yes they were pretty big when they came out. They have held up surprisingly well and will go toe to toe with today's offerings