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  1. Item: SONOS Connect:AMP Location: Doncaster 3108 Price: 380 each, 2 available Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Cash, PayID / Happy to ship at buyers expense Extra Info: I have a pair of SONOS Connect Amps which I’ve used to power outdoor speakers (balcony and backyard). The unit has always been housed indoors (inside a rack in the garage). Sold the speakers because they were too loud (my neighbours are very nice - don’t want to be offside if I’m stuck with them for decades to come) and I have enough Play 1 and 5s in the house to cause serious hearing damage. These are the real Connect amp, unlike all the old ZP100/110 that are posted as connect units. This is also significantly better than the new one because the heat sink is substantially larger Photos:
  2. Tentatively sold to Dave. 😉
  3. Item: Yamaha CD-S1000 SACD Player Location: Doncaster 3108 Price: 700 Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Hi there, I am selling a mint condition Yamaha CDS1000 SACD HDCD CD player. This is an Australian model with the black chassis and dark walnut trim on the side. The body / chassis / wood trim is in perfect condition, as is the motorised tray and everything else. The unit has been stored in the office for over a year. I just don’t use it enough, and I have already sold my SACD collection. This is still selling for $1899 at some local stores (before negotiation). I will entertain partial trade for SONOS and Canon EF L lenses (happy to pay cash on top depending on what you’re offering). Price is negotiable but I’m not giving it away. It is very pretty looking. I’ve paired with with Anthem Pre processor and power amps, with Paradigm Prestige speakers. Norah Jones or Eric Clapton sounds absolutely sensational on the setup. Pickup in Doncaster , though my preference is to bring it to your place for testing No shipping. No emails. Cash deal only. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Apple iPhone 7 256GB Gold - New Condition Location: Melbourne VIC 3004 Price: $949 Item Condition: like new Reason for selling: I received this phone with a contract renewal. I already have a 6S from work and have decided that it is more than sufficient for my needs. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer -shipping in AU only Extra Info: The phone is in perfect condition with zero scratches or marks. Comes with everything in the box except for the headphones for hygiene reasons. Will accept trades for Sonos or Paradigm (studio and above) speakers. I will add cash where appropriate. Pictures:
  5. Thanks guys. Price is negotiable. Throw me an offer, you might just be able to bring this home this weekend!
  6. Item: Like New B&W Bowers and Wilkins CM9 Tower Speakers in Rosenut Colour. Comes with original boxes, and brand new (never used) speaker grilles. Location: 420 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC Price: $2,200 or better offer Item Condition: The speaker cabinet, speaker cones and tweeters appear brand new. Minor blemishes on the removable base piece. Magnetic speaker grilles are in brand new condition. The speakers are always well fed by my Anthem MCA50 power-amp, and kept in a smoke free environment. Reason for selling: It's taking up too much precious space in our tiny apartment. A pair of Paradigm Prestige bookshelves will be replacing them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Auditions welcome. The speakers are 33kg a piece so I'm hesitant to ship them. I prefer to be contacted via SMS at 0435 197 890. Thank you for viewing my ad. Cheers, JY Pictures:
  7. Hi everyone, thank you for all the PMs and e-mails. The C5 and ADP3s have been sold to a very happy new owner. Thank you for driving all the way from Sydney to Melbourne to pick them up. For those interested, I got really close to my asking price on here. Those that have continually email me - telling me that they're worth <$2k each, best of luck with your search. You need a reality check. You'll have to adjust your expectations. You're not getting caviar for hambuger prices. Studio 10s, I've decided to keep - I just bought a Sonos Connect AMP for them, and I must say, I'm really impressed with what the little white box is capable of. Happy New Year everyone. Moderators - please kindly lock the thread.
  8. Studio20s have been sold. Everything else is still up for grabs. My Prestige 95F's are arriving end of March. Everything needs to go !
  9. If I can rewrite history, I would not have mentioned him at all on my postings. My sincerest apologies to everyone here. FYI grays has a pair of 30th anniversary towers for sale. I have never them in person, but they're epic!
  10. I had a huge chuckle when I received his PM too! I'm in no rush to sell the Studios. If I sell them, great - I'll order new matching Prestige bookshelves. If not, I'll use my Sonos Connect AMP on the Studio 10, and get a stereo amp for my 20 in my bedroom. Cheers.
