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  1. Hi scobb, The NAD is agreed a nice bit of gear. Brilliant SQ in my system. Nathan at AJ has given me a new HDMI card to try. So I will see if that fixes the issue or not. If not, I may just use the HDMI arc for audio feedback for tv and movies.
  2. PS NAS drive was Nathans idea. Otherwise may have to dig out the old Qnap.
  3. Hi powerav, These post are quite old, but appears the NAD still haven't got it right as the masters M12 has similar HDMI problems. Had audio junction come and visit to check the issue out. AJ will contact NAD and worst case suggested may take back to store to try on other TV and bluray player other than sony. Basically every time I turn the Blu-Ray player on to watch a DVD or Netflix I have no sound. I have to turn the NAD off and on again, sometimes more. I believe it is the HDMI card, so did Nathan, but it was mentioned that Sony have HDMI issues. I have no issue between the player and the TV, only gaining through the NAD HDMi card. As you know I did have some teething g problems setting up since the last time you called in. As the USB inputs don't read the whole of the flash drive or external 2TB drive, have put these in the modem as a NAS drive, waiting for the fritzbox to index songs and see if the music library works via BluOS app.
  4. @powerav what about a naim CD555, has PCM1704 chips.
  5. Yes, I was lucky, for once being in the right place and having money handy. Well sounds like a Schiit choice Need to look at the list of DACs and see what you can find second hand? Chord Dave sounds good. Imagine, hey Honey, can I buy a Dave? ##$%%
  6. Well powerav need to spend money on a linn CD12 Or a chord Dave
  7. Trouble is mate with the large speakers setup in the Oppo preference settings the bass supposed to be from the cd. Unless I have a problem with the Oppo connection compatibility with the Usher power amp!
  8. Well I can verify the Oppo 105D, with preference set to down mixed stereo, the bass is weak and does not have the bass wow factor from the California audio labs CL-15. My previous setup through a Yamaha AS3000, the Oppo 105d SQ sounded good. The SQ through the Usher 2.5s power amp is lacking. Does not seem compatible. I have been discussing with powerav to use the AS3000 as a preamp. The guy I bought the Ushers etc from said I will loose SQ. Have to wait and see.
  9. Or just organise a time to come around and listen 🙂
  10. Speakers AC-20; amp 2.5s class a; CL-15 CD player.
  11. Well I might not go that far, but everyone has their own taste.
  12. Ok. Westcoasthifi is advertising in WA. Check out there web page. westcoasthifi.com.au
  13. The high-end audio shops sell yamaha chalengehifi.com.au! and visionhifi.com.au! Contact them and see if you can get a demo.
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