  11. KEF, we can agree to disagree. Lowballers should not be given a free-pass regardless of how long you've been on the forum. Here is a screenshot of the lowballer in action: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B79Lzh_p6HA6Xzhwd2hlc3pGTlk Sub25 - The prices are inflated to account for the lowballers, and the 14 hour drive + petrol to get the speakers from Canberra to Melbourne personally. The seller had a tight schedule, and sold it to whomever can go to his house within 48 hours of negotiating the sale. I usually don't respond to accusations for trying to make a quick buck. I am making nothing if you factor in the cost of a cheap hotel for one night as well for making the pickup. If you see these speakers in my current living room, it looks ridiculous. Unfortunately, my wife thinks they're an eyesore, therefore the speakers are on the market. To those that have messaged, no I will not sell the Signatures for $2,000.
  12. Also, "i_love_japan" is a serial lowballer. We went back and fourth on the condition and colour of my studio10s (despite my OP was 100% clear on them), and he later arrived with an offer of $500. He then proceeds to educate me on the average transaction prices on Ebay (telling me that studio 10s go for $500 and 20s for $700). Sellers beware.
  13. Many offers received, but not quite there yet. I've adjusted the price accordingly: Studio 10v5 Gloss black : $900 Studio 20v5 Cherry : $1200 Signature ADP3v2 Gloss Black : $2650 Signature C5v2 Gloss Black : $2850 Cheers, Johnathan
  14. Is this Jack? Did the original buyer bailed? I would have bought your setup over my anthem 50s. Damn. These things are insane for live concerts or anything instrumental. Good luck with sale. There's less than 5 of these on sale on ANY forum in the world right now.
  15. Item: Paradigm Signature C5 (Gloss Black) Paradigm Signature ADP3 (Gloss Black) Paradigm Studio 20 v5 (Cherry Brown, NOT Rosewood) Paradigm Studio 10 v5 (Gloss Black) Location: South Melbourne, 3004 VIC Price: C5 = $3,000 ADP3 = $2,750 Studio20 = $1,300 Studio10 = $950 Prices are slightly negotiable. Multiple purchase will yield further discount. Item Condition: Excellent working condition, no marks. Reason for selling: Ordered new Prestige 85F – much smaller footprint for my appartment Payment Method: Pickup/Shipping - Cash/Bank Deposit **I tried to edit my original post, but it would not allow me to** Hi there, I have recently picked up the following Paradigm Signature speakers from a gentleman out in ACT that was retiring. I bought the speakers on an impulse (I even hired a car to drive from Melbourne to Canberra to pick them up). These speakers are overkill for our humble apartment in South Melbourne. The C5 is an amazing piece of art, but it is simply too big for our living room. The ADPs are simply on another level. I am selling: -A Pair of Mint Paradigm Reference Signature ADP3 v.2 Speakers in High-Gloss Piano Black. The speakers are in mint condition. There are no blemishes on the cabinet, woofer(s), or tweeter(s). Only one of the speaker grille has a small nick - it looks as if a mouse took a small bite out of it. I am hoping to get $2,750 out of them for the pair. Reasonable offers considered. RRP is in excess of $7,000. I am testing the waters with: -One mint Paradigm Reference Signature C5 v.2 Centre Speaker in High-Gloss Piano Black The speaker is in absolutely mint condition. There is a small blemish on the rear of the cabinet, but you would not be able to see if if placed on top of an entertainment unit. The woofer(s), tweeter(s), and the grille looks as if its brand new. I am hoping to get $3,000 out of it. Again, reasonable offers considered. RRP is also in excess of $7,000. The centres are powered by a stand-alone Anthem MCA20. I haven't actually used the ADP3, only tested them. -One Pair of Studio 20s v5 in Cherry Brown – I am the original owner, and brought these with me from Canada. (Asking $1,300) -One Pair of Studio 10s vs5 in Piano Black – I am also the original owner, and brought these with me from Canada (Asking $950) The previous owner powered his Signature series with a NAD M15 + M25 combo. I am based in South Melbourne, VIC (3004) and do prefer a local sale. I dont know how to ship the C5 - it is almost 50kg on its own. I may consider trades for an receiver/pre-amp with HCDP2.2 support, or speakers from the Paradigm Prestige series in Walnut finish that will match my walnut 85F that will arrive in March. Thank you for viewing my ad. *Picture was taken on the 17th of January* Additional pictures can be viewed via my Google Drive https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B79Lzh_p6HA6cG1qRWdFTG5ZM1k&usp=sharing Cheers, Johnathan
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